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1 Sincerely, Me

This song! Just watching the movie, I was laughing so hard. It's absolutely hilarious and so brilliantly performed; at the same time it made me kind of sad, to realize that Evan had to make this up. Like, he never actually had that best buddy, and neither did Connor. So while it's hysterical and amazing, I also found it kind of emotional underneath the humor.

First time listening and I'm dead on the floor laughing.

Hilarious and catchy!

Best is always first

2 Waving Through a Window

I'm new to this musical, but this song was automatically SO GOOD! It makes me very sad, but it's so extremely relatable that I can't get it out of my head. Very powerful and emotional.

When the lights flash at that one moment in the song, it gives me chills. This song and just the musical as a whole is a work of art that spreads several powerful and inspiring messages.

3 For Forever

Some people I know thought that this song was mediocre, but I absolutely loved it. Soaring and lofty, and yet very emotional too. My heart absolutely breaks when Evan describes falling out of the tree and Connor helping him up; he's describing the exact opposite of what happened and the reality of the story is so, so sad.

Ben's vocals on this song are amazing.

4 Requiem

This song is just so sad because it reminds us that the Murphy family wouldn't mourn or lament Connor's death, which indicates that nobody would miss him. This makes Connor's death even sadder, as nobody bothers to remember him or shed a single tear over his death. Evan's version of his ghost says that nobody deserves to be forgotten in the song 'Disappear', yet he has been forgotten, a lost memory that was thrown away. This song is truly the most emotional and just the best.

5 You Will Be Found

I have very mixed feelings on this song. I think it's beautiful and very emotional, but from what I've read it's supposed to be very satirical. Apparently it's showing that Evan, who has extremely real issues with anxiety and depression, couldn't get anyone to notice or care until his feelings got watered down and packaged in social media sentimentalism. I mean, that secret meaning is very deep and SO true, but at the same time it's now kind of hard to just listen and enjoy it :|

I think this one should be higher! This is tied for me with waving through a window

6 If I Could Tell Her
7 Words Fail

This song was so bleak. Ben Platt carried so much emotion in his words. When the reprise of 'Waving Through a Window' arrived, that was a sledgehammer to the heart.

This broke my heart a thousand different times.

I prefer this song

8 Only Us
9 Good for You

It's a combination of Congratulations (deleted Hamilton song) and punk rock. It works amazingly well.

10 Disappear
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11 Anybody Have a Map?
12 Finale
13 So Big/So Small
14 To Break in a Glove
15 Hiding in Your Hands
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