Top 10 Metal Bands of Nepal

The metal scene of Nepal is a fusion of raw power, cultural influences, and an unyielding spirit. It might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of heavy metal, but Nepal has a thriving metal scene that's been making some serious waves. But who are the standouts? Who are the metal bands from this mountainous nation that truly make your head bang?

These bands, with their heavy riffs, throaty growls, and pounding drums, have been adding a distinct flavor to the global metal scene. They're not just about high-energy performances; these bands are known for their ability to weave in elements of Nepali folklore and traditional music into the heavy metal format. The result? A unique sound that resonates with both local and international fans.

Maybe you're a fan of the death metal stylings of UgraKarma, or perhaps you lean more towards the dark, melodic tones of Antim Grahan. Or maybe, it's the thrash metal powerhouse X-Mantra that gets your pulse racing. Whichever your preference, there's no denying the diversity and passion that each of these bands brings to the table.
The Top Ten
1 Equals

No one better than equals, they proved it in global battle of bands.

Most bad ass band

2 Vhumi

Nice band with powerful artist...

3 Underside

Underside in no.10? Damn so called metal lovers should listen to at least one of underside's song and see the awesomeness in the video.. When it comes to metal in Nepal,It's always Underside! ,/

This band can be an international band because of the quality of the music they create.

Outstanding metal band from Nepal... Amazing vocal

They have proved a lot just in few years! Best one in this lot!

4 Cruentus

Best of the best. Way better than the rest. All hail metal. All hail to Cruentus. I don't know why they are so low.

I'm from Malaysia, support Cruentus..

Better than anti grahan

Best band to ever exist

5 Atomic Bush

I heard only heard of their song named Sano Prakash and it's the best Nepali metal song I have heard till date. Would be great to listen to their other songs.

Atomic bush killer band

Professional metal band

This band kicks ass

6 Binaash
7 Antim Grahan

None of the others are considered metal bands!

They are the best.. One's as one of the best Nepali metal bands...

You guys are awesome.

8 X-mantra

X- mantra deServes number 1 positioN"...
Real lyrics and great musiC which touches your heart!

Best metal band ever

Love this band xxx

Thrash metal kings

9 Rage Hybrid

Rage Hybrid deserves at least top 5 position.. They're good..

And I killed myself

10 Albatross

Albatross used to be in metal scene...

The Contenders
11 Disorder
12 Dying Out Flame

Awesome band from Nepal. They will make a history...

13 Shadow In Shade

Deathcore is life

14 Ugrakarma

These guys created death metal in nepal for the first time. These guys gave other extreme metal bands inspiration

Ugrakarma is one of the oldest and amazing band in death metal scene..

You should listen if you haveen't. you will not regret. #1 Death metal Band in Nepal. I don't care this ranking.

The best from Nepal...

15 Narsamhar

Old school Death metal

16 Jugaa
17 Jindabaad

Shades of you

18 Lost Oblivion

Different type of genre compared to other bands with strong lyrics and vocals.

19 Ayurveda
20 Divine Influence

They need to be higher

Lamb of god of Nepal.

Nepali lamb of God

21 Nastik
22 Nude Terror

Banana song is the best.

23 Kalodin

Do you really think Kalodin in 19? Yo gotta be kidding me! They deserve to be in top 5. The vocals, guitar riffs, and lead are amazing. And how come albatross in 2? They are rock band not metal.

24 Tumble Weed

New taste in Nepal

25 Sabotage

Aspiring young musicians. They have not released any songs but still have heard them play, good wishes.

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