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1 Detroit Rock City

1. Rock and Roll All Night 2. Domino 3. Shout It Out Loud 4. Creatures of the Night 5. Love Gun 6. Crazy Nights 7. Shock Me 8. Black Diamond 9. Calling Dr. Love 10. But this is the ultimate song for the hardcore KISS fan. May the Demon be with you... Always.

It's just really too bad that the original four could not have worked together. It just shows how much drugs, alcohol, and greed can screw up everything. It's all proven KISSTORY.

I'm an 11-year-old in 2018. Although sometimes I find people who also like hard/heavy classic rock like the stuff on Ozzy's Boneyard, I still feel alone when people say they hate classic rock or say they like rap/pop.

I was born in the wrong generation.

2 Rock and Roll All Nite

I don't think there is any debate when it comes to the most popular, headbanging-worthy, feel-good, adrenaline-pumping rock 'n' roll anthem ever! This is a staple not only for KISS but for ROCK 'N' ROLL in general, adored and loved by the KISS Army and many other rock fans. Rock on!

I've never been a Kiss fan, but this song is pretty good. It's the original Kiss song. Okay, I don't like Kiss, but this song is at least real rock. It's okay. It's the one Kiss song I like. But again, I'm not a Kiss fan. And by the way, you spelled night wrong.

The Alive One version is the best. In fact, all of the versions from Alive One are better than the studio versions. If you haven't heard Alive One (I know Kiss freaks have), you have to hear it. The energy and lengthy solos are great!

3 I Was Made for Lovin' You

Very underrated band. They have memorable songs that stand the test of time. To thrive and still be hugely relevant in the music business for almost 40 years is pretty much unheard of. Yet Rolling Stone has barely acknowledged their existence, and they are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after a decade of being eligible.

As far as my favorite song is concerned, it's a tie between I Was Made for Loving You and Detroit Rock City.

Nah mate, nah, this is obviously their best song. It got the most publicity and was superior in popularity around the Kiss era. By the way, Ace Frehley needs to be back in Kiss, and Peter Criss - it's a shame that Eric Carr is dead. He was also a great drummer!

4 Strutter

When I first came across KISS, this was my favorite track. Heavy, melodic early KISS is the best. However, this top ten is missing some top songs like 'Calling Doctor Love', 'Deuce', 'Hotter than Hell', 'Killer', and perhaps 'Shout it out Loud'.

Yet, I suppose there are too many good ones... From 1973-2012, KISS has not failed in producing something of quality.

This song deserves to be number one. It is my personal favorite, and it's just so badass! The people that made this list are full of it because if Hotter Than Hell isn't one of the ten best Kiss songs, then I'm not a Kiss fan!

5 Love Gun

Love Gun is my favorite by Kiss. The guitar riff, the drumming, the vocals, and THAT GUITAR SOLO are simply excellent in my opinion. Great song, great album.

Great song! Gene Simmons is taking it out on his guitar, and Paul Stanley has a great voice. The Love Gun shot me when I heard this song!

This song is amazing - it has the best riff ever. Also, Paul Stanley has said that this is his favorite KISS song of all time!

6 Beth

Listen to Beth and you will fall in love with this band. Yes, it's a slow song. It's a bit out of the rock and roll flavor. But man, does everyone LOVE this song. It is also Peter Criss's best song by far.

Best song when it came out and just like Sweet Home Alabama, it never dies. They're still playing it a lot today!

Love it. Hear it all the time on the oldies radio channel. Can sing along to it.

It's slow so doesn't sound like Kiss.

7 Forever

I'm a head banger for life, KISS is my favorite band ever, Forever is the best KISS song because it's romantic, charismatic and memorable.

Though it's a love song, it is by far the best rock and roll love song ever and is the best song written by KISS.

I really love this song. Wish there would be more of this kind.

8 God of Thunder

God of Thunder and Rock and Roll! I love this song, of course along with "Love Gun" and "Detroit Rock City." You wanted the best. You got the best. The hottest band in the world: KISS!

I love everything about this song, the lyrics really got me hooked. Gene's vocals just add something special to this one.

When listening to the song, you can't help but get into the dark and gritty feel of Gene's persona.

9 Heaven's on Fire

This song is purely what personifies Kiss. Not only because they are the only ones who can get away with singing this song, but it also shows their character when up on stage partying and having a great time.

My favorite song from the '80s along with Lick It Up and Forever. When I'm in the mood, this one is top of the three.

Our third favorite Kiss song. Should be in top 5.

10 Black Diamond

By far, this is the greatest Kiss song. Everything you'd expect from a great rock song: smooth intro, catchy guitar riffs, amazing lyrics, killer basslines, a raspy screaming voice, a unique outro, and above all, mind-blowing lead sections played by the one and only Ace Frehley. This is by far the most creative Kiss song and it truly deserves the number one spot.

This is my favourite Kiss song. It really deserves top 5. It starts off with that soft opening from Paul, and then Peter takes over - it's just awesome. And Ace Frehley is really good on the song as well. This song is Kiss at their best!

