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1 Monday Couple (Song Ji Hyo & Gary)

A perfect couple, that are filming together Running Man.

I love monday couple

People usually ship idol couples. And I don't ship them so I won't comment anything. Cause I only ship one couple : Monday Couple. Some people don't understand what's the craze about Monday Couple & Running Man cause they are always stuck to their bias & oppa blablabla. Well I'm 14 & I'm 24/7 about Running Man & Monday Couple. To be honest, Monday Couple IS the best couple. They are 30 and yet they still have that romance between them. But eventhough they are not a real couple, they still manage to maintain their romance, in fact love each other more with more moments in each episode. They are truly a real couple. Hats off to Monday Couple. They are the true winners!

I love the way Jihyo see Gary. I love their natural interaction. I love when Jihyo laughing happily in every Gary's jokes. I love how Gary giving secret attention to her (luckily we, mc shippers always spotted that). I'm 100% sure that Monday Couple are real. I see the different Jihyo lately. She never shouted at Gary again. Whenever she's mad to Gary, she just tell him calmly. Seriously, even I just see them on T.V. , I know they're real just by seeing their expression. They're not a family now, but they're a family to be.

2 Yongseo (Yonghwa & Seohyun)

Both of them are so perfect on their own. When they were paired up, just look too unreal to be true. Unlike all the other couple, they built up their relationship step by step, so real and touching when you notice how much they have changed since meeting each other. They only started holding hands after more than half a year their met. Seohyun is so pure, and can't express her feeling well most of the time, but with Yonghwa's patient and caring, she opened up her heart for the first time to a male, and showed all the "unspoken words" by her events and actions. Me as a yongseo fans, still waiting for the day that they really become a pair of real couple. Quietly with hope. May be they are not as funny as other couples, not as sweet as the others. Still, I love them for who they are when they are together. They are the one and only I pray for from the bottom of my heart.

I don't know where to begin.. WGM 2 was (in my opinion) was the best season because of them - they were like first love. Yong Hwa being more experienced was patient with Seo Hyun, never asking to hold her hand or initiating skin ship when she was uncomfortable. In turn, she tried her best to be a good wife, and she blossomed into an even more beautiful woman. The end result was somethin that happens so rarely in real life! They learned so much from each other, like learning guitar, being healthier, reading books, thinking thoroughly - they're good influences on each other, which is what a healthy relationship should be like. And, today, this ship still sails : they live in the same villa, they still keep in contact, they are often seen wearing GOGUMA fan gifts (and occasionally couple items), and still smile and get nervous when the other's name is mentioned (Sungmin on Sukira, anyone? ). GOGUMA fans also are active in the community, doing charity works and hosting events in the path ...more

They give me the feeling of first love, so pure and innocent. Yet they are particular with everything from small things like seeing each other in same music programmes to even messaging and calling each other. They are the best couple trying to show their sincerity even though a fake programme, be it scripted or not. Some words, eyeships and actions could not be fake so easily. They are the only couple I watch again and again and still cry upon their separation. It just reflect to the audience how real they R. I believe many people do still watch the show. I miss them:(

YongSeo forever. Yongseo taught me many things and showed how the love could grow beautifully between two people who didn't know other. And they started to open up to each other. As a viewer of this couple, I really can feel the love they have and It makes me believe in love. I also watched other WGM couples but the feeling I got whenever watching this couple is so different. And of course the coincidences they had during WGM and even until now, I just can't describe those things as coincidences anymore. Well, I hope the best for this couple. I would be happy if this couple will get married in real. *pray hard* but if no, then I will support them individually and keep the memories of them like painting.

3 YoonHae (Yoona & Donghae)

They might not have so many moments in public, that's why they're known as the off-screen couple. But the off-screen moments are what people always wanting to see. What they have gone through all these times already proven how strong their love and they always come back to each other at the end. The Fireworks will never fade away, it will always be there, in their hearts and ours.

They are rumored to be couple for a long time already yet SM neither confirmed nor denied. This proves that there is a possibility that they are together. Since Heechul said that it is better for SM artists to date with someone in the company as compared to the other agencies, because it would be easier to cover up. The way Yoona and Donghae ideal types fit perfectly, the way they share drinks, the way Donghae hug her backstage, the way he seems jealous when there is other guys trying to hit on her. Donghae could recognize Yoona's photo by the legs, his ideal type change once in a while but Yoona fits it all. The way they had fun together. When they are near each other, the chemistry between them is unexplainable. I also like the fandom because there is rarely fan wars as most of the pyros are mature. Yoonhae us a match made in heaven. Although they seem to have separate at 2011, the slight moments that they have in 2012-2013 ignite the hopes inside of me again. Yoonhae Hwaiting! ...more

They're both incredibly attractive people and I dare say; they can be considered as the most good looking ones in their respective groups. They give off subtle hints and they don't overload fans with moments but actions speak louder than words and there is a lot of action going between the two. I fell in love with this pairing quite a few years back and I'm still shipping them so hard because the mutual attraction is still as strong as ever! Yoonhae for eternity!

