Most Beautiful Twice Members

The Famous Girl Group of 2015! Their song, 'Like OOH-AAH' is very nice and good! And new song 'CHEER UP' is very very nice! And they are very pretty than other girl groups! So I created this list!
The Top Ten
1 Tzuyu

Tzuyu, even though not my favorite, she still has such amazing and surprising features all over! Her skin color is more on the scale of mid-tone, and is the reason why I find her beauty so flawless! Her dancing skills and beautiful talents, are just the reasons why she is such a great member to me.

Super pretty without needing to try, love her smile! She's the reason I started listening to Twice. Not surprised she's the visual.

Tzuyu is the current visual of twice. She was born in Taiwan and was only 16 when twice debuted in 2015. I personally think she's too overrated in the group but there's just something about her that made her my bias. She may seem like an innocent baby at times but she could be still very extra and adorable at times so that's why I love her. (also she's amazing at archery)

Tzuyu is one of the most beautiful K-POP visuals ever! I absolutely love when she has or not has makeup! People says shes beautiful with makeup, but they also say that she looks ugly without makeup and I think that's not true. She is beautiful no matter what! She is Gorgeous!

2 Sana

Sana! She is so beautiful and unique, and was also the very first Twice member I noticed. She is just drop dead gorgeous, and her vocals just increase the beauty. She is definitely one of the prettiest Japanese girls I have ever seen!

Sana is drop dead gorgeous in literally every way. From her amazing vocals, her adorable smile, to the fact that she can switch from being adorable to sexy within seconds, Sana is the best. No Sana no life

Sana is one of the most gorgeous, adorable, sexy, charming and witty K-pop idols ever! Her optimism, determination and kind heart is so inpirational.

Sana is the cutest member, but also a hidden weapon of sex-appeal, and she has the curves to prove it.

3 Mina

Mina has such memorizing talent and beautiful features. She gives off Japanese Horror Movie vibes to me! She is that side character who secretly has been hiding her flawless beauty and extreme talent.

Mina a such a hidden gem. She can be a soft-spoken elegant beauty, or a total sex-bomb (watch her dance to their song "Rolling" in America stages).

When I first saw her, I thought she must be the visual. In my opinion, she is the most beautiful. Of course, Tzuyu is also gorgeous (all of them are) but Mina has a more mature and elegant beauty, while Tzuyu has a more cute and innocent beauty.

Mina should be on the top! Her Visuals are insane and perfectly fits the beauty standard. She's Perfect and deserves to be on top!

4 Dahyun

Dahyun's beauty is so underrated. She's so beautiful and her light creamy skin really catches my eye. She also has one of the prettiest smiles ever.

Dahyun has always caught my eye. When she used to dye her hair quite frequently before she just looked so amazing in any color. Beautiful smile and nice creamy skin.

Dahyun, even though called names, is SO iconic and unique. Her style is completely my type, and her beauty is so so so underrated, and all my friends actually find her ugly! I didn't know why! She is such a beautiful and unique member, and I can't bare for others to see her as the 'ugliest' member in their eyes.

Dahyun is really gorgeous, more so than any of the other members, in my opinion. I'm personally not a fan of the Eastern look, but Dahyun really stands out in that regard. Her smile is really pretty and her new blonde hair is stunning and fits her face perfectly.

5 Momo

MOMO! Oh my god, her dancing gets me every time! Her wide eyes are just so beautiful and are additional to her unique beauty.

I get starstruck whenever she starts dancing its amazing how quickly she can pick things up!

Momo has shown her sexiness since their debut, and her pronounced abs will remind you of it.

Cutest! Prettiest! And amazing when she dances!

6 Jihyo

Jihyo! She has such round and big eyes, it hurts so much! Just give me your beauty already! Jihyo has such beautiful features that I can't even imagine any human being could maintain. She has such great temperament that makes me so jealous! Her beautiful skin and eyebrows are also another reason why she has such flawless beauty.

Jihyo is another member that I think has gotten prettier over time. With her exotic, almost foreign like beauty, I can see why people call her god Jihyo.

I started following twice because of Jihyo , I was shocked to know that she is not that popular in korea because she is so pretty , she has all what a idol needs , she can dance well she can sing well and not to mention that she is extremely beautiful . she is just perfect.

I think Jihyo is the prettiest member. Not only she has the most beautiful voice but she also has very pretty eyes and hair. I loved her red hair in I Can't Stop Me and her short hair in Feel Special. She is everything! She is my bias. I used to think Tzuyu is the prettiest, but when I Can't Stop me came out, I was like Jihyo is the Beauty Queen. If you say that shes ugly, you're wrong. She is purely beautiful! Jihyo is also a really good singer. I love everything about her!

7 Nayeon

I found Nayeon was sort of 'not my style' for the longest time! Now I finally realize she is actually so flawless! Her voice and her beautiful eyes are just what makes her so breathtaking!

When I first saw her I thought she was on the younger side of Twice. She is hands down the best singer (check out Twice's "Queen of Hearts")

Nayeon has a very unique look about her. Even her bunny teeth can't stump her beauty.

She is so gorgeous! Everyone in twice is like angels but nayeon is on another level

8 Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon is so beautiful, and even though she may act shyer than members like Nayeon, and may be a little bit more introverted, (in my eyes) she is still such a beautiful and unique member! I love her with middle length hair, and short length hair! But no matter about her hair, she still looks gorgeous either way.

Jeongyeon, her beauty is so unique from the rest of the Twice members. She is like a knight to all her friends, she may not dress like the others, or act like the others, but it's ok because the more she be likes her own self the more I find her very beautiful. You may not be on the top of this list, but don't you worry because you are on the top of my list of the most beautiful, caring and loving person in the world...

She's so beautiful, inside and out! Her look is cute and energetic with her short hair that doesn't hinder her constant playful attitude, just like her personality! Even when she decided to grow it out a bit, she can still rock any look and is beautiful to boot!

I disagree with this because I think that jeongyeon is the most beautiful twice member because of her face, the way she acts and everything else.

9 Chaeyoung

She is so beautiful, and her stage performance is just so extreme and gorgeous! I love her unique eyes, and her attitude is just so flattering. She is definitely the prettiest member in my opinion.

Chaeyoung is my bias, and for a good reason. When I first saw her, I thought, "WOW! She's drop dead gorgeous!" That's why I chose her. She has amazing outfits and perfect makeup. What more should I say?

Chaeyoung describes greatness at a young age she is such a good rapper! She has a great sense of fashion and I love her tattoos.

Chaeyoung isn't my bias but she is my bias wrecker. Other then jihyo chaeyoung would be my bias. Chaeyoung is gorgeous and deserves more. Her big eyes and cute aura is absolutely eye catching and how she can look good in any genre. Her iconic lines are amazing. You go girl!