Top 10 Worst Songs of 2020

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1 Yummy - Justin Bieber

This is the worst song Justin Bieber has ever made.

I don't hate the guy and I'll admit; "Baby" is a guilty pleasure. But this? This is nauseous to go through and the whole context behind the song makes it even worse. If you're curious to know, this song is about Justin talking about his wife's vagina and... you know. I mean, come on! You're obviously better than this crap. Justin has made some decent tracks and while I'm not a fan of the dude either, he's certainly capable of being good if he takes the time to refine and take further practice. This song is lazy, disgusting, nauseous and a bore.

Also, the fact that this was nominated for a Grammy frustrates me more.

If you see my comment on Justin Bieber on Top Ten Worst Singers, you can see my opinion on Justin. I honestly don't mind listening to his songs but this one makes me want to die. I mean, seriously? saying, "girl, you got that yum, that yum-" 25 times in his song makes him think that he's cool and that the song is amazing? Well, that's not exactly how it works. I mean seriously, if I wrote a song called "Yummy" and I was forced to release it into the public, I would be embarrased and want to kill myself. His other songs are decent. Well, at least the ones I know of. But even the title of the song sounds very weird- "Yummy" It's weird. Anyway, that's my opinion on this song. Like I said, if you want to see my opinion on him like, my full opinion, go to Top Ten Worst Singers and the first one should be Justin Bieber with my comment. :)

I just can't believe this is real, like he actually thought that this was a good song?! Trying to cheat his way to number 1 he must know deep down this is a bad song when you have to beg people to constantly stream a song then doesn't that tell you something. No wonder music is dying because we have musicians today who are more concerned about who has the biggest song on social media.

Sounds like I haven't listened to a lot of pop songs from this year? Yes I have actually and all of it is made for Tik Tok fame with no meaning or substance check the charts and you'll see how cluttered it is with crap music. So yeah what is said was accurate it's not about the passion for music anymore it's all about money and popularity.

2 Ddlg - ppcocaine

Holy hell this is absolutely atrocious. Ppcocaine has a horrendously grating voice that sounds like a screeching bird, the beats are lifeless and the lyrics... well just read them. Extremely sexual in the worst way. This should be number one. This is one of the 5 worst songs I have ever heard and is far, far, FAR worse than "Yummy".

Omg! This song sounds worse than a nails on the chalkboard. This girl had an irritating voice. Sounds like a scratching cat. Good thing that this is #1 and not Yummy. Yummy is also badly mediocre but not bad as this garbage as well as its terrible country remix.

This is probably supposed to be intentionally bad, but oh god. Just listening to the sample of this gives me a huge headache. The rapping is annoying, the production is just a bunch of random noise and the lyrics are extremely immature.

Oh my god, that's probably the most annoying voice I have ever heard. It's also very immature. This is really insufferable. Not even gonna start about the production, needed to have my ears cleaned after hearing it

3 Gooba - 6ix9ine

Even if I don't mind his style of rapping, he doesn't make anything meaningful and profound out of it, and at the end of the day it's basically just a guy rhythmically yelling into the microphone. What's more disappointing about it, all of his "songs" are like this, so they're completely indistinguishable, reducing any originality this would have had to nothing. Also, the lyrics are something that a 14-year-old would make up on the spot in the boys' locker room to come up with a song that would top someone else's in terms of profanity and shock value. 6ix9ine has had bad lyrics before, but this might take the cake for the absolute worst. When it's not mind-numbing, it's cringy, and I find it hard to believe that this song was written for a professional rapper, much less a single. I highly doubt that there will be anything worse this year in terms of music.

Yeah he got an insanely huge amount of views in just a couple of days but that's purely because he's a troll and he has a huge controversy surrounding him all the time and a brain dead fan base. The song is lyrically terrible it's not far off Justin Biebers crap song that's currently number one on this list, this should be at least number 2 on the worst songs list.

I don't care about the music he makes because at the end of the day it doesn't change the person he is, if you support people like this then you're just as bad as them. Bragging about how he earned so many views in a few days his fan base is completely delusional

Let's all keep voting so we get this song to #1. It's actually way worse than "Yummy", which has a positive message at least, unlike this song which is yet another call to violence by this predator and bully.

