Top 10 Hardest Songs to Sing

Whether you're a seasoned singer or a shower superstar, you know very well that not all songs are created equal when it comes to belting them out.

Some songs are like a nice, leisurely stroll through the park, while others are more akin to climbing a mountain. These are the songs that test your vocal range, your breathing, your power, and yes, even your emotional grit. The songs that, when performed well, can bring a tear to the eye and a shiver down the spine.

The question is, what are the hardest songs to sing? Maybe you've got a few in mind. Songs that stretch your vocal cords to their limits or require such precision and control it's like threading a needle while riding a roller coaster. Songs that demand not only technique but also a certain indescribable 'oomph' to truly do them justice.

This is where you come in. Just like other vocal enthusiasts, you have the opportunity to weigh in and vote for the songs you think deserve the title of 'hardest to sing'. This is no easy feat as there are so many to choose from, spanning multiple genres and eras.

Are you inclined to go with a timeless opera aria that requires a voice of steel and the stamina of a marathon runner? Or perhaps a modern pop ballad with those spine-tingling high notes that only the brave dare attempt? Or maybe a classic rock song with its gut-wrenching rawness and power?

You have the power to shape this list. It's about more than just high notes and complicated melodies, though. Remember, the truly difficult songs to sing also require emotion, nuance, and the ability to connect with the audience.
The Top Ten
1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

The only person who can really, truly sing this song if Freddie Mercury. Since he has died, we will never hear it like it was meant to be heard.

As someone else said (trying to imply it was not difficult), CHOIRS sing it. CHOIRS sing a song that was actually a five part harmony by one man. Freddie Mercury single handedly creates a choir out of his amazingly versatile voice. Find another man that can and I'll agree it "isn't that difficult ".

Especially that section in the middle of the song. Very tough indeed.
Also, where is The Show Must Go On? Nobody can sing that song with as much emotion and passion as Freddie Mercury did.

2 I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

It makes you switch notes quite quickly and harshly but creates a good texture.

Definitely one of the hardest song to sing.

3 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Whenever I try to sing this song, my voice cracks about twice per second, and that long extension at the end of the word "Painkiller" near the end of the song is nearly impossible to pull off.

This is very difficult start to finish - very fast and high pitched singing, shrieks, screams, and especially his perfect sustain of about 18-19 seconds at the end.

Awesome song. Way harder than Bohemian Rhapsody

4 Rap God - Eminem

I can rap this whole song until the whole part after "hey fab... imma kill you"

5 B.Y.O.B. - System Of A Down
6 Chop Suey! - System of a Down

No human can speak, oifnbwofnbownfbw Make Up! in 1 second except for this dude.

7 Parallels - As I Lay Dying
8 Given Up - Linkin Park

This is indeed one of the most challenging Linkin Park songs. But Chester himself said that Crawling was actually the hardest Linkin Park song to sing (at least for him)

9 Emotions - Mariah Carey

There's a reason why you never hear anyone try to cover it or karaoke it. It's impossible for most people to sing and be able to hit all the notes.

Not everyone can do whistle notes, and you need to have a wide vocal range to sing this.

Can you hit whistle notes like her? no? then this song deserves to be on top five, no further comments..

10 This Darkened Heart - All That Remains
The Contenders
11 Child in Time - Deep Purple

It's over 10 minutes long with tempo changes and Ian Gillan screams for about 2 minutes at the end (after 8:00). These are golden screams.

Good luck doing the scream parts.

12 Vision of Love - Mariah Carey

The song gradually gets higher as the song goes by, and there usually isn't much room for breath. Range is a huge part of this song, and the whistle tones add another element to the song in which only some can hit perfectly. This is a very hard song, but not impossible.

Hardest song to keep up with. You'll die!

Try nailing this one if you disagree!

13 Abigail - King Diamond

This dude has the craziest falsetto I've ever heard and a vocal range of 4+ octaves.

14 This Calling - All that Remains
15 The Air that I Breathe - All that Remains
16 Crawling - Linkin Park

You need vocal range as well as an ability to scream and to whisper. its really a masterpiece. if you want to see how hard it is to sing 1:1 just see Oli Sykes trying to do it.

17 One Step Closer - Linkin Park
18 Without You - Mariah Carey
19 Someone Like You - Adele

Like any Adele song, she has beautiful vocals that are hard to sing by many people. She taught herself how to do these vocals.

Hello, Rolling In The Deep and When Were Young are a lot harder to sing.

20 We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel
21 My Way - Frank Sinatra
22 Thriller - Michael Jackson
23 Keeper of the Seven Keys - Helloween

The song is about 14 minutes long with difficult vocal lines but the most impressive thing is the series of perfect sustains after 12:30, one of them is about 18 seconds long. Pure eargasm. Great job Michael Kiske!

24 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
25 Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
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