Best Lisa (Risa Oribe) Songs

This is a list of the greatest songs of the Japanese Rock Female singer Lisa (Risa Oribe).
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1 Crossing Field

So glad this is at number 1. SAO's first opening is one of the best anime openings I've ever heard.

EDIT ~ After listening to a few more of her songs, I actually can't decide if I like Oath Sign more or not.

Crossing field is my second my second favorite anime soundtrack other than naruto's strong and strike.

SAO is a beautiful game.

Really, really liked it!

2 Rising Hope

I really love this song. I like the beat, her voice quality, choreography, everything in this song and how she perform the song! This is the quality of the songs I love!

LiSA sure knows how to rock on in this song!

It's my favorite rock song ever!

Best of the best!

3 Catch the Moment

So addicting and fun to listen to! I can't stop binge listening to this song! It perfectly fits itself as the theme song to the Ordinal Scale movie for SAO!

It's a beautiful song

4 Oath Sign

The dark and down right depressing lyrics fit the delightful show of Fate/Zero, ever so well.

Never watched Fate/Zero, but I still absolutely love the song.

I really love the contemporary medieval feel of this song!

Absolute art. Plus the piano is amazing/

5 Tsumibito
6 Shirushi

I honestly think I'm obsessed with LiSA at this point. After listen to every song on all of her albums on Spotify, I can easily say this is the best song LiSA has ever sung. Everything about it is amazing from the lyrics, to the beautiful singing, and the pure emotion behind every word. Usually it's hard for me to pick favorites, but God damn, this is undeniably mine!

I really love LiSA and her song, Shirushi. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. It just really got to me, all though, I really like Adamas, Shirushi, to me. Is better. LiSA is really talented, just the way she sings lifts my spirit. Even though I don't speak Japanese, I still love all of her songs.

I love this song forever

7 Thrill Risk Heartless

I'm listening to this song right now, and I can honestly say this is the most badass LiSA song ever yet. I don't even play Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, but this song is just like the title of the song puts it. Thrill, Risk, Heartless. Just listen to the full song yourself and you'll see what I mean.

8 Traumerei

This song is very upbeat, with rock and slightly dark instrument, nice melody in the chorus, Lisa sing a great rock song!

It song very cool

9 Best Day, Best Way

My number one Lisa song

Every one of her songs are the best and she is a very good singer and writer with her music

10 Axxxis
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11 Ash

The vibes this song gives off... Full of hope and determination. Fitting for a series built around not about the Servants or the Masters, but rather, their own wishes. And I just love this song. Maybe not something I'd compare to my more preferable favorites like Crossing Field or oath sign, but definitely considerable for somewhere in my top 10 LiSA songs.

12 Ichiban No Takaramono

Her voice is absolutely outstanding in this song. You can definitely tell she pours her emotions into it. Her performance in this song is definitely never to be forgotten. It will live with me forever, her voice and the song.

The best Angel Beats! Theme song.
Jun Maeda composes the best sad songs ever. The song was perfect for the end of the anime. I cried before and during the song because the characters got erased.

The most emotional, powerful LiSA song. Watch a video of her performing this live and it will become your number one. She leaves everything on the stage.

13 Adamas

It gives a sad feeling but also a feeling that you can do it, that you will make it through. It's so energetic, and it's sung by heart.

The song is fast, and beautiful. Honestly this is the best song I've every heard in my life

14 Canvas Boy x Palette Girl
15 In My Words

I upvote this for the comment, never heard of this song, where could I find it?

16 Datte Atashi No Hero
17 Cosmic Roller Coaster
18 Gyakko Orchestra

I like the instruments in this song, the melody in the chorus sounds awesome! With Lisa singing very balanced with the melody

19 Rock-Mode
20 Rally Go Round
21 Brave Freak Out
22 Believe in Myself
23 Little Braver
24 Brave Song
25 Confidence Driver
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