Top 10 Similarities Between Eminem and Deadmau5

Note: I am not saying Eminem is better than deadmau5, or vice versa. I like both of them equally.

Anyways, these are things I found to be similar between deadmau5, the EDM artist; and Eminem, the rapper.

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1 They're both said to be one of the best at their respective genres

No matter how you look at it, even if you despise rap, you have to admit that Eminem has talent. Also, rap pioneers have called him one of the greatest rappers of all time.

The same goes for deadmau5, but it's more of the people who say he's the best, not EDM artists. He still doesn't get half as much praise as Em does.

2 They're both talented

I think the aspect of Eminem being talented to users on this site goes either way, but the general consensus is that they're both really good at what they do.

3 They like to mess around with their songs

They're really not afraid to experiment. Take Eminem's "C** On Everybody" for example. It's a song that doesn't fit the theme of 'The Slim Shady LP', but it's still good.

Next, consider 'Failbait'. It's a deadmau5 song featuring the rap group Cypress Hill. For all the people who says it sucks because 'it's rap', you're dead wrong. It's just deadmau5 experimenting, and I really don't see anything wrong with it. It's pretty damn good.

The only problem is that they don't do it often. For better or for worse, it would expand their creativity.

4 They both have a certain style that other artists don't have

Eminem is one of the only rappers from the 90s left that hasn't hit rock bottom yet. (see what I did there? ) Even today, people praise him for actually telling a story (see 'Bad Guy', 'Stan', 'Sing For the Moment', 'Kim', and 'Cleanin' Out My Closet' for examples of what I'm talking about.) while seldom diving into humor. It's what makes him so unique from other rappers today. He can cover a wide variety of subjects while still sounding good.

deadmau5's style is hard to pinpoint, but that's what makes it so unique. Unlike artists like Avicii, who is known for making mainstream party songs, deadmau5 tends to go for the intellectual approach, with his most praised songs coming from different elements (see HR 8938 Cephei, Aural Psynapse, and Professional Griefers). The point is that Zimmerman can take on a wide variety of styles and still sound good.

5 They're both overrated

This is the one that's going to earn me the most backlash.

Now, deadmau5 is definitely underrated compared to Eminem, as the latter is praised countless times.

But, deadmau5 is put upon countless ranking lists as one of the greatest as well. So the question comes to mind: do they receive similar praise?

Pretty much, if you see each genre as equal to one another.

deadmau5 = Eminem and vice versa in terms of recognition in their respective genres.

I don't know if I understand this one as you just say that they receceive a lot of recognition this does not prove they are overrated as they may deserve the praise they get.

6 Both have creative names

Eminem sounds exactly the same as M&M, the popular candy, right?

Well, his name is Marshall Mathers. Therefore, the initials of his first and last name are M and M. You can work out the rest from there.

deadmau5, however, came up with his name when a dead mouse was found in his computer. He was then referred to as that dead mouse guy, and using leet, transformed his online persona to deadmau5, which eventually became his stage name.

Creativity at its finest.

I actually think Eminem's name is more creative, but I love this list.

7 They both have meaningful songs

Eminem is different from other rap artists (well most of them anyway). Like I said before, he can tell a story, whether that story is about the impact of him on fans (Stan, Sing For the Moment), his own life (Beautiful, Kill You, Cleanin' Out My Closet), or just giving an inspirational message (Lose Yourself).

deadmau5 is the beauty of EDM. No other artist in that genre can compare to him, now or ever. Songs like Bleed, HR 8938 Cephei, among others, cement his status as an meaningful music artist. Emphasis on artist.

8 Both are likely to get into feuds

Eminem is easily one of the most controversial artists of all time. I mean, rapping about killing your wife and disposing of her body is enough to earn you negative feedback. But throughout his songs, he disses many artists, ranging from Christina Aguilera to Will Smith to Michael Jackson, among others. It's not hard to guess that Eminem ended up in quarrels that had everybody on their toes.

deadmau5 uses Twitter very often. You can assume he gets into arguments on there frequently. You're correct, as it ranges from EDM icons like Afrojack to Tiesto to others like Kayne West and Justin Bieber. We've learned something about his feuds though: he usually wins all of them.

9 They've both been working on music from a young age

Eminem has been rapping since around the age of 14 years old. Therefore, he's been in 4 decades implementing his rap skills.

Zimmerman has also been making music from a young age, starting his career in the mid-90s.

10 At least one of their albums have peaked inside the top 10 of the Billboard 'Top 200' list in the US

This can be literally attributed to any two artists that are popular, but this is about Zimmerman and Mathers.

It's obvious that Eminem has peaked inside the top 10. Both with song and album. Moving on.

deadmau5's 2012 album, >album title goes here< peaked at #6 on that same list.

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11 Both of them are Jerks
12 Their voices sound similar
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