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1 Monday Couple (Song Ji Hyo & Gary)

A perfect couple who are filming together on Running Man.

I love the Monday Couple.

People usually ship idol couples, and I don't ship them, so I won't comment on anything. Because I only ship one couple: the Monday Couple. Some people don't understand what the craze is about the Monday Couple and Running Man because they are always stuck on their biases and oppas, blablabla. Well, I'm 14, and I'm all about Running Man and the Monday Couple 24/7. To be honest, the Monday Couple is the best couple. They are in their 30s and yet they still have that romance between them. But even though they are not a real couple, they still manage to maintain their romance. In fact, they love each other more with each passing moment in each episode. They are truly a real couple. Hats off to the Monday Couple. They are the true winners!

2 Yongseo (Yonghwa & Seohyun)

Both of them are so perfect on their own. When they were paired up, it just looked too unreal to be true. Unlike other couples, they built up their relationship step by step. It's real and touching to see how much they've changed since meeting each other. They only started holding hands after more than half a year of knowing each other. Seohyun is so pure and often can't express her feelings well, but with Yonghwa's patience and caring, she opened up her heart to a male for the first time and conveyed all the "unspoken words" through her events and actions. As a Yongseo fan, I am still waiting for the day they become a real couple. I may quietly hope. Maybe they are not as funny or as sweet as other couples, but I love them for who they are when they are together. They are the one and only couple I pray for from the bottom of my heart.

I'm glad that their careers have blossomed so much, both within their group and individually. I'm forever touched by their awkwardness, respect, care, and love or friendship towards each other. They are the only couple I know that spent more than a year in a virtual marriage together, admitted they are still close friends afterward, and yet don't greet each other openly in public or on shows. Odd as it may seem, I hope they are just protecting whatever precious thing they have until they're ready (hopefully).

3 YoonHae (Yoona & Donghae)

They might not have many moments in public, which is why they're known as the off-screen couple. But the off-screen moments are what people always want to see. What they have gone through over time has already proven how strong their love is, and they always come back to each other in the end. The fireworks will never fade away. They will always be there, in their hearts and ours.

They're both incredibly attractive people, and I dare say they can be considered the most good-looking members in their respective groups. They give off subtle hints and don't overload fans with moments, but actions speak louder than words, and there is a lot of action going on between the two. I fell in love with this pairing quite a few years back and am still shipping them so hard because the mutual attraction is as strong as ever. Yoonhae for eternity!

They have been rumored to be a couple for a long time, yet SM has neither confirmed nor denied it. This proves that there is a possibility that they are together. Since Heechul said it's better for SM artists to date someone within the company, as it would be easier to cover up, the way Yoona and Donghae's ideal types fit perfectly adds to the evidence. The way they share drinks, the way Donghae hugs her backstage, and the way he seems jealous when other guys try to hit on her all point to a deeper connection. Donghae could even recognize Yoona's photo by her legs. His ideal type changes occasionally, but Yoona fits them all. When they are near each other, the chemistry is unexplainable. I also appreciate the fandom because there are rarely any fan wars, as most of the Pyros are mature. Yoonhae is a match made in heaven. Although they seemed to have separated in 2011, the slight moments they shared in 2012-2013 reignite hope in me. Yoonhae Hwaiting! Yoonhae Jjang!

4 Seohyun & Kyuhyun

Seohyun once said that she was different from ordinary people. Even Yoona said that Seo has her own little world. I don't know why, but I feel like Kyuhyun is a gentleman who would appreciate her unique side. In my opinion, Seohyun is a person with a pure and innocent personality who may seem fragile, but she actually knows exactly what she wants. And I think what she wants in a guy is someone who would make her feel appreciated and comfortable. I believe those qualities can be found in Kyuhyun, who I think is gentle, caring, and thoughtful. I mean, he likes singing ballads by female singers. Doesn't that mean he has a soft personality? Even Seohyun's diary in Paris confirmed that. Sorry if I sound delusional. I pray that SeoKyu will end up together and have a happy little family forever.

Their duets are the best. Their voices go hand in hand, and I won't even mention who, but that person's voice doesn't fit hers as well as his does.

5 SpartAce Couple (Kim Jong Kook & Jihyo)

Even though SpartAce is not the official love line in Running Man, SpartAce has a natural couple aura that makes them seem as though they are the love line. They are always near each other, and their small interactions such as standing next to each other, having side conversations with only each other, and their glances for each other prove how they have a lot of chemistry on and off camera. Their chemistry isn't just for the camera and fans like the Monday Couple! If you need proof, search for Running Man fan meets in Singapore and such. SpartAce is always next to each other, naturally hugging, talking, and looking at each other, while Monday Couple seems nonexistent and worlds apart.

