Top 10 Best Ozzy Osbourne Songs

See if you think an Ozzy song is better than a Sabbath song!
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1 Crazy Train

I think that this is Ozzy's greatest song ever. It is #1 in my mind! Ozzy Osbourne is crazy and a madman. I hope he keeps going until the day he dies. "Crazy Train" is my second favorite song ever. Under Styx's "Renegade," it is the greatest song in the world.

Crazy Train is the best song ever. All of his songs are awesome, but Crazy Train is way better than just crazy. I love the riff and guitar solos. It's one of the best rock songs in the world.

Has the greatest solo intro riff and is the best song I ever heard. Ozzy is a metal king, and with Ozzy, Randy Rhoads just makes this stuff better and better.

2 Mr. Crowley

I almost get shocked every time I listen to the solos in this song, and the guitar playing in general. It's incredible! Ozzy's also doing an incredible job. The way he sings fits the song so well. I'm totally in love with this song. Randy was a genius with the guitar. RIP Randy Rhoads.

The guitar playing in Mr. Crowley is what heavy metal lead guitarists should aspire to. Randy opened my eyes to classical music being combined with other styles. The best thing Sabbath did was kick Ozzy out, as his music only got better.

3 No More Tears

No More Tears is Ozzy's masterpiece of the '90s. This song was made during the height of Ozzy's career when he had Zakk Wylde. The '80s started off great for Ozzy until the passing of the legend Randy Rhoads. Jake E. Lee did a good job as it seemed he tried to follow in Randy's footsteps, but everyone has their own style.

When Zakk came along in No Rest for the Wicked (NRFTW), this rejuvenated Ozzy, much like how Dio rejuvenated Sabbath.

"Crazy Train" is a good song, but not as complete as "No More Tears." This is Ozzy's "Stairway to Heaven," his "Free Bird," his "Won't Get Fooled Again." You get my point. "No More Tears" is not just Ozzy's best song but one of the best rock songs ever.

4 Bark at the Moon

It's just such a great song! By the way, Ozzy isn't a Satanist. You need to get your facts right.

However, when things get snatched away... You get to know "God is dead"... So he is dry and sarcastic, bro. Long live Ozzy.

It is a very great heavy metal song that Ozzy Osbourne has created in the past. It will never be forgotten by many of his fans around the world.

5 Diary of a Madman

I remember playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the original Xbox with my dad's User Track Player when I was little, and this was the song I heard the most, along with Waiting for Darkness, I by Black Sabbath, and Invisible by Dio.

These became my childhood songs, but this was the one I liked most. Ozzy himself said that this was his favorite personal work of his solo band, and who is there to disagree?

Progressive rock with kick-ass metal. Complexity with intensity. In my opinion, one of the greatest combinations from the Prince of Darkness, and probably his best work: Amazing vocals, amazing guitar work from King Rhoads, and an amazing album.

6 Mama, I'm Coming Home

Some of the greatest lyrics ever conceived, Mama, I'm Coming Home is one of the most underrated songs ever written. It's rare that you find meaning this profound in a song. Writing a song as deep as this one is quite the feat, and Ozzy pulls it off effortlessly.

In my opinion, this is his best song. Songs like Crazy Train, while still featuring profound lyrics and meaning, are simply nothing compared to songs such as Mama, I'm Coming Home and Changes.

One of my favorite songs. Beautiful lyrics, and the solo by Zakk Wylde is amazing. This song is very underrated and should be in the top 3. The lyrics are exceptional and offer a deep reflection on life. Just listen to this masterpiece, and you will understand.

7 Shot In the Dark

I have loved this song since the first moment I downloaded it - a super track! Very catchy indeed, memorable, excellent musically, very 80s, clever, with great guitar, good bass, and backing drums. It's a song that has it all and features Ozzy at his absolute best!

The Sabbath songs should not be on here, and this should be way higher. Awesome song! It's one of my absolute favorite Ozzy songs ever. I love the sound of this song in general!

This song has such a dark and cool rhythm to it. Also, the chorus is killer. It's personally my favorite Ozzy song and has a great, really cool music video to go along with it.

8 Over the Mountain

Over the Mountain should definitely be in the top ten. It's one of my favorite songs by Ozzy. It should be in the top ten, if not the top five.

It has an epic drum intro and chugging riff. The solo starts at 2:29 and is probably one of the most memorable solos by Randy Rhoads. It is an epic opener for his final album with Ozzy. This song wraps up with a final solo similar to the first but with a more concluding finish.

The song that brought me to metal. I was hooked, and it's been a 40-year ride so far.

30 years later, this one still rips. Long live Randy Rhoads!

9 Flying High Again

One of Ozzy's true classic songs, with some excellent shredding from the late Randy Rhoads!

10 Hellraiser

One of the best rhythms and choruses. It's an unforgettable song for listeners. One of the best rock songs ever made. It makes you remember the old days.

This song and Crazy Train are the best. They are both great. I favor this song, though. I just wish Perry Mason would be higher.

Another one of my favorites. It's also been done by Motorhead. But Ozzy does it better!