They are daebak! Really, really, really good! Their ideal type fits perfectly, donghae seems jealous when yoona is with the other men, they had shared drinks before, they played like a little kid chasing each other around, their backstage hug, the hints that Donghae give. All those fishiness made them realer than real! Seriously, I can't find any other perfect guy for Yoona except Donghae, I also can't find any other perfect girl for Donghae except Yoona. They are perfect, match made in heaven!

4 Seohyun & Kyuhyun

Seohyun once said that she was different from ordinary people, even Yoona said that Seo has her own little world. I dunno why but I feel like Kyuhyun is a gentleman who would appreciate her unique side. In my opinion, Seohyun is like a person with this pure and innocent personality who may seem fragile, but actually she knows exactly what she wants, and I think what she wants in a guy is someone who would make her feel appreciated and comfortable. I think those qualities may be found in Kyuhyun, whom I think is gentle, caring, and thoughtful. I mean, he likes singing ballads sung by female singers! Doesn't that mean he has soft personality? Laugh out loud. Even Seohyun's diary in Paris confirmed that. Sorry if I sound delusional. I pray that SeoKyu would end up together and have a happy little family forever ^^

Unlike the other OTPs of either Seohyun or Kyuhyun's side, they will always be my best OTP for each other. They way they interact to each other is moving in a slow pace. And do believe that these two maknaes gets a lot of teases from the other SujuGen members. I can see that. The way Kyuhyun smirks every time he hears Seohyun's name being mentioned. How Seohyun looks up to Kyuhyun as her great sunbae. There's so much more behind these two. And they do make a good pairing after all. In short, perfect!

Their duets are the best. Their voices go hand in hand and I won't even mention who, but that person's voice doesn't fit hers' as well as his.

SeoKyu is real! Even if they are awkward on stage, I feel in my heart that they are close off stage without a script. Those stealing glances of Kyu when he sees Seohyun with other guy makes me goosebumps because it shows how jealous he is. I don't care what other say to them that's their opinion and I can't change that. But for me I believe in them and I wish that more skinship comes to them! I'll keep praying for the both of you! SARANGHAE SEOKYU

5 SpartAce Couple (Jongkook & Jihyo)

Even though SpartAce is not the official love line in Running Man, SpartAce has a natural couple aura that makes them seem as though they are the love line. They are always near each other and their small interactions such as standing next to each other, side talks with only each other and their glances for each other proves how they have a lot of chemistry on and off camera. Their chemistry isn't only for the camera and fans like the Monday Couple! If you need proof search Running Man fan meets in Singapore and such. SpartAce were always next to each other naturally hugging, talking, and looking at each other while Monday Couple seemed nonexistent and worlds apart!

I really loved them. They are looking sweet when they are together, our Sparta Jongkook was always protecting Ace Jihyo. Jihyo was so angry when her Jongkook oppa betrayed her (during the episode of telephone race), it was because she cared him so much, or else she wont be such angry. They will always stay together automatically every time during RM, Jihyo was always having a sweet smile while standing beside Jongkook, and he always look at her with those eyes filled with passion. They are so natural, they are just like sweet couple. I can even feel that Jongkook's songs lyrics are wrote for Jihyo, it was just perfect to describe Jongkook's feelings to Jihyo. I can feel like they are secret couple outside the camera, they share their feelings with each other, and they will be together forever. I do love them!

They look so great together! They would also stand beside each other while waiting for something in running man! Go SpartAce!

<3 I just love how they fit each other, how JK looks at JH, with passion in his eyes!
They are just perfect, love how they standing next to each other, glance at each other
I hope they are a secret couple in the real life.

6 MinSul (Minho & Sulli)

This couple is the best couple in the world! Because I never had this feeling that my heartbeat is racing! When I watch them I always feel that my heartbeat is beating fast! They are so perfect! I'm sorry to say this but I think Sulli is more better than Krystal for Minho!

