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1 Rap God

Only for 10 seconds on "That's all she wrote" did he get to his speed Oscar about 6 words per second. Although he did go pretty fast on some of the songs on the BadmeetsEvil "Hell: The sequel" album. But this song shows he has a chance at breaking a record. Vote if you agree.

This is probably the fastest song I have ever heard in my life... Eminem did pretty good in the song... Although I have learnt the entire song and can rap it from the beginning till the end...

Rap God is clearly his fastest, I'm trying to memorize it for a talent show and I've almost got the first verse down after like 3or4 days.

I know that he raps faster in speedom, but I had to vote for rap god because it's simply a better song. Speedom isn't really enjoyable and also it's not an Eminem song it's tech n9ne. Eminem just has a part in it...

2 Speedom

In my opinion I would say this is faster than Rap God as Eminem spits 483 words in 83 seconds which is about 6 words per second. You could argue that Rap God was also 6 words a second but from "You inspect the sink" to "Jetpack and a Backpack When I write" You can hear the insane pace which was never heard before.

Yo, he packs more syllables in a second than Rap God.
Rap God just has more words in the song.

Speedom is proven to be slightly faster than Rap God. And that makes this song the fastest. In Rap God, Em raps at 6.12 words per second at one point, while in Speedom, he raps at 6.33 words. Also, he raps at this pace for a much longer pace in Speedom than Rap God. While Speedom is faster than Rap God, Rap God does hold second place for most words in a song standing strong at 1,560 words. Rap God was also a single, while Speedom was made by other artists as well.

Well if you listen close enough you can hear how fast and hard his spitting and its unique its quicker overall though

3 Biterphobia

Bassmint Productions should have lasted way longer - Unnamed Google User Remade

It is undoubtedly Eminem's fastest rap song it is vintage made in 1995 in his album soul intent before he got famous.

His old work is Awesome! Especially biterphobia

It is nice cool awe

4 What Color Is Soul

Goes Twista fast in this song, if this came out in the early 2000's he wouldn't need "Rap God" to be voted faster than Busta Rhymes.

He goes Twista level fast in this song

Bad ass song

Faster than biterphobia, only second to Speedom in my opinion.

5 Godzilla

Fill em with the venom

6 Forever

No this isn't even close to his fastest song. He goes a decent speed and the lyrics are fire but this is not his fastest song

Eminem tops off Lil Wayne, Drake, and Kanye West in this song Lyrically and with speed.

7 Forgot About Dre

I love this song, it is fast but not majesty or rap god fast

Don't forgot about dre.

8 Fast Lane

It's faster than I'm on everything. A last line can't beat the constant speed of this song, which may not be that fast, but the beat certainly makes it seem faster than it is.

I like the song it's definitely faster than forever but it's not faster than rap god, but in rap god I can rap it clss good as I can thsi because the words he said are harder to say fast and in rap god it just flows

It's not his fastest but is still pretty impressive.

9 My Life

Eminem was given a long verse but used in a short time by saying it in a fast way.

I thinks he kills it in this song him and 50 both kill it

This song is now only 3 years old

10 All She Wrote (Solo Version)

The reason I put this song on the list is because his last verse he's fast up to 70 words per 10 seconds and I put the solo version because I prefer it.

Really another solo best song

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11 Lucky You

When I heard "Lucky You" by Eminem and Joyner, I was like wow That's super fast and started researching fastest songs/rap. I agree about Rap God, but this one is very close if not faster than Rap God. There's plenty of debate on fastest rap songs, but nobody does it like Eminem. And Joyner is very impressive too. This should be rated higher in the list.

His almost as fast as rap god but yet he isn't faster than rap god

165 words in 27 seconds which means 6.11 words per second in the second verse.
This is almost as fast as Rap God which is 97 words in 15 seconds and 6.5 words per second. Remember that this time he keeps on going almost twice as long as in Rap God.

Quick I think it might be better than some of these songs

12 Offended

Em has an insane flow, and in my opinion this should be way higher in the list because this will probably be his last time spitting like this.

This song should be at number 3 because this is his second fastest verse in opinion, This song is hella dope too!

This should be second because in rap god he says 100 words in 15 seconds, and this he says 90 words in 13 seconds, or it should be 1st, but one of thos two

This may be not as catchy as the infamous rap God verse, but definitely right next to it at the 2nd place spot

13 Best Friend

In this amazing song by yelawolf emenem's oart in this especially near the end I thought was faster that his fast part in rap God but this was not fast enough thought to beat speedom

Really fast, its like "Fast Lane" should be in top 10

14 Majesty

Em's fast part here is around 12 or 11(there is still a debate on the syllables per second) syllables per second like Rap God

It is his fastest song he ever made

It's Fastest Eminem Song around 10.73 syllables per second...

Eminem's verse from this song is fastest of all

15 Patiently Waiting

How is this not up here?

16 The Ringer
17 Detroit vs Everybody

This song is faster than Love Game

18 Throw It Up

Eminem was really fast and he had a pretty good flow.

This song should be at the top, throw it up

19 Take from Me
20 No Love

Tongue twisters man... Very hard song

21 Unrealistically Graphic
22 Love Game

In the third verse it sounds like he hates his girlfriend. I mean like, COME ON! He snathers her out of her car

I love all of this song but the third verse is a decent speed.

23 Unaccommodating
24 I'm On Everything

The reason I chose this because of his last line he says it an a pretty fast way.

25 Killshot
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