The Contenders
11 I Don't Wanna Stop

Epic song and one of my favorites. Ozzy Osbourne is definitely one of the best musicians that ever lived! He was born to rock!

12 Revelation (Mother Earth)

I love Ozzy and have listened to most of his material, and I've got to say, this would have to be my favorite song by him. Randy's guitar work and Ozzy's dramatic vocals in this track are what make it so great.

Also, keep in mind that this song was on "Blizzard of Ozz," which was his first solo album. He was extremely depressed around the time he was fired from Sabbath, which would make making an album even harder.

I just have to say, this is my favorite Ozzy song. It is highly underrated and relatively unknown. Perry Mason is my second favorite, and then Killer of Giants.

13 See You on the Other Side
14 Dreamer

I was born in 1999, and "Dreamer" is the first song I can remember listening to with my dad in his car on cassette. We would listen to it over and over again, so it has a really special meaning to me.

This song always brings a tear to my eye! For me, it's not one of Ozzy's standard rock tunes, but it's still an amazing song and so relevant in today's world.

I was surprised to find this so low! I just heard the song and Ozzy Osbourne for the first time! Bring it to the top 5. Such a beautiful song.

15 Suicide Solution

What are you people thinking? One of the most memorable and controversial songs in all of metal history, and it's not even close to the top ten? Perhaps there are too many Sabbath songs here. I thought this was an Ozzy solo top 10 list, not an Ozzy/Sabbath list.

These Sabbath songs don't belong here because they overshadow the songs he did as a solo artist that deserve to be in the top ten. Also, did anyone listen to "Facing Hell"? I don't see that one listed.

Whoa, this should be higher, or maybe it's just because anything by Ozzy will rock! "Now you live inside the bottle, the reaper's traveling at full throttle." This hits heavy, man, and strangely there's a sense of poetic beauty to the entire song.

16 I Don't Know

Since this was their first track, it should be rated in the top 10. Still, it will continue to rock forever.

I think this song fell this far because it comes before Crazy Train. Far too good to be down here.

Randy Rhoads' opening career song with Ozzy is dynamite.

17 Goodbye to Romance

Why the hell is this song this low?! This song belongs in the top ten list! The words are beautiful. It's the third-best song by Ozzy Osbourne, in my opinion!

Definitely on my top ten list. Beautiful song. There isn't anything like this out there. Love the kind of person Ozzy is.

No need for a long explanation: melodic tunes, good lyrics, and of course, Randy Rhoads' great guitar solo.

18 Let Me Hear You Scream

My personal favorite. I think it should be much higher on the list, but it's less popular than most of his music and therefore fewer people vote for it. Even though it has awesome guitar and awesome vocals that make you want to rock out hardcore!

This song kicks ass, plain and simple. It's one of the best metal songs ever. It epitomizes Ozzy's craziness and raw talent.

Telling you that Ozzy will not fade and he's a legend, and then he said, "Who the F is Justin Bieber?" Now that's what I call a true legend!

19 Mr. Tinkertrain

Mr. Tinkertrain is definitely one of Ozzy Osbourne's best hits! It's got kick-ass guitar riffs, and although it's technically about a pedophile, it's just a great song! Plus, it warns you to be careful in the real world because you never know what people are really like. This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

This is my second comment, but it's just because I love this song. It's got killer guitar riffs, and it warns us to be careful in the real world. This should be in the top ten. It totally deserves more credit than this.

20 Bloodbath in Paradise

This one is based on the serial killer Charles Manson and his followers when they played their part in the Sharon Tate murders.

Great riff, awesome singing, and just gives you goosebumps.

This one is fire! Why didn't anyone else pick this one?

21 Road to Nowhere

Best song! Hands down. Zakk on guitar and off of one of Ozzy's best albums, No More Tears.

Hands down his best song. Love the guitar. It makes me very sad.

An epic masterpiece, and it's based on Ozzy's own life.

22 Miracle Man

Unreal... Ozzy's best list, and the first "No Rest for the Wicked" song is #42? Such an overlooked album!

Can't believe his best solo song is so low.

Great song, one of my favorite albums.

23 You Can't Kill Rock and Roll

Gee, what a surprise, Crazy Train is #1. Listen, just because a song is overplayed doesn't necessarily make it good. Yeah, I thought Crazy Train was awesome too when I was like 15, but now that I've grown as a true music listener, not to mention an Ozzy fan for the past 25 years, I can tell you there are a lot of amazing Ozzy songs.

The best of them all is You Can't Kill Rock and Roll. Try listening to it. I mean really listening.

Best Ozzy song ever! I celebrate his entire catalog! It should be number one, no less than two. I don't know why it should be three. Younger crowd voting, I guess. Mama, I'm Coming Home, lol. Blizzard and Diary should hold the first 17 slots, then Shot in the Dark 18, and Bark at the Moon 19. Lol. There's only one better guitar player than Randy Rhoads, and that's Jimmy Page.

24 Lightning Strikes
25 S.A.T.O.

What an underrated song! Give it a listen, and you will probably agree.

An underrated Ozzy masterpiece!

Shouldn't be this far back. Not well-known but still a great song.

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