Best U-KISS Songs

U-Kiss have some extremely amazing songs but to find out which is the best.
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1 Neverland

This song really showed to people how passionate they are... I love it...

It's the catchiest song of all. It's cool, techno, dance and super bass drop awesome

I like this song because of the water scan and the rydhm of song..

2 Man Man Ha Ni

I like this song. When I listen this song, I miss ex members...

This song sorta introduces a slight change in style for the group and its really awesome

3 Believe

I have a big crush to this song.. I don't know why but the song is very catchy.. It's my second favorite song after neverland whilst is the best!

Well everybody looks so cute and I love this song. The first time I heard this song I just fell in love with U-kiss.

I love This Rapper, I love This song..

4 DoraDora

I will never get bored listening this song. Sometimes, I even listen the whole day. I love this song. U-Kiss
Dora Dora.

I like this very much.
I want listen it again and again.

I really like this song. It's so catchy. Even though all ukiss songs are great this is my fave

5 Tick Tack

This is song is so awesome! The music is so fun and the lyrics aren't very "material" its something you can dance to mindlessly - heck it's a great song to do work outs to as well!

I am one of the fans of you kiss and their song tick tack... Tick tack is my top 6 song of you kiss...

This song is amazing, in both Japanese and Korean~ U-KISS is always good, always. All of their songs have meaning and express each members' voices.

6 0330

I love this song; I can actually understan it. This song really touched my heart. This song gave me bone-chillin' shivers. U-Kiss deserves a well-given round of applause because of this song I reconciled with my boyfriend.

It's a change to U-kiss bad boy image.. With this song they showed Kiss mes and even the other people that they can do a perfect Ballad song.. The MOST Loved part is the piano at beginning of the song which enlighten us to hear more about this song.. One more thing is the Concept of the song.. I think it is better if they made it a movie.. The concept and the Song says it all.. ^_^ Saranghae U-kiss! :**

I love that song. Lyrics is very great and full of sorrow. That guys are also handsome. They sang that song full of moods.

7 Stop Girl

Seriously one of the most underrated songs in K-Pop history. This is gold. Should've been more popular. My favourite U-Kiss song ever. They should've won with Stop Girl!

I love this song because it is so good and since its Kevin's favorite and since he's my bias I LOVE IT!

Stop girl is perfect

8 Alone
9 Forbidden Love

I love all song

10 Binguel Binguel
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11 Cinderella

Kevin is my bias and he sounds the best in the song, and he best fits the concept.

This song is so good and kevin's voice is so cool. I love ukiss. My favorite kpop band is ukiss.

12 Dear My Friend

This song got me into UKISS! The anime it was made for was great as well!

13 Inside of Me

I love the lyrics of this song! Besides, kevin's voice is really addicted! It's make me crazy! Don't forget to vote this song!

14 Shut Up
15 A Shared Dream
16 Take Me Away

This is my favorite song..

Beautiful song. I love it.

17 My Reason

Kevin... OH, his voice is amazing!

Kevin sings this song p

Kevin's voice is just so nice and this song is just so beautiful

18 Standing Still

I love this song

19 Without You
20 Love of a Friend

This is my favorite song... I love this song...

U-kiss the best.. Fighting

21 Miracle

You all have heard this song if not then hurry and listen. This song is REALLY A MIRACLE in both lyric and MUSIC. Especially I like those lines where Kevin~oppa sang. Love you you kiss and Kevin.

22 Words That Hurt Me
23 She's Mine/ That's My Girl

That is the best song I have ever heard it's the bomb like 4 reals!

24 Someday

It's message is good

25 Party All the Time
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