I definitely believe that there two are real... If there is anything that TTBY did for them is the fact that they found each other. I believe Minho when he said that SUlli was only like a sister to him before TTBY but I think during the filming they really start knowing each other, with all their strengths and faults and more than ever, Minho, finally become less intimidating a more a human being to SUlli's eyes and I think it helped her like him more. The way these two treat each other is just so natural... They become so engrossed with each other that they forget everbody else. I love also love the fact that the "unreachable" and "comepetetive" Minho is putty in SUlli's hands. I think Minho would do and give everything to SUlli! Haha! He finally met her match! The icing in the cake for me was tehir conversation in Sulli's T.V. show, I know that some people are saying that it's for publicity only, but come one, who are you kidding really, the way SUlli moves in that entire ...more

MinSul is the BEST couple ever. Their chemistry is really good. They're the perfect couple ever. No words are needed for them. MinSul has a special place in my heart and has been a part of me since the time I watched to the beautiful you. I learned to love them immediately. I didn't have a hard time to adjust. When I'm reading fanfics, I only read MinSul. Nothing else. I can't feel the other couples. MinSul completes me. I can't really express how I love them. All I can say is that MinSul is the BEST. I hope they will be together in real life.

They are just a perfect couple in my mind even many of people said that their relationship starting when they were in drama (TTBY). But I belive their relationship was starting before the drama was airing...
Lately, Minho has said that her ideal type was the girl with a whity skin and an innocent girl. And those are related to Sulli, How Jjang. Minho gave us some hints about their relationship, didn't him?
Wish their relationship becomes real... Amin

7 KhunToria (Nickhun & Victoria)

They belong together

I think they completely fell for each other for real doing this show... Their chemistry seems so real than others

They suit each other.. An ideal man for vic and perfect ideal woman for khun

I love khuntoria forever and I think they are the best, and let the love between them more confident happy existence, let our hearts are filled with love and expectations. Every time he saw the two of them looked at each other a happy smile, I can always feel the positive energy filled body. I also believe that every one khuntorian all think so. We have loved every one khuntorian khuntoria. Abandoned to support you.

8 Taeun (Taemin & Naeun)

Love this Couple! Feel they really do have fellings for each other. See a future for them hopefully after the show too.

I hope they really get marry someday, and then I could start to believe forever love again. Thank you, Taemin & Naeun, you two show me a gorgeous love and I would never forget the feeling of happiness you give to me. Even if the whole world is in the negative, I would also like to be with you. Want to talk to you in hand, want to hold you want to love you.

I'm in love with this couple since Episode 1 and even more as they've progressed becoming a new, young, shy couple. Always love Taemin's boldness and how he doesn't waver on trying to get Naeun's attention. And always love Naeun's efforts to get more closer to Taemin and trying to express her feelings to Taemin even more.

This couple looks like they like each other. Though a lot of viewers says WGM is scripted I do believe cause every time I'd watched them together, you can feel their feelings for each other are real. I think, Taemin would not do any efforts just for the episode of WGM. I hope after 10 years I think? Or maybe when they feel about leaving being an idol, I hope they started to get married for real. TaEun Couple Hwaiting! I'm still waiting for your next sweet moments! I want some off-cam :3

9 LuYoon (Luhan & Yoona)

LuHan and YoonA is a pairing that complete each other. They are so different yet so similar. LuHan is always calm and composed while YoonA is always cheerfull and happy, but they have alligator laugh and both are the deers. They are Perfect for each other. LuYoon For The Live! Fawns For The Win!

LuYoon may lack in moments but their fandom is truly wonderful. The couple is extremely cute and even though Yoona doesn't fit Luhan's ideal typ, I'm sure he needs someone like Yoong to keep himself happy. The calm and calm doesn't go together but the calm and energetic does.

They. Are. Adorable. Dude, so what if Seo is the maknae? To be honest, I think she looks older than Taeyeon. No offense. Yoona and Luhan are both so pretty. Both of them are/were (Lu left EXO) most popular in Korea's top girl and boy bands! Isn't it fate? By the way, Luhan said that YOONA was the prettiest in SNSD in his opinion. Oh my gosh, the fels...

Deer couple, jjang!

