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Christina Grimmie is one of my absolute favorite singers. Her voice is incredible and she is an amazing person in general. Come on Team Grimmie add on to the list!
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1 Find Me

From her very first album 'Find Me'. Very upbeat and so fun to sing and dance along to! The original version is perfect and the other version, 'Find Me (Stripped)' is slower and so beautiful. Grimmie's voice is so incedible, powerful and just truly amazing.

2 With Love

So much emotion in this one... again, her vocals are INCREDIBLE and so is the meaning of the song. What's also amazing about this one is that it can be directed towards anything... boyfriend/girlfriend, loved one, best friend, anything really. But Christina said she dedicated this song to her fans (Team Grimmie, Frands, etc <3) and I just love that so much

Your songs are my favourite..
We miss you so much and song
My you rest in peace and your families, fans, friends live in peace.

It is rare that a song is just perfect. this is an example of one of them

3 I Bet You Don't Curse God

This amazing song should be first because it is so emotional and powerful, and I'm really disappointed that it's fourth because it deserves better. Christina shows off such a huge vocal range with those end notes and even non-believers would love this song.

Yeah, this is her best song, no denying about that. Maybe its because I happen to love ballads so much and this is no exception; builds up to a great conclusion, good use of instrumentals, Grimmie's melodic, soothing vocals and a hopeful message, its something to give a try out to if you feel a little low :).

Anyway, RIP CVG (1994 - 2016).

This song is so beautiful and emotional, and Christina shows the emotions in her voice just perfectly. " Everybody cries, we've all faked a smile"
The message and lyrics of this song is truly outstanding, and really gets you to think. I love this one so much.

Made me tear up listening to this, it's just so relatable...

4 Tell My Mama

Right now also I am listening this song and it's amazing.

This song is so exciting and I will choose it any day it is highly recommended

5 Just a Dream

A good one in fact best

6 Liar Liar

This song is awesome... And this is the best song of Christina grimmie... Christina grimmie you were awesome...! You will be missed by music lovers...!

One of the best songs that I've ever heard... I thing it should be on top!

A good sing with a great voice!

You will be missed down here.

7 In Christ Alone

Great voice & song!

Her best song!

8 Advice

Her first single, ever! Another very fun song to sing and dance to. Then again, there is a special message to this song. "Don't let go of good times, and let the bad ones know you feel fine, and wear your heart out on your sleeve, love is all, love is all you need"
This one is definitely one of my favorites by her. First official song I heard of hers too

9 Can't Help Falling In Love
10 Think of You

She shows a lot of emotion in this song as well. This song is so sweet and calming.
"We wished only stars, they were ours, they remind me of you"
Her lyrics are always so clever and I absolutely love her vocals in this one

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11 Snow White

Why isn't this number 1? It should be

Best song ever

12 Titanium

This is so amazing... We will treasure you forever... We love you always Christina Grimmie.

13 Wrecking Ball

Her audition in the voice when she sang this actually made me like the song. I remember her every time I hear it.

14 Without Him

I love how she sings in this song, especially the sustained D6, and it's such brilliant songwriting. It's not poetic at all, which fits the song perfectly: it's just done so cleverly, to make you feel emotions, without seeming overly poetic, Shakespearean or overdone in any way.

15 Shrug

It's a cool song! Loved it!

16 Invisible

This song is so amazing! So proud of Christina! Please listen to this song and spread Christina's legacy! CGForever!

17 Get Yourself Together

This song is so upbeat and fun and the lyrics are so beautiful if you really think about them.

18 Must Be Love
19 Counting Stars

Awesome Christina..! This song is awesome... Christina grimmie you are no more but we are missing you too much... She was inspirational...

This track rocks! I miss her so much

20 Over Overthinking You
21 Feelin' Good
22 Make It Work

Gives me a kinda jazzy vibe. Lyrics are so clever and I've never heard a song on this topic before. It's like the opposite of, "Oh, he cheated on me, :(" that you hear all the time. Melody's great and Christina's vocals are flawless.

I love this song

23 Sublime
24 Little Girl
25 Cliche
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