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1 Itano Tamomi

Her solo career is good great. I hope she joins Avex Trax in order for her career to go to new heights. And also have more reorganization and be the next queen of J-pop just like (Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, BoA, and Kumi Koda.). Love you Tomochin.

She's my favorite singer! I can't believe they spelled her name wrong it's Tomomi Itano!

I like her voice sounds like high tune, she's dancing like other's member... Her fashion is good, Fui ni, Dear J that's great work

2 Atsuko Maeda

She's should be up, she is so talented in sing and acting, I like her role in Q10 cute speaking robot and "Flower"s video clip is so mean... Her voice is so deep and kind of use nose sing...

She was the best center and ace AKB48 ever had!

The most iconic center in akb48 history!

3 Yuko Oshima

Best member ever was and best member ever since. Her love and passion for the group was genuine that she will do her best in every performance. Her great performances made me stay supporting the 48G and current kami oshi. I hope she will be back in the movie industry.

Clearly the most talented and most athletic. Her dancing is most energetic and spot on rhythmically. She could do things the other girls could not.

The dancing Queen of akb8, the comedian of the group, the mood maker, the queen of variety shows. Her public speaking is the best.

4 Kojima Haruna
5 Haruka Shimazaki

Once she becomes salty she will be salt
PS. How can you not love that cute face

6 Sayaka Akimoto

Passionate member as well. I loved all her performances.

7 Aki Takajo

She is have a beautiful face and voice. Love it

Takajo aki she has a beautiful voice and face. She is my favorite

8 Mayu Watanabe

Her voice sounds like someone in vocaloid, her speaking sound so cute, she can remember so much flag that looks like similar but different countries. I like otona jelly beans, valentine day kiss... And her cheek so unique, I think she is twins of Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Kobo at first time...

She is the reason why I like AKB48, I think she is the best member ever... so responsible and talented... I think she was the center that the group deserved since she was elected until her graduation.

She has a very eerily calm and cute personality. I can actually relate to her...

9 Sakura Miyawaki

She is not champion of cages.
Japanese fans love her. Korean fans Love her. Chinese fans love her. Asian fans love her. The world love her.
Sakura is AKB48 group pioneer who can break out from cell limit and has international level. Wherever she is and whenever.. people always looking for her now.
Sakura already joined world tour and will become one of the most influential AKB48 group member and also the legend.

The true definition of an idol, she may not be the most perfect but she's the most charismatic. A true center, and a worldwide phenomenon. A gamer, an entertainer, a great artist, what could you ask for more? She has it all.

10 Shinoda Mariko

I can't say much why I voted for her but she was one of the coolest members then.

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11 Yuki Kashiwagi

Best active idol that I could think of for now. Definitely deserving to be called the idol of idols. She is a veteran in the entertainment industry and I hope she stays longer.

One of the best idols I've ever seen! So pretty and talented. I wish her nothing but a lot of success and happiness!

12 Matsui Jurina

Matsui Jurina? you mean a song writer, actor, The idol, can sing, dance machine, pro wrestling guest, athlete, winning 1st place the biggest senbatsu in the world. she's the one who has really good relationship with 48group members, all of the Kami7 close with her, she's supporting new gg's (Jpop & Kpop), she's also funny, and she's MATSUI JURINA the member with the most center line

Ah Jurina.. Can't say more but just look at her resume. I could say that she is like Yuko Oshima. She performs with much energy and she is good doing variety shows. Still active in the industry and I hope she will stay longer and more success for her.

13 Takashi Minami

Best leader that I could think of. She was so passionate in everything she does and takes care of the group with so much dedication.. She really embraced the role profoundly and many of the members really admire her great work and dedication.

An idol that is love by everyone! A person with good charisma! A really nice girl. An oshimen!

14 Rie Kitahara
15 Yuka Masuda
16 Asuka Kuramochi
17 Sato Amina
18 Natsuki Sato
19 Misaki Iwasa
20 Kodama Haruka
21 Miyu Takeuchi

Miyu is definitely the most talented member by far. Excellent singer, piano player, and music producer. And she's smart (Keio University), and yet so humble as well. And she's also more than pretty and cute enough to be an idol. What's not to like!

This is my favorite ever hihi.. She is very talented especially in singing and composing. I hope she can show off more her singing and composing talent after debut in korea

She's more like an artist rather than idol. I think, she's one of the few in AKB that didn't sing nasally which is the typical jpop sound.

22 Sashihara Rino
23 Yokoyama Yui

The best of the best. She got it all. Beautiful voice, delicate beauty and great personality and heart!
She's not only good at singing and dancing, she's also good at entertaining and acting, knows a lot about makeup and even took drums lessons. I want to see her succeed for a long time.
Definitely my favorite member alongside Sakura, Nako, Hitomi and Yuki.

24 Nana Okada

Talented and professional. A true idol material.

She's one of my favorite after Shinoda and Yuko.

25 Yamamoto Sayaka

She's so underrated, her smile is amazing!

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