Though the don't have much moments but the smiles Luhan and Yoona exchanged during that one moment really really beat every other moment out there. It was just so beautiful and sweet:)<3 trust me, go watch it, and fall head over heels with them because no matter what happens, I will forever be a hardcore fan of LuYoon and believe that their relationship is beyond words

10 HaeSica (Donghae & Jessica)

They're so real to be honest. I can only ship Yoona with Kibum. And, to think that Donghae is her partner? No thanks. I tried to like the YoonHae couple but it doesn't appeal to me just like HaeSica. YoonHae is just an oppa-dongsaeng relationship. HaeSica? It's more.. Mature. Look up on youtube at their moments. You'll be instantly hooked onto their couple thing. One time, suju members said donghae's ideal type are girls who have pretty eyes and beautiful forehead, obviously it's Yoona's characteristics, yet, he denied it. He said, "I like cold women, really! " with his hands, raised. IceFishies forever! I support YoonBum though.

As an IceFishy, I don't really care if Haesica's not the number 1 couple. Why? Because even if they're not the first in the ranking, I know that Haesica's love for each other is real. Just by seeing the way they look at each other, you're gonna know for sure that something's going on between these two. Plus, the qualities/traits that Donghae used to describe his ideal girl is definitely a give away. Those Yoonhae shippers that are laughing at us because our OTP's not number 1. So? At least we know that our ship is real and we don't attack other shippers because we respect their opinions. We, IceFishies, are not just shippers, but we do believe in Haesica's love.

By the way, the website for the Haesica forum is blocked in our school. When they block websites, it means that a lot of people are going to those websites in our school. Just to make things simple, there are A LOT of IceFishies in our school :)

Keep the faith, IceFishies! The voyage of the IceFishies is ...more

Because they are so perfect to each other... And you can tell that they have a special relationship.. How donghae looks at Jessica.. And how Sica look at Donghae... I mean you can tell right away.. And they have chemistry.. That is why I like this couple.. Not just like but loved... Well I have seen in youtube that donghae just like yoona like a little sister... Donghae had already said in the interview that he likes cold person.. And that's so obvious he likes sica... I just love HAESICA...

Nowadays I'm starting to like Jessica. But when I saw Jessica & Donghae moments. It was totally real! But WAY more than just real. I don't care if they're first or not but what I care is that they had so many interactions and cute moments together. I don't care for people who ships and say 'Yoonhae is real! '. That's fine but to me Haesica is definitely real!. They know each other since trainee and they still ARE together!. Haesica jjang!. I'm proud to be a new IceFishy!.

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11 Hyuksoo Couple (Eunhyuk & Sooyoung)

They look always having fun when they're together, they could be variety couple

12 ExoYoong (EXO and Yoona)

That's right!

#Alright rocking' Roll to the world

I say that exo's relationship is strong for yoona they always support her exoyoong

13 Kim SoEun & Kim Hyun Joong

Kim hyun joong fighting

Kim hyun joong

14 Daragon (Dara & G-Dragon)

They are real that is enough for me to like them... But it's not just that... They compliment each other, almost looking like twins, when they're together you can just feel the chemistry, it seems like they glow more when they are together. And if you just really observe their facial expressions, even just a glance at the other you know that they adore, love and cherish that person... DaraGon is Real! Hengsho!

... The many instances wherein there dresses or hairstyles are always alike. I mean, I understand that they belong to the same company and chances of having the same outfit or hairstyle is strong. But why can't other members of the yg family have the same look as well? Why it's only the two of them? Seems that their giving a hint 'bout something. FYI, Se7en confessed in Strong Heart that Dara only likes younger boys ( GD is younger by 4 years). On the other hand, GD revealed in an interview that he wants to marry as soon as possible (laugh out loud! Dara will be 30 soon--). There's so many hint, I'm going crazy ryt nw! .. So delusional me

I love them as a couple, they have a lot in common. Their outfits are the same in so many instances... They wear the same accessories, ring, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, eyeglasses. They have matching coats, t-shirts, pants, jackets, hats, shawls and shoes. They have also couples watch... In shorts, they dressed and accessorized as a couple.

Too much coincidence about GD lyrics' timeline, the fashion, the hint that relate to dara and out of all rumor about GD, only rumors with dara that GD didn't officially reject. Me myself is not a hardcore daragon so I guess if they are meant for each other then I absolutely don't have any objection, but if they don't then as long as they are happy.

15 Skydragon (GD & CL)

It's not about wearing nor sharing the same things. Not just in their show (concerts, reality show, attend on formal agenda), but they showing how they spent their time together with posting it on instagram, or just mentioning each other in their activities

Not if they are couple or are really friends, but their chemistry is so natural, showing how close they are and do not care, what others say, it fit perfectly, I really like that they are in a relationship would be perfect!..!