I really love them. They look sweet when they are together. Our Sparta Jongkook is always protecting Ace Jihyo. Jihyo was so angry when her Jongkook oppa betrayed her (during the episode of Telephone Race) because she cares about him so much. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so angry. They always stay together automatically every time during RM. Jihyo always has a sweet smile while standing beside Jongkook, and he always looks at her with eyes filled with passion. They are so natural. They are just like a sweet couple. I can even feel that Jongkook's song lyrics are written for Jihyo. It's just perfect to describe Jongkook's feelings for Jihyo. I feel like they are a secret couple outside the camera. They share their feelings with each other, and they will be together forever. I do love them!

6 MinSul (Minho & Sulli)

This couple is the best couple in the world! Because I've never had this feeling where my heartbeat is racing! When I watch them, I always feel that my heartbeat is beating fast! They are so perfect! I'm sorry to say this, but I think Sulli is better than Krystal for Minho!

MinSul is the BEST couple ever. Their chemistry is really good. They're the perfect couple. No words are needed for them. MinSul has a special place in my heart and has been a part of me since the time I watched To the Beautiful You. I learned to love them immediately. I didn't have a hard time adjusting. When I'm reading fanfics, I only read MinSul. Nothing else. I can't feel the other couples. MinSul completes me. I can't really express how much I love them. All I can say is that MinSul is the BEST. I hope they will be together in real life.

This couple is an amazing couple. You know? Minho has many rumors about his relationships, such as with Krystal, Yuri, and others. But now there are no more moments about Minho-Krystal, Minho-Yuri, or others. You can browse the net. There are many moments about Minho-Sulli.

Minho always looks cool and charismatic, but now Minho always tries to be cute. Krystal & Yuri are cool, but why does Minho act cute? Sulli likes cute, humorous men. So, I think that's why Minho always tries to be cute.

7 Taeun (Taemin & Naeun)

Love this couple! Feel they really do have feelings for each other. See a future for them, hopefully after the show too.

I hope they really get married someday, and then I could start to believe in forever love again. Thank you, Taemin & Naeun. You two show me a gorgeous love, and I will never forget the feeling of happiness you give to me. Even if the whole world is negative, I would still like to be with you. Want to talk to you in person, want to hold you, want to love you.

I've been in love with this couple since Episode 1 and even more so as they've progressed, becoming a new, young, shy couple. I always love Taemin's boldness and how he doesn't waver in trying to get Naeun's attention. I also always love Naeun's efforts to get closer to Taemin and try to express her feelings to him even more.

8 KhunToria (Nichkhun & Victoria)

They belong together.

I think they completely fell for each other for real during this show. Their chemistry seems more genuine than others.

I will love Khuntoria forever, and I think they are the best. May the love between them grow more confidently and bring happiness. Whenever I see them smile at each other, I always feel my body filled with positive energy. I believe every Khuntorian feels the same way. We have loved every Khuntorian and Khuntoria. We continue to support you.

9 LuYoon (Luhan & Yoona)

Luhan and Yoona are a pairing that complements each other. They are so different yet so similar. Luhan is always calm and composed, while Yoona is always cheerful and happy. They both have an alligator laugh and are both deer. They are perfect for each other. LuYoon for life! Fawns for the win!

LuYoon may lack moments, but their fandom is truly wonderful. The couple is extremely cute, and even though Yoona doesn't fit Luhan's ideal type, I'm sure he needs someone like Yoona to keep himself happy. Calm and calm doesn't go together, but calm and energetic does.

Though they don't have many moments, the smiles Luhan and Yoona exchanged during that one moment really beat every other moment out there. It was just so beautiful and sweet. Trust me, go watch it and fall head over heels for them because no matter what happens, I will forever be a hardcore fan of LuYoon and believe that their relationship is beyond words.

10 HaeSica (Donghae & Jessica)

They're so real, to be honest. I can only ship Yoona with Kibum. And to think that Donghae is her partner? No thanks. I tried to like the YoonHae couple, but it doesn't appeal to me like HaeSica does. YoonHae is just an oppa-dongsaeng relationship. HaeSica? It's more mature. Look up their moments on YouTube. You'll be instantly hooked on their couple dynamic. One time, Suju members said Donghae's ideal type is girls who have pretty eyes and a beautiful forehead, which obviously fits Yoona's characteristics. Yet, he denied it. He said, "I like cold women, really!" with his hands raised. IceFishies forever! I support YoonBum, though.

Because they're so perfect for each other... And you can tell that they have a special relationship. The way Donghae looks at Jessica, and how Sica looks at Donghae, I mean, you can tell right away. And they have chemistry. That's why I like this couple, not just like but love. Well, I have seen on YouTube that Donghae sees Yoona as a little sister. Donghae has already said in interviews that he likes cold people, and it's so obvious he likes Sica. I just love HAESICA.

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11 Daragon (Dara & G-Dragon)

They are real. That is enough for me to like them. But it's not just that. They complement each other, almost looking like twins. When they're together, you can just feel the chemistry. It seems like they glow more when they are together. And if you really observe their facial expressions, even just a glance at the other, you know that they adore, love, and cherish that person. DaraGon is real! Hengsho!

