Top 10 Best ZZ Top Songs

Think beards, guitars dripping with Texas swagger, and a rock and roll sound that just hits different. That's ZZ Top. These blues-rock legends have been rocking since the early 70s, and their music has left a lasting legacy on fans around the world.

Their discography is a treasure trove of killer tracks - from those that'll make you want to get up and dance, to soulful tunes that just stick in your head for days.
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1 Sharp Dressed Man

There is no competition. Sharp Dressed Man is way better than La Grange. La Grange has the guitar, but Sharp Dressed Man has fantastic lyrics, the beat, and the guitar.

Hands down, my vote goes to Sharp Dressed Man!

This song has no equal, whether you listen to it in concert or recorded. It is simply great from start to finish.

Hold on to your seat when it is played.

One of my all-time favorite rock songs. It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to, you will like this song without a doubt.

2 La Grange

ZZ Top's best song. If any list has this less than #1, they're probably of the MTV or later crowd. MTV was entertaining, but it severely injured music forever. Then the TV shows (Simon Cowell) nailed the coffin shut.

When I was about eight, my brother swapped a rubber ball or something with another kid for this single (with Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers on the other side). I didn't know what it was about until about thirty years later.

The song which everybody can play and make a big fat solo on it! The best of them!

3 Gimme All Your Lovin'

Gimme All Your Lovin' is ZZ Top's signature song, so why it isn't 1st is beyond me. My first ZZ Top song I ever heard. It's so cool I heard it in my dreams a couple of times.

This and Sharp Dressed Man are ZZ Top's best. La Grange is great, but the lyrics are non-existent. I've also noticed in the last 5-10 years, La Grange has built a lot of hype from younger crowds.

Good song at high voltage. Foreigner stole the show. ZZ Top were okay. They did better at Wembley Arena.

4 Tush

Everyone's heard it. It's everywhere!

5 Legs

ZZ Top have so many great video clips. This one is the best of the lot. Love the sequenced riff.

The greatest ZZ Top song, and I am from the Northeast. I actually like Southern rock, though.

6 Cheap Sunglasses

Love this song. Always makes me feel cooler when I'm rocking my cheap sunglasses while driving.

Wonderfully crafted solo, great drum work. Amazing groove, great song all around.

7 Got Me Under Pressure

One of the best pure rock songs ever. My all-time favorite song to work out to. Great sound and momentum.

This song kicks ass.

Belongs in the top five for sure. It straight out rocks. Another rocking song not getting enough votes is I Heard it on the X.

Best ZZ Top song, hands down. Makes me want to jump in a Ferrari and race someone!

8 Jesus Just Left Chicago

One of the greatest songs ever recorded! By any band! I'm not very religious, but the lyrics are probably more meaningful than 90% of the songs out there!

This song just has soul. Every time I hear it, I can't help but close my eyes and bob my head.

As I vote, this is not in the top ten, let alone the top three. Madness. Those chords.

9 Rough Boy

I like the easy, mellow sound of this. It's nice. Another time, another mood, and my vote would go to Tush or Blue Jean Blues.

Breathtaking, the most simple ballad that ZZ Top created to the highlights of perfection. This I gotta listen to.

Everything just fit into place: lyrics, sound, melody, playing. Always takes me somewhere else.


10 Sleeping Bag

I really like this song even though they put in dance beats. It is well arranged.

The Contenders
11 I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

This song has an amazing sound to it. I could listen to it all day. I love the riffs and just how cool the guy driving sounds.

Great to listen to on the road.

Listening to it, I just see myself driving with a fat car full of chicks.

12 Waitin' for the Bus

I like the more bluesy ZZ Top songs.

13 Blue Jean Blues

On extensive listening to this band, I conclude Blue Jean Blues is my favorite, but at least 20 other ZZ Top songs come a very close second.

My favorite. Why? Listen in a cold dark room with a girl in your arms, and then you're gonna understand.

Contains such a toneful guitar solo. Billy Gibbons really shows his blues ability. A true blues classic. Frank and Dusty complement him so well. Easily top 10 material.

An elegant, beautiful song.

14 Pearl Necklace
15 Just Got Paid

Best song from them, that's for sure. The riff is one of the best ever. Just look at how it works with Joe Bonamassa, and everything will be clear.

Not just ZZ Top's best song, but one of the best rock songs ever recorded. Pure, unadulterated, bluesy genius.

16 I Thank You

48? This one should be top 10 at least.

17 I Gotsta Get Paid

This song is really good. The guitar sounds very similar to La Grange, but I honestly think it's better. La Grange is just talking. The lyrics are not lyrics. This song has actual lyrics.

The singing is super good, and so is the guitar.

This song was a pleasant surprise to me. Billy releases his inner "brother."

Heard this on the radio for the first time and turned it way up!

18 Tube Snake Boogie
19 Planet of Women

Good fun song with good guitar licks!

One of their best. Shame it's so low.

Good fun song with good guitar!

20 Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

This should be way up. I think this is at least a top 5 song. Just straightforward '70s rock and roll.

I'm 55 and still love this song!

I grew up with it!

This should be top 5 all-time, to be sure!

21 TV Dinners
22 Stages

How is this not higher on the list? Great song.

23 Doubleback
24 Velcro Fly

This song is great!

It should be much higher on this list.

25 My Head's In Mississippi

This is such a great song! The riff is kicking, similar to La Grange's, but better in my opinion. The lyrics are normal ZZ Top lyrics: nonsense, but catchy.

More people need to hear this song. It's like the manliest song ever.

Just love this tune. Rank it where you want to, it's still one of their best... cheers

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