They got really intimate lately from recent events. It's suspicious. To be honest, I'm not the type who ships. But these 2 can't keep their eyes&hands off each other & they're not afraid to show their steamy affection on stage (GD SG tour). They had the guts to show the world how 'close' they are. Who knws what else is happening OFF stage with no cams & fans dogging around? Because they sure do spend time together a lot from their ig updates. Even as a normal fan I can't help but notice they got a thing for one another. I don't know what their relationships like. Friends/lovers/sibling? Wtv it is that they have. I love it! I'm ROOTING FOR THIS BADASS LEADER COUPLE! Besides they got the dopest cpl name -> SKYDRAGON.

Date already. there's a lot of evidence ( that's what I at least call it ) that proves that they're dating or seems like it. But come on now any girl you ship with GD, doesn't even pop up in lots of his pictures or in kpop news. But CL does, a lot!

16 YoonHun (Yoona & Sehun)
17 Yunfany (Yunho & Tiffany)
18 YeYoon (Yesung & Yoona)

They look cute together..

19 SunSun Couple (Sunny & Sungmin)
20 JongYoon (Jong Suk and Yoona)
21 Alien Couple (TOP/BOM)

They are so perfect together! Bommie's 8D personality with Tabi's 4D personality. They are both hot and charismatic while performing but in real life they are actually so weird and lovable! I really hope they are dating in real life! I love them!

They are really perfect. Alien Couple is the best! Park Bom has a cute personality & TOP has that too. They like to tease each other. Ahh how cute. It would be awesome if they are together.

They both have wonderful voice. Their presonalities are alike:funny, low-key, and careful. They have many common points. If they are lovers, I think they can konw each other well.

The 4D prince and the 8D queen. If they ever live together, they will forget every thing on their schedule because they will be busy in their own world

22 YoonKai (Yoona & Kai)

Is it so wrong to ship them just because she's older? Age is only a number, their chemistry is undeniable. Can't believe YoonKai is actually quite popular though, I always thought there were only a few shippers for them. I love how the two of them complement each other so perfectly. I think they are both beautiful, and look amazing together. And now that YoonA is single and available again... (Sigh... I'd really wished YoonGi would last long even though I don't really ship them) I can go on a crazy shipping spree and no one would be able to say "Sorry, YoonA's already taken."

I think they're actually really compatible. So what if YoonA's older? The two dance so well together and they're both so charismatic. Plus, they are both GORGEOUS. People, imagine what their kids would look like! (I think I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here) Beautiful couple.

I love them... The way Kai look at Yoona is just something! Seriously... Kai always glance at her.

They look great together

23 Joyhun (Sehun & Joy)
24 GBom (G-Dragon & Park Bom)

He un-followed her insta, they rarely post a photo together nowadays unless it's official, he posted photo with her face covered, she posted photos without him. We can only wonder why. YG artists share same accessories all the time, but if they share one ring for more than 3 times... Wouldn't it be awkward? Unless they didn't mind it for other reason.

GD with many female stars have an affair, but he for these gossip girl friend is very high! Only on GBom very low-key! Why is that? Because the GBom is true! GD see Bom's eyes and smile are really special! His feeling of Bom is unique!

G-Bom is REAL. Watch the videos, the performances and and and.
You will realize that they really love each other. Although Park Bom is older, it seems like GD is the one who is more mature and the one who takes care of her. Also he said he is addicted to her.

The song butterfly is for BOM. And they have been friends before they become stars. GD said that "BOM is my girlfriend. " in 2006. This year, GD said if he wanted someone to be his girlfriend, he would say that girl is his girlfriend in front of everyone.

25 MinYul (Minho & Yuri)

The best ever couple.. On stage or behind the stage.. They were always spotted together and we the FlamingPearls will always support them.. Always believed that they are a couple in real life... Our eyes always catch their small magic moments whenever they are on the same stage... Whether its an obvious one or not we still can spot their sparks! Vote for them because they are the most loveable & have a nice chemistry among themselves... Minyul Hwaiting!

Most of the K-Pop World that fans rabidly buy into is contrived, but when you watch fancams of these two, there's no denying their connection and mutual adoration for one another. The fact that they are trying even harder now to stay away from each other and not post pictures together is an even more obviously glaring fact that they are trying to hide and protect something!

It's only couple I really like... Two years and more that I follow this couple... And I believe 100% that they are real! They make me happy every times I see them together... Or talking, or touching each other, or staring each other... Or smiling... They are perfect!

Minyul is the beautiful angel of couple! They are meant to be for each other! Haha its been almost 3 years I ship them together! They are just perfect together ugh I just can't... And yes I'm very happy whenever I see their moments! I just hope minyul will win this!

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