Best One Eyed Doll Songs

One Eyed Doll is my favourite band, I discovered it on AQW. They are a two person rock/goth band and the lead singer, Kimberly Freeman is extremely talented, she writes all the songs, sings and plays guitar (and occasionally banjo). The drummer, Junior mixes the songs, plays the drums and all other backup instruments.
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1 Be My Friend

It's a catchy, cute song about a serial killer who just wants to make friends. There are amazing guitar riffs and interesting lyrics. Definitely my favorite song.

I really like this song. The guitar here sounds amazing, and the story behind the lyrics is amusing.

2 Brief Candle

This song starts off with soothing guitar melodies and Kimberly's beautiful voice really shines through. I fell in love with this song when I discovered it, but Be My Friend is just a notch better in my opinion.

Actually, this is my new favorite song.

3 Mirror Mirror

Spooky crackling sound effects, rocking guitar riffs, and amazing lyrics complement Kimberly's voice in this slightly frightening, really awesome song. This may not be my favorite One Eyed Doll song, but I think it has the best-written lyrics out of all their songs.

4 Cinderblock

Strong, quick guitar riffs and a sweet, memorable melody combined with the story of a 10-year-old who can no longer stand living with her drunk father, killing him at the end of the song by dropping a cinder block on his head, make this a memorable song. Kimberly's brilliant vocal range and note-holding capacity are shown off in this beautiful song.

5 You're a Vampire

This is a catchy, sweet, humorous song about a girl who has conflicting feelings about her boyfriend. She loves him very much but is embarrassed about the fact he is a vampire, which gets her into all sorts of trouble. When she finally decides that love conquers all, her boyfriend walks out into the sun and vanishes.

6 Redneck Love Song

One Eyed Doll sings most of their songs about rather conflicting topics, so this is the lighthearted comedy relief song on their 2010 album, Break. Kimberly sings from the point of view of a man who does all kinds of funny things, but he is always shy around his girlfriend. Catchy and country-ish, this song has a special place in my heart two years after hearing it.

7 Fool Me Once

Complete with loud, angry guitar riffs and an undeniably cool, catchy beat, this song about a girl who fell for a horrible dude is definitely rock music.

8 Nudie Bar

Nudie Bar is the story of a girl whose boyfriend went to a nudie bar, presented in the form of a rage-filled, 2-minute blast of a song. Rock on, Kimberly!

9 Menstrual Case

A ballad about a girl who feels she has to constantly pretend to get along with society, complete with great vocals and acoustic guitar, is a song to remember.

10 Battle On

Starting off with slow, calming vocals, then progressing onto grungy hardcore rock, combined with Kimberly singing like she was a very talented child, this song is sure to be a winner for most One Eyed Doll and AQW fans.

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11 Committed

I love this song. It is my One Eyed Doll favorite song.

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