Top 10 Best Boards of Canada Songs

The best songs made by the Scottish electronic band, Boards of Canada.
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1 Everything You Do is a Balloon

This is the most famous song that BoC has ever made. It was also the first I heard of them and made me a big fan of this duo. That intro is just magical, giving me indescribable feelings of nostalgia. Everything sounds old. And the darkness of the second part is amazing. That cold atmosphere is captivating.

How is this not top? It's the perfect example of BoC. Very comforting but also eerie at the same time. This is a masterpiece!

This is brilliant! I love the perfect balance of comfort and eeriness. I know it's an obvious choice for number one, but still, what else would be worthy of that spot?

2 Dayvan Cowboy

This has got to be one of the best songs to listen to on those days when you feel really nostalgic. It proved that BoC can also leave the synths and do music with the same essence and substance of their previous albums but try new genres like folk. The first part of this song is amazing and serves as a crescendo that leads to the second part, which is even better.

3 Roygbiv

Clearly, one of the best songs of BoC. It is weird, unique, and captivating, like most of his songs, but it actually combines layers. Like the title says (ROYGBIV is a common mnemonic for the colours of the rainbow), this one has different vibes mixed: it is positive and happy but dark and nostalgic at the same time. Also, I always hear this song along with "Bocuma," which is amazing as well and serves as a perfect intro.

4 Alpha and Omega

I absolutely love this one. I am a sucker for dramatic music, but this one has an avant-garde twist in it, which I also love.

5 Oscar See Through Red Eye
6 1969
7 Music Is Math
8 Dawn Chorus

This is the type of trippy stuff you'd come across on a long trip towards a distant red giant. Super bright and massive sounding, it brings out the most ethereal burst of energy. Like a star ready to unleash everything in a supernova.

9 Turquoise Hexagon Sun

It's so hard to pin down exactly how this song makes you feel, but one thing is certain: it's absolutely beautiful.

Very little progression but I love every second of it. Gets better each time I hear it.

10 Aquarius

Aquarius will take you on a crazy trip. Wringing you out and replacing your fluids with harmony.

The Contenders
11 You Could Feel the Sky
12 Satellite Anthem Icarus

The guitar loop is very catchy. Amazing track.

13 Happy Cycling

Awesome understated slow burner which switches up into a dreamy synth passage with beautiful harmonies. Best BoC song.

14 Come to Dust
15 Kid for Today

This genuinely means something to me in my life.

16 Julie and Candy

Incredibly underrated for not being on this list yet, nostalgic, somber, and most likely based on a tragedy involving the death of a child (Candace Newmaker Incident).

17 An Eagle in Your Mind
18 Hey Saturday Sun
19 Reach for the Dead
20 Peacock Tail
21 Chromakey Dreamcoat
22 Split Your Infinities
23 Nothing Is Real

The most memorable song from T.H. Great track.

24 In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country

I recently discovered this song, and it's been my favorite since. I love the creepy, atmospheric tone.

25 Palace Posy
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