Top 10 Most Common Music Stereotypes

There are many music steriotypes, there's probably at least one for every genre. These are the most common ones.
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1 Rap fans are criminals

This, being associated with being black, is racist. However, only the old songs have lyrics about them, but don't get me wrong, old rap is phenomenal.

This is commonly associated with black people, which is racist on its own.

2 Metal fans are satanists

Depends on your definition of "talent," and the threshold thereof. Then there's talent abused. No doubt many metal musicians are talented, but choose to pursue sub-genres that range from dark and extremely disturbing, even psychotic, to mind-numbing noise and shrieking "vocals."

Our opinions are more well-founded and well-defended, except for the extremely narrow-minded elitists. Not to mention that only a small percentage of metal fans are actual Satanists.

I am definitely not a Satanist. And not all metal is that "screamo" stuff. There's Power Metal (I like to call it fantasy metal), Symphonic Metal, Alternative Metal, even Pirate Metal, etc. While exploring these, I have found very few satanic themes.

3 Reggae fans are rasta marijuana smokers

Not true. My cousin likes reggae and he is none of this.

4 Justin Bieber fans are crazy fangirls

This is kind of true. Most JB fans I have met were super crazy about him.

I don't like JB, but I know fans of him that aren't crazy fangirls.

I like Justin Bieber and I'm not that crazy for him.

5 One Direction fans are crazy fangirls

Actually, more than half of those I see are actually really crazy about their looks.

I used to be very crazy for One Direction, back in my teens.

This is the only true stereotype on this list.

6 Christians can't listen to metal

I'm a 15-year-old Christian girl who is very strong in her beliefs and trust in the Lord. I also love metal, classic rock, thriller movies, and fandoms. I'm a Christian - I believe in God and I follow His rules. Stereotypes aren't fair, are they?

Christians listen to Britt Nicole and, of course, the teen pop group 1 Girl Nation.

No, many Christians listen to metal.

7 Pop fans are crazy fangirls

I'm a crazy fangirl, and pop is the bane of my existence. But this stereotype is true. Most pop fans I've met are obsessed.

I am a boy who enjoys pop music. I may be a psychopath, but I am not a girl.

8 Rap is only about sex, drugs, and money

That's not true. There are likely more rap songs that aren't about sex, drugs, and money.

You should listen to Rakim, just as an example. Listen to his song "After You Die" and similar rap songs to understand what rap music is really all about. If I had enough time, I'd recommend a bunch of rap songs that focus on subjects like science, myths, and technology.

There are so many good rap songs that aren't about sex, drugs, or money.

9 Classical fans are old

Classical music will be the last music standing. It's been around long before there were even musical recordings. I am 43 now but started listening to this stuff when I was 17.

That's not true! Not all of them! I'm 13 and I love classical and jazz. Pop is so horrible, in my honest opinion!

I hate this one so much. I'm 14 and classical is one of my favorites.

10 Metal fans hate pop

In my opinion, the genre "pop" is trash because it often lacks meaningful content and is not even written by the pop star most of the time. Additionally, there is the excessive use of autotune.

Most metal fans I encounter usually hate on pop. But don't worry, I respect your opinion. I'm just a bit sick of the bashing.

I only hate the modern pop singers I consider to be subpar, like Chris Brown and Billie Eilish.

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11 Anything with unclean vocals is automatically "screamo"

That's so false that I don't even know where to begin.

12 Rap nowadays sucks

There are good ones, but when we have people like Cardi B, Lil Wayne, and Lil Pump, it's understandable to see that modern rap sucks. There are plenty of good rappers out there. You just need to know where to look.

Rap nowadays sucks. There may be a good beat, but there's no good singing!

13 Rock fans have long hair

Actually, now rock stars also have short hair (Billie Joe Armstrong, Matt Bellamy, James Hetfield, etc.). It was just a style of the '60s and '70s. It's not only rock stars or rock fans who had long hair in the '60s and '70s.

I really like rock music and I never had long hair.

Do dreadlocks count? Because I have them.

14 Punk rock fans have crazy hairdos

As a punk, I can say that while there are exceptions, you aren't exactly wrong.

15 Opera fans are sophisticated

Lisa Loud is an opera fangirl like I am. She is so sophisticated, and so am I. I love opera.

16 All jazz music is sexy
17 Rap fans wear chains

I have a chain but I don't really care much about it.

18 Only black people like hip hop and rap

Oh, no. I like a few bands, and I'm half-Chinese.

19 Metal has no depth
20 When music sounds bad, it's the technicians' fault

Sometimes a musician has so little talent that there's nothing a technician can do. The end product might be bearable, but at that point, it would contain so little of the original content that the technician might as well have created the music himself. I'm not a technician, though.

21 EDM music is for club people
22 The majority of Lana Del Rey fans are part of the LGBT+ community
23 Dancing to swing turns you into a gentleman

I don't know whether this is true or not.

24 Men who like female pop artists are gay

I'm not gay and listen to a lot of female pop artists. Carly Rae Jepsen, especially, is assumed to be listened to only by gay people.

People said this about disco in the '70s.

25 All TWICE fans are creepy old men
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