Top 10 Guitar Techniques Used in Shredding

Shredding is a fast guitar playing style. Shredding isn't just a single technique. Its a big term. Lots of different techniques are used in shredding. There isn't a (or more than one) fixed/permanent technique to shred. Shredding is different based on different guitarists. But these techniques are used more in shredding.
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1 Alternate Picking

Every shredder uses alternate picking, especially with arpeggios. Instead of down-picking, alternate picking is more technical and sounds more unique.

2 Sweep Picking

A lot of people think shredding is sweep picking. Well, sweep picking isn't shredding, and shredding can be done without sweep picking. However, sweep picking is very popular in shredding, especially among guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Loomis, and Jason Becker. Jason Becker is the most prominent sweep picker in this case.

3 Tapping

Eruption by Van Halen is a prominent example in this case. Techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, alternate picking, and whammy bar abuse were used before this song, but his two-hand tapping created the prominent licks that many shredders now follow. Buckethead uses tapping a lot.

4 Hammer On

Shredding requires chord progression. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are used for chord progressions, especially for building speed.

5 Pull Off

Same as hammer-on. It's like when you form a chord, it's a hammer-on, and when you release it, it's a pull-off.

This image defines a pull-off.

6 Legato

It's associated with hammer-ons and pull-offs. Legatos are commonly used in shredding.

7 Whammy Bar

Not sure if I should say whammy bar abuse or whammy bar use, but the whammy bar has lots of different techniques that are used in shredding. Ritchie Blackmore was a regular whammy bar user.

Note: by whammy bar, I mean its uses, not just the vibrato lever.

8 Tremolo Picking

Not at the top because it may be just a part of alternate picking, and it's not as common as alternate picking. Eddie Van Halen used tremolo picking in Eruption for a few seconds.

9 String Skipping

Not sure if it's a technique or not, but most people agree that it is a technique. Regardless, it has been used in riffs and solos.

10 Dive Bomb

I know it's a technique of the whammy bar, and I was running out of items here. That's why I had to include it. But the dive bomb is one of the most used and prominent techniques of the whammy bar.

The Contenders
11 Hybrid Picking

Thanks for adding this. I was too confused to add it.

12 Slap

The best for the slap is Buckethead!

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