Top 10 Best Rock Bands in India

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1 Avial (Kerala)

Brilliant blending they do. No Indian language based band has their class and calibre. Rex Vijayan, the lead guitarist, and Mithun, the drummer, are the highlights of the band. Even though I miss Anand Raj Benjamin Paul as the lead vocalist, Tony has done a fair job in filling his void.

The very best band in the country without any doubt. Avial brings Malayalam rock to the highest level possible. Nada Nada, Aana Kallan, etc., are the best of the lot. You can never stop humming to their tunes.

Obviously, one of the most trending. Awesome control and mixing. Folk is successfully used often. The "yum" we can feel well.

2 Cactus (Kolkata)

A rock band with a soul. Each and every song of this band touches the heart. I guess this is what the passion of music does to you. You end up creating music which people eventually end up listening to every single day. Their live performance is better than the best. Way to go, Cactus.

There's something magical about this band's music. It's nothing like the regular music you get to hear these days. It's so different - SO good that it can make a person cry in disbelief. Disbelief that such passionate musicians actually exist, that too in India. Amazing.

3 Indian Ocean (Delhi)

Indian Ocean is a very rocking band. The main, Rahul Ram, is very talented. The album Black Friday is my favorite. The song Ma Reva... I like it very much.

So, it should take the first rank in Indian rock bands.

I have been in the music world for more than 15 years. With all the experience I have, I will certainly vote for Indian Ocean for their amazing musicianship.

I'm in St. Xavier's Delhi, the same school as Rahul Ram, and four years ago, he came to the school, and he was really magnificent. Slowly, I became a fan of the band.

4 Parikrama (Delhi)

Without a doubt, one of the premier bands of India. Been listening to them since school, and they still don't disappoint. Awesome vocals, awesome guitars, awesome drums, awesome everything.

There is no comparison! The list is all wrong. These are true rock bands.

The Big daddies of Indian rock! For the win.

5 Mother Jane (Kerala)

Seriously? A silly Bengali band at number 1 (No one understands the language well, and anyways I've heard Cactus's songs are pale and dumb)? Indian Ocean is just above this beauty of a band because they were instantly popular. Motherjane is the best band to come out of India and has produced the best guitarist in the country, Baiju D'Rajan. Their drummer, Deepu, is awesome as well, and Suraj Mani has a good voice. Definitely should have been number 1!

Really, you should listen to the song Bishakto Manush, Hashnuhana before calling Cactus a silly band. Rupam, the lead singer of the band, has won many national awards. They define metal rock in India. Mother Jane is no doubt good, but you don't always have to understand the lyrics to judge a song. Instead, listen to the music.

6 Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)

It's real rock and metal. Other bands in the list are like One Direction and Justin Bieber, who are considered girls' bands. And this band is a band which deserves to be in the list. It's like Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Iron Maiden. Vote for this band so Indians will also know what real music is.

Yep, I heard them and was "brutally" surprised. Good musicians, good solos, and the extremely talented Rahul Hariharan.

It is a hard metal band. The inspiration to upcoming metalheads in India.

7 Thermal and a Quarter (Bangalore)

Classic music composition! If there is anyone who manifests guitar playing with the spirit of Karate, Mr. (Bruce Lee) Mani is the man.

Bangalore band! Really good music!

8 Fossils (Kolkata)

Fossils, by far, is the best rock band in India... Not Parikrama, not Indian Ocean, not anyone else. The music and the lyrics, even though they share similarities with Iron Maiden sometimes, are original and the only sound in India that sounds like true rock and roll. Hard rock, heavy rock. If you want soul music and soft rock, there's a separate genre for both. For true rock, Fossils is the best rock band in India. And Bishakto Manush is the best rock song of all time in India. Fossils' debut album, Fossils, is the best Indian rock album of all time.

9 Sifar (Delhi)

Super cool songs. You can't ignore them once you start listening!

Great band. Their songs are like Pakistani bands. That's why they are awesome.

10 The Local Train (Delhi)

The quality of music is top class! What I liked the most about them is their sound check. They perform sound checks so easily, nicely, and full of fun too. They make sure to check each and every beat and frequency.

A symmetric band! Their lyrics are genuine, pure, lyrical. The bassist is awesome. The lead is simple but awesome too. The drummer is really a pro player. And the vocal and acoustic play is beautiful. They play their best at every live show, whether they have a big or small audience. When I met them personally, they were so nice as people. I know they are commercializing the band, but they are doing it in the right way. Very balanced and with great potential. Good luck to them ahead.

The Contenders
11 Underground Authority (Kolkata)

The best combo of alt rock and rap. The next-gen band of India.

The best band I've ever heard playing live. One of their OCs "Pehchaan" is a treat to the ears. So tight!

The band is just awesome. Saw the band at SUIIT. Adil's guitar playing is just at its best.

12 Euphoria (Delhi)

Obviously the best and the greatest. Their songs have been very popular among the youth since the late '90s. I used to listen to them daily. The lead singer and composer, Palash Sen, is simply the best. I don't know why this band is so behind in this poll.

Palash Sen is someone who really does justice to all his songs.

13 Sanam (Mumbai)

Sanam is an awesome band with a singer having a mesmerizing voice and other talented members. They give an amazing touch to their songs, and their originals are just awesome. They also connect generation gaps by remaking old songs, giving them a special Sanam touch. Their songs are listened to outside India as well. They must be at rank 1.

Awesome band giving old songs new spark and making them more romantic and enjoyable as ever.

Best band of India. Love the rendition of old songs done by Sanam.

14 Indus Creed (Mumbai)

If there was no Indus Creed (Rock Machine), who knows what the Indian Rock scene would have been like. They shot Indian Rock to international fame at a time when rock was mostly unheard of in India.

Such soulful songs. Listen to "Fireflies" to know more about what I mean.

Their song "Fireflies" is very good…

15 Lucid Recess (Guwahati)

This band got true potential to compete with some of the best bands in the world. They got some serious talent and should share the top position with Indus Creed in the list of top bands of India. Thank you.

They started good. They got better with each record. Now they are amazing.

Awesome three-member band… Truly awesome.

16 Thaikkudam Bridge (Kerala)

If avial can become #1, why is the bridge just at #29? So dissappointed. They have conquered the minds of thousands of people, really they deserve a position in the top 10.

Their version of "Nothing else matters" is just masterclass. A very very underrated band. They certainly deserve more recognition.

I think its sort of the best band in India right now.
They can be called; yeah, The Band In India

17 Agnee (Pune)

Mohan's voice is delicious, and Agnee's sound is unique and unmistakable. Music that speaks to the soul.

Agnee is amazing, having heart-touching songs. They deserve a better place.

18 440 MHz (Jamshedpur)

Best band ever, rocking around for years spreading inspiration to music lovers.

19 Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore)
20 Scribe (Mumbai)

The BEST rock/metal/hardcore band the country has EVER seen. Talk about non-conformity. Best live act in the country as well.

21 Limit Zero (Bangalore)

The best bass guitarist ever in India... Shiva a kick ass band easily in top 5, the awesome bass riff are totally the main spot of this band

Just listen to their songs then you'll know why it defines India and deserves to be on top

22 Junkyard Groove (Chennai)

Top 5 for sure. Crazy band with amazing guitarists.

23 Cassini's Division (Kolkata)
24 Acrimony (Bhopal)

Soulful compositions they have!

Very distinct, simply the best.

Didn't expect them to be so high. They are really an awesome band.

25 Agam (Bangalore)

Most unique compositions...!
Awesome songs

At the forefront of Indian fusion music.

Where ragas meet rock... Awesome!

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