Top 10 Best Underoath Songs

UnderOath is a great band with great music. I am curious to see people's opinions.
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1 A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White

I literally don't know why people even compare other metalcore bands to Underoath, like Asking Alexandria, Bullet for My Valentine, and Sleeping with Sirens. They don't even compare to what Underoath is, and this song proves that they are on a whole other level.

Awesome song! The chorus really pumps you up. It's like a "Listen to me, or you'll pay" song. Anyone who hasn't listened to this song yet doesn't really know anything about this band. And by the way, "Breathing in a New Mentality" shouldn't be at the top. That position should be occupied by this song.

2 Writing on the Walls

Aaron's cleans mixed with Spencer's screams create the perfect vocal combination on this track. Definitely a classic. So much meaning, and Spence's growls at the bridge are amazing.

Awesome breakdowns. The drums are amazing in this song. The screams in this song, especially at the start, make me want to listen to it over and over.

Easily their best song. Believe me, the more you listen to this, the better it gets. I'm not even a fan of screaming, and I still love it. Thanks, Davey.

3 You're Ever So Inviting

This song is one of their best. The lyrics are very sincere and relate to a lot of people. One of their best songs, in my opinion.

4 In Regards to Myself

I think this song was one of the best defining moments that made Underoath what they are today. Even though they are breaking up, this song will forever be one of their best legacies, as well as many others.

The lyrics are quite incredible, and this will be one of those songs that I will never get tired of hearing!

Great song! It's one of those that just instantly gets stuck in your head! But in a good way, of course!

5 Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear

So epic. I can literally worship to this song. It builds so beautifully, and Spencer and Aaron sound terrific.

So calm and inviting. When the breakdown starts, it's glorious and full of emotion.

6 Reinventing Your Exit

It's "that one song everyone knows" for a very good reason. It's energizing, dynamic, and is still 100% listenable eight years after the release of "They're Only Chasing Safety."

Not only their best song but one of the best songs of all time for me. It stands out so much compared to all their other songs. It's very unique, simple, and effective. I can listen to this on repeat for hours and never get tired of it. "UP AGAINST THE WALL, UP AGAINST THE WALL."

No doubt, this is their best song! Amazing chorus!

7 Breathing in a New Mentality

Very emotionally packed song. Amazing.

8 When the Sun Sleeps

It should be #1, honestly. I love this song. It's the perfect blend of screaming and melodic singing.

I've never found a song like it. It's amazing! Perfect!

Please listen. This is a great song. The music is slow but combined with an energetic scream.

9 It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

This is definitely the best song I've heard from this band, or any other band for that matter. It's hard not to listen to this and not be inspired. From great screams to amazing vocals, this song never gets old!

I often see this song regarded as one of the best in the post-hardcore genre. It's so much different from their other songs, yet so unique. This is the best song from their best album, undoubtedly.

10 A Fault Line, a Fault of Mine

"I stare at the wall, watching my time float away. It's all been a blur, and nothing will change."

Chills, just chills. I've got to say this is hands down my favorite part of any Underoath song. If you don't agree, I strongly urge you to revisit.

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11 I'm Content with Losing

"I'm Content with Losing" is the best song off of "They're Only Chasing Safety." It automatically hooks listeners in with Spencer's screaming and Aaron's singing. Like most songs on the album, the chorus features singing with a slight bit of screaming and a screamed hook. The lyrics right before the second chorus should energize listeners with a soft, then screamed, "Are you ready?" (with a "yeah" screamed after the second). The best part is at the end when Spencer winds up, and then Aaron's two chorus verses go off at the same time with Spencer screaming "from me." The close-up is Aaron's two chorus lines at the same time, only without instruments in the background and Spencer's screaming.

12 Anyone Can Dig a Hole but It Takes a Real Man to Call It Home

I don't get how anyone can think that this song isn't their best. The way it just speaks to me.

13 A Moment Suspended in Time
14 Everyone Looks So Good from Here
15 Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
16 Moving for the Sake of Motion
17 Casting Such a Thin Shadow
18 The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed
19 We are the Involuntary
20 To Whom May It Concern

I know this song wasn't a single. It didn't chart or get airtime. However, this song has been my favorite Underoath song ever since it was released. It was my favorite song of all time for a while. If I've found myself in a bad spot in life, sometimes all it has taken to keep me from considering the unthinkable and ending it all is to hear Spencer bellow those words in my ear: "It's time for you to press on. This is not your war. Set your sights to north and press on. This is not your escape. Wash away what they thought of you and press on." For that reason alone, it deserves the #1 spot.

21 The Created Void

I say what I don't mean and mean what I don't say.

22 Paper Lung

Amazing song! The clean vocals on the chorus are great! This is the best song from their last album!

23 Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape

Just an awesome song with great lyrics!

24 Down, Set, Go
25 Alone In December
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