Top Ten Donkey Kong Country (1996) Songs

Donkey Kong Country is a TV Show originating in 1996 about the titular character Donkey Kong and his many other accomplices such as his best friend Diddy, on/off girlfriend Candy and his supposed grandfather Cranky Kong. The main plot is that the crystal coconut - an extremely powerful relic which can essentially do anything, is constantly being stolen by the devious King K Rool and his minions Krusha and Klump. Every episode of the show features about 2 songs, and they are surprisingly well done since thinking of 2 songs to fit the plot and also be generally good songs take some dedication.We will be viewing these songs today on the Top Ten Donkey Kong Country Songs.
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1 The Curse of the Golden Banana

Episode: "Raiders of the Lost Banana"
After Donkey Kong picks up a golden banana as a gift for his girlfriend at their anniversary, Cranky Kong warns them that the banana is cursed and will bring bad luck to Congo Bongo (the fictional land in which the show takes place). Cranky Kong explains in song that if unless Donkey Kong returns the banana to Inka Dinka Doo's temple, the whole island will be cursed and there will be no banana's for Donkey Kong to eat! The songs rhythm is surprisingly very bouncy and catchy and the lyrics are very well done!

2 I'm Leo Luster

Episode: "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster"

After Bluster Kong (the rival of Donkey Kong - who makes his appearance exclusively in this cartoon) realises that his hair is withering away, he uses all of his hair tonic together and accidently becomes 'Leo Luster', a swav, gentlemanlike stud who Candy completely falls for. His first appearence is when he stops King K Rool from stealing the crystal song, during the song he hypnotises K Rool and his henchmen to easily gain the coconut. The song itself is very smooth and fits right in with the disco genre, which isn't surprising as Leo has a very 70s inspired style, the lyrics are mostly Leo boasting about his greatness, which fits his character perfectly and shows he still has some Bluster left in him.

3 Bluster the Benevolent

Episode: "Zero to Hero"

When Bluster Kong mishead from Cranky that he only has a week to live (Cranky was referring to his machine), Bluster decides to change his selfish ways and attempts to turn over a new leaf.The song is about how Bluster will be known as a legend and remembered by all as a honest and kind being.It has a orchestral feel to it - which I am always for, and most of the verses are sung with a very catchy generic funky beat behind it. Bluster's ego is at its fullest here, and the lyrics are very entertaining because of that.

4 Nobody's Hero

Episode: "Kong For a Day"

Donkey Kong is framed for countless things by King K Rool and eventually just thrown out into the mountains as he has gained a terrible reputation for doing things he didn't actually do. He expresses his frustration in a slow, partially moving song. Donkey Kong's actor is a broadway singer, so no doubt his singing is on point and very emotive and you really feel bad for the big ape as he is blamed for things he never did. The lyrics also support this as well as the slow beat which is a joy to listen to.

5 Booty Boogie

Episode: "Bug a Boogie"

This song doesn't really fit in the episode exactly, so I won't give much context here. Skurvy is a recurring villain who is a no good, lying, looting pirate who is extremely greedy. This song perfectly describes how despicable he is. The very first lines describe him robbing his oblivious mother of all her expensive goods, and then he begins on how great a life of ransacking is and it is amusingly despicable. The instrumental is very Rock and Roll and it fits really well, the singer is also tolerable and does a very good pirate impression.

6 I'm Back Baby

Episode: "Hunka Hunka Burnin' Bluster"

Leo Luster returns in a reprise of the Leo Luster song. After DK and Bluster have been captured by K Rool, Donkey Kong encourages Bluster that he can turn into Leo Luster even without the hair tonic, Bluster turns into the man himself which his own free will. Leo Luster then begins to sing about his charm and proves his statements when he hypnotises Krusha to free them from exile. Not much to say since it's a reprise but the lyrics are yet again amazingly done.

7 I'm Gonna Be a Star

Episode: "Hooray for Holly-Kongo Bongo"

After Bluster decides to produce a movie, he is only limited to the residents of Congo Bongo unfortunately, which means Donkey, Diddy and Cranky sign right up! Shortly after this, Cranky celebrates by singing about how much of a hit he is going to be, and Donkey & Diddy follow up with their verse about fame and fortune. It's a great cheerful tune and DK's voice is at its best here. It's downright angelic and for that it turns out to be a great song.

8 Stealing the Coconut Song

Episode: "Barrel, Barrel, Who's Got the Barrel? "

Bluster Kong decides to steal the coconut to get Candy's love, and he does it in song. This song is relatively short, weighing in at around 30-40 seconds, but the tension of the tune and the slow build up to Bluster actually stealing the treasured relic is great.Of course Bluster's ego is very much there in the song, even saying the coconut will 'satisfy his greed'.

9 Treasure Rap

Episode: "Treasure Hunt"

Diddy and Funky try to convince Donkey Kong to partake in a treasure hunt for riches galore, but DK is more focused on getting Candy's love than money. The treasure rap is another upbeat song and the rap lyrics are actually done with graceful skill, especially when you compare it to other childrens shows attempts at rapping.It's a joy to watch as DK is eventually convinced to join their crusade for treasure, it builds up excitement in the episode.

10 Pirate Scorn

Episode: "Legend of the Crystal Coconut"

Skurvy and his crew are introduced in this Rock n Roll beat, he sings about his great grandfather'sgreat legend as a pirate and how he yearns for the crystal coconut, which he claims to be his own. But Donkey Kong's gotten there first, and Skurvy is going to score his revenge, but first of all a song is in order. The beat is as I previously mentioned Rock and Roll and it hits the mark exactly, the instrumental is very epic and downright entertaining to listen to, and the chorus with the pirate cheering fits the character nicely.

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11 Diddy Drop Rap
12 I'm a Metalhead
13 King K. Rool's Finest Hour
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