Top 10 Metal Bands of Nepal

These are the greatest and competitive metal bands of Nepal.
The Top Ten
1 Equals

No one better than equals, they proved it in global battle of bands.

No other band was, is or will be tight and great as E. Quals...

Most bad ass band

They are good but albatroos sucks man

2 Vhumi

A perfect band with a great Vocalist.. M/

The greatest of technical death metal

Nice band with powerful artist...

Nice band with great musician

3 Cruentus

Best of the best. Way better than the rest. All hail metal. All hail to Cruentus. I don't know why they are so low.

Beneath the bleeding moon is the best song

I'm from Malaysia, support Cruentus..

Beat black metal band in Nepal

4 Atomic Bush

I heard only heard of their song named Sano Prakash and it's the best Nepali metal song I have heard till date. Would be great to listen to their other songs.

It would be great to hear more new songs from them

One of the most technically powered band

Atomic bush killer band

5 Underside

Underside in no.10? Damn so called metal lovers should listen to at least one of underside's song and see the awesomeness in the video.. When it comes to metal in Nepal,It's always Underside! ,/

This band can be an international band because of the quality of the music they create.

Outstanding metal band from Nepal... Amazing vocal

Best metal band representing nepal
it should be on the top most position

6 Binaash

Best Nepali band Ever formed

One of the binaashkaris

Disco death kaila

ramailo death metal

7 Antim Grahan

None of the others are considered metal bands!

They are the best.. One's as one of the best Nepali metal bands...

Pride of our country's metal scenes

Man you guys r great. you guys deserves this position

8 X-mantra

X- mantra deServes number 1 positioN"...
Real lyrics and great musiC which touches your heart!

I like metal song x-mantra clear song

Best metal band ever

Love this band xxx

9 Rage Hybrid

Rage Hybrid deserves at least top 5 position.. They're good..

They are the first metalcore band from nepal

Beneath my skin is the anthem of rage hybrid

And I killed myself

10 Albatross

Albatross used to be in metal scene...

I want say that iwant join your band

Ya albatross desrebes to be in 2 position by neeraj thapa

The Contenders
11 Dying Out Flame

Dying out Flame would probably have been the best metal band of Nepal.
With first released album, "Shiva Rudrastakam", DOF been my best. m/
Nepal is doing great

I had seen the concert of this band. They are awesome

Awesome band from Nepal. They will make a history...

We are crazy to see you in summerfest 2013... Wish you burn the floor

12 Disorder

The ultimate thrashersss

Thrash metal boonkers


Love the guitar riffs and powerful drumming,especially the lead playing. vocals is very thrashy.this band gives you the over all thrash element, by far the best thrash metal band nepal has ever seen.

13 Shadow In Shade

Saw them in metal for Nepal.
Very Interesting band.

And by far the best deathcore band in the current scene

Yess finally a Good Deathcore band

dami band from the underground m/

14 Ugrakarma

These guys created death metal in nepal for the first time. These guys gave other extreme metal bands inspiration

You should listen if you haveen't. you will not regret. #1 Death metal Band in Nepal. I don't care this ranking.

Ugrakarma is one of the oldest and amazing band in death metal scene..

To be honest Ugrakarma should be on the top of the list

15 Narsamhar

Old school Death metal

Deadly vocal and extream death metal band

Death metal from pokhara

death metal from himalyas

16 Jugaa

Nepal's first hardcore band


Hardcore hamal

Jay hardcore

17 Lost Oblivion

Different type of genre compared to other bands with strong lyrics and vocals.

Abishek kc is the man

18 Nastik
19 Divine Influence

A huge influence in metal community

They need to be higher

Lamb of god of Nepal.

Nepali lamb of God

20 Nude Terror

Really great with there music
Love their grind

Banana song is the best.

Nude terror m/

Awosome band grinddd Hell yeah

21 Waak Thuu
22 Bidroha

Death metal underground scene

Old school thrasher

Licenses to kill

thrash metal

23 Maya

They only have 1 song but its totally awesome...

24 Arachnids

Great combination of death and groove metal

Listen to Kaal bhairav. You will know why they were one of the best along with vhumi.

Newari taste in metal

25 Aakrosh

An amazing death metal band from ktm

Bappu death metal

Death Metal Band From Kathmandu

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