I love them as a couple. They have a lot in common. Their outfits are the same in so many instances. They wear the same accessories: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, eyeglasses. They have matching coats, t-shirts, pants, jackets, hats, shawls, and shoes. They also have couples' watches. In short, they dress and accessorize as a couple.

Too many coincidences about GD's lyrics timeline, the fashion, and the hints that relate to Dara. Out of all the rumors about GD, only the rumors with Dara are the ones GD hasn't officially rejected. I myself am not a hardcore Daragon fan, so I guess if they are meant for each other, then I absolutely have no objections. But if they aren't, then as long as they are happy.

12 Kim So Eun & Kim Hyun Joong
13 Hyuksoo Couple (Eunhyuk & Sooyoung)

They always seem to have fun when they're together. They could be a variety couple.

14 ExoYoong (EXO & Yoona)

I say that EXO's relationship with Yoona is strong. They always support her. ExoYoong.

15 Alien Couple (TOP & BOM)

They are so perfect together! Bommie's 8D personality matches perfectly with Tabi's 4D personality. They are both hot and charismatic while performing, but in real life, they are actually so weird and lovable! I really hope they are dating in real life! I love them!

They are really perfect. Alien Couple is the best! Park Bom has a cute personality, and TOP has that too. They like to tease each other. Ah, how cute. It would be awesome if they are together.

The 4D prince and the 8D queen. If they ever live together, they will forget everything on their schedule because they will be busy in their own world.

16 Skydragon (GD & CL)

It's not about wearing or sharing the same things. It's not just in their shows (concerts, reality shows, attending formal agendas), but they show how they spend their time together by posting it on Instagram or just mentioning each other in their activities.

Not if they are a couple or just really good friends, but their chemistry is so natural. It shows how close they are and that they don't care what others say. It fits perfectly. I really like that. Them being in a relationship would be perfect!

Date already. There's a lot of evidence (that's what I at least call it) that proves they're dating, or it seems like it. But come on now, any girl you ship with GD doesn't even show up in many of his pictures or in K-pop news. But CL does, a lot!

17 YoonHun (Yoona & Sehun)
18 Yunfany (Yunho & Tiffany)
19 TaeNy (Taeyeon & Tiffany)

TaeNy should be the ultimate couple. SM should just accept that fact and stop trying to cover it up with Nichkhun and Baekhyun. It's not that the fans are delusional. They believe and trust that their relationship is real. Even after a couple of years, when being gay, lesbian, or bi (however they want to label it) becomes legal and recognized, it won't change their popularity or fan love. SM Entertainment, can't you just let things be? They will work out. They always do.

TaeNy is more than REAL! No more reason to say because their love for each other is enough!

TaeNy is real! Taeyeon belongs to Tiffany. Their friendship is strong, and Taeyeon is unhappy to see Tiffany's kissing scene. It means she is jealous.

20 YeYoon (Yesung & Yoona)

They look cute together.

21 SunSun Couple (Sunny & Sungmin)
22 JongYoon (Jong Suk & Yoona)
23 YoonKai (Yoona & Kai)

Is it so wrong to ship them just because she's older? Age is only a number. Their chemistry is undeniable. Can't believe YoonKai is actually quite popular, though. I always thought there were only a few shippers for them. I love how the two of them complement each other so perfectly. I think they are both beautiful and look amazing together. And now that YoonA is single and available again... (Sigh... I really wish YoonGi had lasted longer even though I don't really ship them.) I can go on a crazy shipping spree and no one will be able to say, "Sorry, YoonA's already taken."

I think they're actually really compatible. So what if Yoona's older? The two dance so well together and they're both so charismatic. Plus, they are both GORGEOUS. People, imagine what their kids would look like! (I think I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here.) Beautiful couple.

I love them. The way Kai looks at Yoona is just something! Seriously, Kai always glances at her.

24 Joyhun (Sehun & Joy)
25 MinYul (Minho & Yuri)

The best couple ever, on stage or behind the scenes. They are always spotted together, and we, the Flaming Pearls, will always support them. We've always believed that they are a couple in real life. Our eyes catch their magical moments whenever they are on the same stage. Whether it's an obvious one or not, we can still spot their sparks! Vote for them because they are the most lovable and have great chemistry among themselves. Minyul Hwaiting!

Most of the K-Pop world that fans rabidly buy into is contrived, but when you watch fancams of these two, there's no denying their connection and mutual adoration for one another. The fact that they are trying even harder now to stay away from each other and not post pictures together is an even more glaringly obvious fact that they are trying to hide and protect something!

It's the only couple I really like. I've followed this couple for two years or more, and I believe 100% that they are real! They make me happy every time I see them together, whether they're talking, touching, staring at each other, or smiling. They are perfect!

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