The Contenders
11 Deuce

A very hard yet classic rock song due to its simple but catchy riffs, solo, and fast beat. Though it is one of the band's oldest songs, it still remains one of the best.

Hello! How is this song not in the top 3? Calling real KISS fans everywhere, get this song to number 1!

Amazing, heavy hard rock song. A true classic, and one of their originals as mentioned.

12 I Love It Loud

This was one of the first songs that got me to like rock music and KISS. I remember being infatuated with listening to this song!

Very heavy… One of the greatest Gene Simmons solos ever and one of the best Eric Carr's drum solos.

One of the best Hard Rock songs I've ever heard.

13 Crazy Crazy Nights

This song is just so fun and takes the repetition and makes it great. The vocals are amazing, the guitar is killer, the bass and drums back perfectly, and the keyboards accompany the song amazingly instead of taking it over. Really great song, deserves the high spot.

My favorite song! I can't believe it isn't higher, but it's a Kiss song anyway so it's alright. We all love Kiss! If you love Kiss, you shouldn't fight about what song is the best!

My favorite KISS song and the most popular here in the UK. Paul's vocals are great in it, and the tune is amazing as well!

14 God Gave Rock 'N Roll to You

How is this song not rated higher on the list? This is the kind of song I'd love to listen to when I've finished a long journey, feeling victorious and all. I love how the band shows how much they love what they've accomplished by saying that God gave it to them, and that is grand! The guitar riffs are just awesome and easy to sing along with, giving you a state of peace.

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard, and I believe I will never get tired of it. It always reminds me of how much I've gotten from God.

15 Calling Dr. Love

If arrogance belongs anywhere, it belongs in a rock and roll song.

Best Kiss tone, along with Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder, Love Gun, War Machine, Creatures of the Night, I Love It Loud.

Classic Gene! Should be in the top five!

16 War Machine

It's like a thrash song! I don't know why everyone likes "Rock and Roll All Nite". It's not a good song! It's way overrated, and they repeat "I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day" over and over again! It's a song that people who don't listen to rock love.

Learned how to play bass on this song!

Beat me if you can, survive if I let you.

17 Cold Gin

Why didn't anyone vote for this song? It rocks. Rock and Roll All Nite is the most overplayed, overrated song of all time. Cold Gin is just so awesome.

Cold Gin should be top 5 for sure. I am amazed at all of the songs after Dynasty. Some good songs for sure but not classic Kiss.

Great song - written by Ace - my favorite song that Gene sings lead on. Ace's riff has been copied a few times (Buckcherry - Lit Up).

18 Shout It Out Loud

Rock anthem of all times! This is the best song of the game Guitar Hero 5. This song should be on the top ten. My favorite song of Kiss!

My favorite Kiss song. Loud, hard, great chorus, an anthem to all that is rock. All a rock song should be.

Wow, really guys? This HAS to be top 5. Come on, vote it up. Lick It Up needs to move up also.

19 Lick It Up

Definitely a song that should be higher on this list. Very well composed, with lots of guitar within the verses, which also have rhyming words, and a catchy chorus. It's rock 'n' roll throughout the entire song. It's pure genius... from who else but... KISS.

It's not a crime to be good to yourself!

Definitely their best song. Vinnie Vincent does very well on guitar on this song, even though he's not as good as Ace. Still, though, great pump-up song.

It should be higher, seriously. It has a very catchy chorus and is a great song. Rock and Roll All Night is just the same stuff all over again. It doesn't have solos or anything.

20 We are One

My favourite Kiss song, absolute magic! I only heard it for the first time in 2020 when catching up on buying Kiss albums post mid-'80s after Smashes, Thrashes was my last album. Now I've heard every Kiss song released in their career, and this is No.1

21 I've Had Enough (Into the Fire)

This song has it all, including a guitarist who only appeared on one album. Despite the chaos at the time, it could be their finest effort ever.

22 Psycho Circus

I LOVE this song with a passion. It is a high energetic song with an amazing guitar solo and spooky yet lively feeling to it that can't be beat.

This is an important song in Kiss history. Coming back to their roots but in a more modern style for the time. Love this song.

This song was to be top 5 easily. Definitely my favorite song from Kiss. Masterpiece.

23 Say Yeah

Anthemic tune that trumps Rock and Roll All Nite. Really catchy tune.

24 Shock Me

My personal favorite Kiss song, but admittedly not number 1. I say Rock and Roll All Nite has to win this - no question. Also, bring on: I Was Made for Lovin' You - not even in the top 50 Kiss songs!

The first time Ace was singing! I don't know what it is, but I love his voice. He's a silly dude, so his sense of rhythm is always interesting, I notice - and his pronunciation is strangely really, really cool.

Ace is the best singer Kiss ever had. He maybe can't take those highest tones, but there is something with his voice that just makes it amazing. Space with Ace!

25 Seduction of the Innocent

Such a rough yet plaintive song, with a hard, dirty baseline. Definitely one of the best songs. A bit more complex than their other more popular ones that have a simple-yet-catchy appeal, this one's darker. Incredibly stirring song.

Love this song, great riff in the end. Really plays on Gene's demonic side.

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