Top 10 Most Overplayed Songs in 2020

This list ranks the most overplayed songs of 2020. The order of the songs at the start is based on the overall airplay at the start of 2020. It doesn't matter when each song here was released, they just have to receive enormous airplay in 2020. They're ranked initially on the basis on their airplay time in popular stations, popular online music platforms (Spotify, Last FM etc) and music channels on television (MTV, VH1 etc) in the past days of this year. Vote for the most overplayed songs in this year.
The Top Ten
1 Before You Go - Lewis Capaldi

OK, so I didn't listen to radio this year, so nothing is really overplayed for me (except maybe Circles) so I think I'm a fair judge of this. So, first of, and sorry if this sounds harsh, Lewis Capaldi has one of the worst voices of all time. He sounds like he is screaming with every sound he makes. But this song is different. Before You Go might be the only great Lewis Capaldi song. Heck, it might be the only good song he'll ever make. The subject matter in this song really suit his otherwise, unbearable voice. It feels really raw. So yes, this song is very good in my opinion

Who cares if he's played to much. He has an amazing voice and probably better than all of you haters. Lewis Capaldi's songs are better than practically everyone else I listen to other than Adele and sometimes Imagine Dragons (depends on the song) Before You Go, Someone You Loved, Hollywood, Hold Me While You Wait, Forever, and Bruises are probably his best songs and all of yall are hating on him? He may not have the looks and speaking of that, If your judging him by his looks, that's just awful. Lewis is better than Ariana Grande, Maroon 5 (not by a whole ton) definitely Dojo Cat, and even Harry Styles which is sort of impressive. Anyway, I think yall should stop hating on him even if his songs are played way to often. And guess what? I will help you with that! There's this thing called an OFF switch on the radio. Plus, you can buy an Alexa so all you haters don't have to listen to him as much as the radio does. Be kind and respect that he actually has an amazing voice that's better ...more

Such an overrated song. Stays at the top of billboard for no reason, and if I hear this one more time, I swear...

This started playing on the radio in January, and it's still overplayed in December.

2 Memories - Maroon 5

Remember when we all were saying that Maroon 5 songs were really just Adam Levine songs? Well it's the same thing here, except now the music video clearly proves that point.
At least "Girls Like You" was kinda catchy -- this on the other hand is one of the most lifeless songs to hit radio

I can't help but think if some new singer sang this song it wouldn't even be as half as popular. Maroon 5 can get away with making basic songs like this because they've reached a point where they don't have to try to be creative anymore they can play it safe and shove out these generic songs that people will eat up till it's overplayed as they've established a loyal fan base.

That's just sad. Please, this song is killing me with all of the terrible things that happened. Just stop. Don't make me cry.

This song is so boring why is it constantly being overplayed, oh that's right because it's a Maroon 5 song.

3 Say So - Doja Cat

This song isn't that overplayed now, but boy was it ever in the spring.

Never heard that song but I might like this one if I listen to it.

I actually like this song but it's the only one I like by her.

She is basically a more annoying version of Cardi B.

4 Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

My god, I respect Harry Styles even if I Hate his music, but this song is annoying. Especially when your mom plays this 15 times a week in the car.

Number 6? This should be number 1! It's been shoved down our throats all year!

This song is good, but it feels like it gets played every ten songs.

I like this song but it's overplayed.

5 Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

This song may be overplayed but it's so damn catchy that I never get tired of it even after 1000+ listens, which is rare for a song this overplayed.

Though this song is overplayed, I still love it. The Weeknd is awesome!

This is pretty overplayed that I'll admit. It's still a great song though with 80s vibes

All of these songs in the list are great, but very overplayed.

6 Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi

Don't get me started on how overplayed this dreadful song is, why is he straining his vocals like that.

I liked this song at first but then I grew sick of it because of the overplay treatment it got.

VERY overplayed. I liked it at first, but it just got too overplayed.

What if the day broke?

7 I Hope - Gabby Barrett

Ah Hate Me 2.0, except for the fact this is even worse than "Hate Me".
That is what the radio decided to give tons of exposure and airplay to for months and possibly still is happening today (I haven't listened to my normal station in sometime so I don't know).

