Top 10 Best Music Moments of 2024

It might seem a bit early to create such a list. However, many good things have already happened this year in the music world.

What do you think are the best music moments of 2024?
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1 Berlin's techno music scene was recognized by UNESCO

Berlin's techno music scene is considered by German citizens a symbol of Germany's reunification in the early 1990s and has drawn many club-goers and techno fans from all over the world. Germany has been ahead when it comes to music, and I'm glad they got such a distinction.

2 Beyoncé released her album 'Cowboy Carter'

Following the success of her critically acclaimed album 'Renaissance' (2022), which paid tribute to underground dance music, Beyoncé returned with 'Cowboy Carter', a country-infused record that garnered further acclaim and cemented her status as a crossover artist.

Not only did the album break several records on the charts, such as becoming the first album by a Black woman to top the Country Albums chart, but it also sparked discussions about Black artists' place in country music and boosted the listenership of Black country artists and country radio in general. I can't wait to see what more Beyoncé has to offer!

3 Charli XCX released her album 'Brat'

'Brat' is currently the most critically acclaimed album of the year, and for all the right reasons. It is a perfect example of balance, with its brash EDM production contrasting extremely well with the vulnerable lyrical content.

The album's promotion was also very well executed, and it became Charli's best-charting album in many countries, including the United States. It's also amazing that it managed to chart better than her previous album 'Crash', which is one of her most mainstream releases.

4 Sabrina Carpenter's song 'Espresso' became a worldwide hit

Following her 2023 viral hit "Nonsense" and while she was opening for Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour", former Disney muse Sabrina Carpenter released "Espresso", a disco-infused single that proved she was a pop star in her own right and "Nonsense" was not just a fluke.

This is one of many great pop singles this year, and it will surely become one of 2024's most defining songs. She followed it up with "Please Please Please", which topped the Billboard Hot 100, and an album, 'Short 'n' Sweet', to be released this year.

Definitely one of the greatest pop songs of this year. I had it on repeat.

5 Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performed 'Fast Car' at the Grammy Awards

Tracy Chapman's public appearances have become more and more rare since the turn of the millennium, and she hasn't released any new album since 2008.

She came back into the spotlight when Luke Combs successfully covered her signature song "Fast Car" (1988), which she performed live with Combs at the Grammys, 36 years after its release.

6 Dr. Dre was honored with the 2,775th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
7 Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for the fourth time at the Grammy Awards for her album 'Midnights'
8 Madonna invited Kylie Minogue on stage during her 'Celebration' tour in Los Angeles

This was a moment that fans of both artists have waited years to see. During a concert in Los Angeles for her Celebration Tour, the Queen of Pop invited another queen, Kylie Minogue, to perform "I Will Survive" and "Can't Get You Out of My Head".

This is one of those moments in pop music you will probably witness once in a lifetime.

Kylie's music always reminded me a lot of Madonna, honestly. It's nice that they have performed together now.

9 Kendrick Lamar held "The Pop Out: Ken & Friends" concert in Los Angeles

One of the most legendary concerts of all time!

10 Kendrick Lamar crushes Drake in Kendrake

Every diss track Kendrick released during this beef was straight fire. In the meantime, Drake really embarrassed himself during and after the beef.

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11 The Lostwave song "Everyone Knows That" was finally identified as "Ulterior Motives" by Christopher Saint and Philip Adrian Booth, and was subsequently re-recorded and officially released
12 The Warning made their network debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on June 27, 2024, performing a song from their new album "Keep Me Fed"

Three sisters from Mexico, The Warning are a true rock band, with influences that stretch back from Muse to AC/DC.

They blew the roof off the place at last year's MTV VMAs, and the other night on Jimmy Kimmel as they established themselves as rock's hottest new band in their network TV debut with their song "S!CK."

Heard a bit of them and they sound good, nice to see three girls playing rock music.

They've been around since 2013, actually.

13 Joni Mitchell performed at the Grammy Awards for the first time in her long career

She recently turned 80, and she came to perform at the Grammys for the very first time in her career. Thankfully, she lived up to her legacy.

14 Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" hit the top ten in multiple countries 20 years after its release, following its use in the movie "Anyone But You"

It hit number 1 in Austria, whereas 20 years earlier it peaked at number 18.

15 Chappell Roan released her single "Good Luck, Babe!"

I'm so glad Chappell Roan is getting the recognition she deserves. Not only is "Good Luck, Babe!" probably the greatest pop song of the year, but it also became her breakthrough hit on the Billboard Hot 100, having charted within the top 20 so far.

This smash success helped Roan's 2023 debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, crack the top 10 on the Billboard 200, peaking at #8 to this day. Prior to the song's release, she was the opening act for Olivia Rodrigo's "Guts World Tour," which likely helped her gain more fans.

Speaking of Olivia Rodrigo, Dan Nigro produced Roan's album and singles, and it perfectly shows.

16 Billy Joel released his first new song in 17 years

He released "Turn the Lights Back On", his first single since 2007. It's great to see him return.

17 Taylor Swift held the entire top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously for the second time

I don't like Swift's music at all, but that is really impressive.

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