Top 10 Most Beautiful Twice Members

The Famous Girl Group of 2015! Their song, 'Like OOH-AAH' is very nice and good! And new song 'CHEER UP' is very very nice! And they are very pretty than other girl groups! So I created this list!
The Top Ten
1 Tzuyu

Tzuyu is the current visual of twice. She was born in Taiwan and was only 16 when twice debuted in 2015. I personally think she's too overrated in the group but there's just something about her that made her my bias. She may seem like an innocent baby at times but she could be still very extra and adorable at times so that's why I love her. (also she's amazing at archery)

Wonderful visual of TWICE! She borns in Thailand, and she is very dramatic and physical. But, she has worst argument. So I unfortunately. But, she has good visual and physical dance moves! I love it!

Her beauty is often misunderstood. When you really see her highlights, you will find that she is the only beautiful in the world.but,Sadly, some Chinese political fanatics have been smashing her in various ways.

Tzuyu is like many boys' fantasy girlfriends. She is so beautiful that it is not in line with reality.

2 Dahyun

Dahyun is really gorgeous, more so than any of the other members, in my opinion. I'm personally not a fan of the Eastern look, but Dahyun really stands out in that regard. Her smile is really pretty and her new blonde hair is stunning and fits her face perfectly.

Fell in love with her every since the first time! It’s seldom to see mono eyelids and that caught my attention and she’s so underrated, get her more lines to sing

Dahyun actually is prettier than Tzuyu. She just acts boyish sometimes, but when she try to be girly, she is actually very pretty.

Okay, some people call her ugly and the visual hole, which is so dumb! She is beautiful. I love her cheeks and smile!

3 Sana

Sana is one of the most gorgeous, adorable, sexy, charming and witty K-pop idols ever! Her optimism, determination and kind heart is so inpirational.

Why is Sana not at the top? She is like so cute! She was born to be beautiful! Go get em Sana Girl!

She's so cute and pretty, I wish I looked like her
sometimes she looks like an anime character

Sana is very pretty and she is cute and the funniest girl in twice

4 Mina

When I first saw her, I thought she must be the visual. In my opinion, she is the most beautiful. Of course, Tzuyu is also gorgeous (all of them are) but Mina has a more mature and elegant beauty, while Tzuyu has a more cute and innocent beauty.

Mina should be on the top! Her Visuals are insane and perfectly fits the beauty standard. She's Perfect and deserves to be on top!

She must have been the visual of group[ I know there is no visual in Twice]. Just my opinion. I think that tzuyu is also beautiful but I personally think that Mina is the one who is beautiful. You must see her in 'Feel Special', she looks gorgeous in it.

Beautiful, elegant, talented, graceful, multilingual & what not. She should have been the leader or visual of TWICE.

5 Nayeon

She is so gorgeous! Everyone in twice is like angels but nayeon is on another level

If she appeared in an anime she will be best girl

How is she not 2nd she is gorgeous and cute

She is so cute and faithful.

6 Momo

You know, I used to not pay much attention to Momo. Obviously, she was gorgeous, but all of them were, after all. But then, I watched the Likey MV, and she was just so cute and pretty in that, I started to admire her beauty a lot more after that. (okay, off topic, but she owned likey era! She slayed her dance break, and she had iconic line, "BB cream papapa, lipstick-eul mamama"

Cutest and sexiest! Words can't describe her characteristic

Cutest! Prettiest! And amazing when she dances!

Momo is the prettiest crackhead I know sexy and cute at the same time

7 Jihyo

I honestly think jihyo deserves to be higher up on the list. Not only can she conquer a cute concept but a also peacefull beauty one and not only that but she can also conquer a more girl crush look. Not only does she have powerful vocals but visuals too. Her dancing is spot on and she deserves more.

I think that jihyo should be at top spot in terms of pretty face specially her eyes.. Her eyes, nose and lips all are the most gorgeous.. I can't understand y she's so underrated member?.. She's obviously the prettiest member in twice but my bias is dahyun..

People call her ugly and fat, which is ridiculous! Jihyo is body goals, period. She also has such a unique and pretty face.

Ever since her debut, I was like who tf is this girl? She's so BEAUTIFULLL! Her eyes are just gorgeous and both short and long hair suits her perfectly

8 Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung isn't my bias but she is my bias wrecker. Other then jihyo chaeyoung would be my bias. Chaeyoung is gorgeous and deserves more. Her big eyes and cute aura is absolutely eye catching and how she can look good in any genre. Her iconic lines are amazing. You go girl!

Our amazing Main Rapper is beautiful too

She's My ChaeQueen, so beautiful, the pretty rapstar

Shes just so cute! her round eyes are just goalsss

9 Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon, her beauty is so unique from the rest of the Twice members. She is like a knight to all her friends, she may not dress like the others, or act like the others, but it's ok because the more she be likes her own self the more I find her very beautiful. You may not be on the top of this list, but don't you worry because you are on the top of my list of the most beautiful, caring and loving person in the world...

She's so beautiful, inside and out! Her look is cute and energetic with her short hair that doesn't hinder her constant playful attitude, just like her personality! Even when she decided to grow it out a bit, she can still rock any look and is beautiful to boot!

She is so beautiful and unique, she needs to be higher.

She’s the whole reason I liked twice.
When I first saw Twice I think she was the Visual and that she’s very beautiful and I checked out what Twice was

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