The worst part is it doesn't have much of a basis nearly no one is buying or streaming this song but radio stations decided they must want to hear it anyway.

This song plays every 10 or so songs on my local radio station. So annoying!

8 Circles - Post Malone

I don't mind this getting overplayed I think it's a good song one of the few songs today I don't mind I sound old saying that I'm only 21 but a lot of music today is not my style.

This along with Someone You Loved and Loose You To Love Me are so overplayed!

I like this but it's overplayed.

9 Break My Heart - Dua Lipa

This and Before You Go are why I don't listen to the radio as much as I used to.

Awesome song, but it is very overplayed.

Gets annoying after like 3 times.

Very overplayed, but still amazing like the rest of Dua's new album

10 Lose You to Love Me - Selena Gomez

This song is terrible, I miss it back when she was with The Scene, she had better music that time.

I like this song but it's severely overplayed...

One of the most overplayed songs of all time.

It was never overplayed

The Contenders
11 Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

This is a pretty good song although it gets played a lot. It's one of the better songs on this list along with Circles.

This is overplayed but I still love it. Every time it comes on I start dancing.

This is an amazing song!

12 Dance Monkey - Tones and I

It just comes to show that even the more innocent songs of today can be quite hate-able. Decent inspired production, insanely intolerable vocals to keep listening to. Somehow this went one of the most popular songs because it sounds different I guess? I don't flipping know who thought overplaying it was a good idea.

This song really does hurt my ears. Every time I hear this on the radio or elsewhere, it makes me want to throw something at the radio. It's honestly that awful. Probably one of the absolute worst songs I ever heard of.

The songs popularity is still as big now June 2020 as it was when it first started being overplayed around September 2019 I just don't get it.

Oh JEEZ! This song made me so glad that it stopped playing. On the radio station I listen to, it barely ever plays.

13 Savage Love - Jason Derulo

At least Break my Heart is somewhat enjoyable. This song is so annoying, get it out of my head. When I heard pop music was getting better in 2020, this isn't what I meant. Just stop playing it everywhere please

I have a feeling that this is the next big radio hit. It's really starting to climb in airplay.

Most overplayed song of 2020. Terrible, terrible, terrible and annoying.

Why are all the worst songs overplayed?

14 Intentions - Justin Bieber

MY GOD this song is the most annoying in my opinion, worst than Senorita or Watermelon Sugar.

These are the only good songs on this list:
1. Intentions
2. Stuck With U
3. Rain On Me
4. The Bones

Pretty bad too, I said on yummy that the songs were awful in this album. pretty bad and nothing special

15 Senorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

To be honest it is pretty decent. Still, very overplayed, though I will admit it is barely ever on the radio anymore.

It just sounds like another generic love song.

Pretty decent song but overplayed and was #1 for too long. both singers are more talented than this

How is this song popular?

16 Rain on Me - Lady Gaga

I added this song to this list when I didn't like it. Now I can't get enough of it!

My goodness, this song isn't bad but it's so repetive and it gets annoying after the first time.

I used to hate this song but it grew on me so much and I now love it!

17 Good as Hell - Lizzo

A 4 year old song now all of a sudden being overplayed?! Stop pushing these talentless artists in our faces it's obvious they're spending a lot money on radio stations playing this garbage all the time.

18 Hot Girl Bummer - Blackbear
19 If the World Was Ending - JP Saxe

I like this song but it's overplayed.

20 Yummy - Justin Bieber

Thank goodness I don't hear this song on the radio anymore.

Am I the only one who never heard this song on the radio?

Burn this song please

What an awful song

21 Rockstar - Dababy
22 Roxanne - Arizona Zervas

This song is so annoying

23 Baby Shark - Pinkfong

Am I the only one who never heard this song on the radio?

24 Adore You - Harry Styles

Oh god, here goes the Harry Styles Stans saying how dare you, this song is annoying. I am not a hater of him its just so repitive and its played way to frequently on the radio.

This song is still as overplayed in august as it was in march. Wow

Overplayed but I still like it.

25 No Guidance - Chris Brown

This song is still popular?

Is this song still played?

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