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1 Xtal

Easily, it makes you put the song on repeat all day long, and it'll never become tedious or repetitive.

The first Aphex Twin song I've heard and still the best!

2 Alberto Balsalm

Wow, I'm really surprised how low this song is on this list. Although it isn't common nomenclature to describe an Aphex Twin song as being "catchy," this song is pure earworming, captivating bliss.

It's a nice, relaxing song and also a very catchy one too. Something that Aphex Twin is great at doing, blending the two.

First song I heard from Aphex Twin that kept me listening.

3 #3

I think 'Rhubarb' is their most beautiful track. Interesting list though.

4 4
5 Cliffs
6 Blue Calx

Amazing! This is one of the most addicting Aphex Twin songs. Better than Green Calx and Yellow Calx.

7 Flim
8 Avril 14th

Such a wonderful, easy-flowing melody. Probably the number one alternative genre composition ever.

9 Come to Daddy
10 Fingerbib

Fingerbib is a track I'll listen to gain a serene feeling of carefreeness. Such a warm and lovable track, one that can take me away from the harsher outside world and just ease me back in its gorgeous synths and melodies.

This song showcases Richard's immense talent in melody. Stripping away the crazy and intense beats, this song is absolutely beautiful and one of Richard's most subtle songs.

As this technically is the real "Fingerbib," it should be voted up instead of that crappy acoustic cover.

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11 Windowlicker

I can't believe this song is not on here. Pure heaven in musical form.

12 Tha

A stunningly beautiful masterpiece. This is my go-to track when I do my homework. It's hard for any of his work to compete with it. I find myself sometimes skipping Xtal when I listen to SAW 85-92.

13 Heliosphan

This song is nearly perfect. There is nothing that could possibly make it better. I play it like four times a week, and it never loses its magic.

14 IZ-US
15 Ageispolis
16 Girl/Boy Song
17 Pulsewidth
18 We are the Music Makers
19 #20
20 Hedphelym
21 Ptolemy
22 #17
23 Vordhosbn
24 Carn Marth
25 Stone In Focus

I... I just can't describe the beauty of this song. It's the most beautiful stuff I've ever heard. I actually like the fact it's 10 minutes long. I never get tired of it. When it finishes and I'm in a subconscious state, I just put it back on repeat.

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