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1 Dynamite

Awesome song, man! It's the best party song I have ever heard. Whoa, man. When Taio sings - "because we gon rock this world, we gon rock all night, we gon light it up, like it's dynamite" - my friends and I can't help dancing. It's our song. The rhythm is also incredible. This song always feels new to me.

I heard this song at many of my parties. I became a fan of it when I just heard it. I didn't know who sang it. I just went once to Google and I typed Taio Cruz top 10. When I heard the first-rated song, I downloaded it. From that day, I became a fan of Taio Cruz.

2 Break Your Heart

Break Your Heart is an awesome song, and it has a meaningful and nice rapping part. I'm only gonna break break your break break your heart. Awesome song! Definitely my favorite! Personally, I liked the meaning of the song too! Taio Cruz truly rocks! Really fabulous!

The world first saw Taio as a classy singer with this track, Break Your Heart. The music is awesome and will always be his best. It obviously should be number 1.

Awesome song! Definitely my favorite! Personally, I liked the meaning of the song too! Taio Cruz truly rocks! Really fabulous!

3 Higher

"Dynamite" is a very solid dance track, yes, but I find "Higher" even better - especially the version with Travie McCoy. His light-hearted rapping works VERY well with Taio's singing on this.

Great beat, great singing. I love both versions with Travie McCoy and Kylie Minogue. Keep it coming, Taio.

4 Hangover

This is an extremely good song with a brilliant beat. Its chorus is catchy, undeniably the best song of his, maybe even the best song of all time! Taio Cruz is showing off his talents. This song plays to all his talents. Awesome!

Best song ever! Taio Cruz and Flo Rida rock! It definitely should be first on the list! I don't know why it's down here!

A rad song, man. I mean, it makes me want to dance every time I hear it! Best song of the century. It should be at the top of the billboards! I love Flo Rida and Taio Cruz. Keep on rocking, you two!

5 Telling the World

Best Girl is the best one of Taio Cruz. It never came into the limelight, but it's the best. I would recommend everyone to hear it. It's a mind-blowing song. Damn awesome!

Very nice song. It's about giving your heart to a girl. The music is nice too. The piano and much more. The movie is also related to the song. Very meaningful, very heart-touching, and my best love song.

I love this song! It's truly beautiful! The music was even better than the lyrics. It ought to be his number 1.

6 Dirty Picture

So take a dirty picture for me! Take a dirty picture!

7 There She Goes

This song is incomparable. However, the original version is without Pitbull. So, listen to that first. Every time I hear this song, my mind gives a hundred thousand thanks and blessings to Taio Cruz. In fact, Dynamite is nothing compared to this song. Also, this song is underrated, so listen quickly and enjoy. You are missing a good song.

Awesome song by Taio. It's got to be the first on the list. I'm really bewildered why this song is not popular. The dynamic music and the awesome voice of Taio are in perfect sync. Maybe it's getting popular now.

8 She's Like a Star

Awesome song. I heard this song about 50 times in a single day. I still couldn't resist it.

Beautiful song! Every girl wants to hear this said to her!

I've loved this song for so long. Good song and even better album.

9 Fast Car

What? It should be in the top ten. Please vote. What great music! Keep it going, Taio Cruz.

It is my favorite song by my favorite singer!

I love this song, Cruz. Keep it up, never give up, and love you. I'm so proud of you.

10 Troublemaker

Awesome beat. Awesome song. Awesome Taio Cruz! One of the best songs I've heard of him. Keep rocking. Thumbs up.

This song is so good. Please guys, vote for this song. This song deserves a better place, at least in the top ten.

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11 Feel Again
12 Positive

Excellent song! I've just fallen for the way the lyrics are written for this song. This song needs more boost. It's a definite top 5 of Taio.

The only better songs of Taio Cruz are Dynamite and Telling the World. This song is so AWESOME! Please vote for it.

13 Take Me Back

I heard it with Tinchy Stryder. The version without Tinchy Stryder is much better. Go, Taio!

Can you take me back? Can you take me back?

14 You're Beautiful
15 I'll Never Love Again

I'll never love again. Never, never...

16 Little Bad Girl

16? No way! This, my friend, should be at number 1! You have to be kidding me. Guys, go listen to the song! Please!

Best song. Great beat. David Guetta, you two really rock!

This is my favorite song ever. It's cool because my favorite DJ is in on it with my favorite singer, Taio Cruz. I like the bit in the video when Dav slides across the sand.

17 No Other One

I don't need to ever exchange you. You know, I don't need to ever replaceā€¦

18 Shine a Light
19 Second Chance
20 Only You

This song is from the original version of Rokstarr. Back when Taio Cruz had more of an R&B style and less dance.

21 I Can Be

I can be bigger, stronger, harder because I can be.

22 World In Our Hands
23 I Just Wanna Know
24 Come on Girl

Come on girl, come on girl, come on girl. Hey!

25 Keep Going
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