4 Trollz - 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj

I mean why stoop this low? Her fans are trying so hard to get this to number one having streaming parties like how sad is that if a song is good you wouldn't feel the need to force it to be successful and we all know in this case the song isn't good so they have to try extremely hard to get it to go to number 1. I swear if this does end up going to number 1 then something is seriously wrong with this generation, supporting criminals will be the new normal soon.

This song isn't worth anyone's time or effort. It's just standard mainstream hip hop cliches of flexing on haters, expensive brand names and luxury porn done in the same bog standard way as most vapid luxury rap songs. It's not worth putting energy into hating and can be ignored.

Are we still giving this clown attention? There's barely any energy in this song and Nicki Minaj doesn't even know what she's doing. It's not as bad as Fefe but still, it's 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj. Would you expect this to actually be good?

she's making her self look completely desperate working with this fool, she's just as bad as him even most of her own fans are calling her out. She needs to get it together supporting people like him is absolutely disgusting, the fact he gets insane amount of views is really sad it's not because he makes good music it's because he is in fact a troll and takes advantage of shock value.

5 Yaya - 6ix9ine

It's sad to think this "Music" is actually appealing to anybody he actually has such a loyal and big fan base, imagine all the people growing up on this and years later they will look back and say "remember when music was good like this" that's a scary thought.

He's about to have 3 songs in the top 10 worst songs of 2020, what's he gonna do when this trolling novelty starts fading and people start getting bored because lets be honest around 90% of his views are because of his trolling antics and the small percentage are the people who sadly like his music, nothing lasts forever he has no talent to keep this music career going and like I said the trolling antics won't work forever.

So we keeping this clown in 2020? Right...

Also, I'm not a fan of Latin trap but I really don't like it when Snitch9ine does it.

Keep voting this song so it gets over "WAP", which gets way too much hate and doesn't deserve to be that high.

6 Wap - Cardi B

The thing is that the sexual lyrics aren't even the worst thing about this song, I can handle the lyrics but I loathe the awful production on this. The beat is atrocious here and Cardi B's voice has never really been good. I guess Megan the Stallion's flow is good, but the song is basically trash and the lyrics are just icing on the cake.

Our expectations were low but, this is terrible! Cardi B's verse on here even worse than her previous songs, Megan is easily the better part of the song but it's easily one of her worst verses ever.

Number 1 on Billboard, I see she friends with payola again last year they looked like they'd fallen out because none of her songs were charting but this one went straight to number one so yeah they must be friends again. Thank you payola for being friends with Cardi B again she can't do it without you.

I forgot the entire song 3 minutes after listening to it. Let that sink in. All I do remember is it's boring, annoying and stupid. Oh yeah and of course the lyrics are disgusting.

7 I Love My Country - Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line is basically just Billy Ray Cyrus 2.0
Billy Ray Cyrus caused the downfall of country music with Achy Breaky Heart, and thanks to Florida Georgia Line, country music is as dead as the Sonic franchise if not even more dead.

This song basically boasts every stereotype that makes foreigners hate the United States. I guess it's the reason why Covid-19 numbers have been rising in the US.

The Nickelback of country music are back with another utterly generic song

8 Scum - 6ix9ine

Seeing 5 6ix9ine songs in the top ten makes me happy. I've only heard this one, Gooba, and Trollz. And all of them are terrible.

This sucks, but at least isn't as bad as his other songs he released this year...

The title of this crappy "song" describes this guy perfectly.

Scum is an understatement to describe this guy.

9 Yoga - 645ar

Go back to making spoiled little girls feel like Miley Cyrus, Mickey Mouse!

The rapper sounds like Mickey Mouse smoked a helium laced blunt.

10 Punani - 6ix9ine

Wow what, I don't know how he does it but he manages to get worse and worse every time just when you think you've heard the worst from him he surprises us every time. I refuse to believe that people actually like his music there's no way someone out there likes this surely that ain't normal.

He should really consider giving up now, he's releasing one flop after another nobody's buying his music and the only reason He has insane views on YouTube is because the music videos are plain weird.

The only reason this guy gets so many views is because he's a troll who lives off of all the controversy surrounding him. At this point, it's best to ignore his music and not give him any views. 6ix9ine is a trend and like all trends, he will hopefully fade away into obscurity.

This snitch is back again and he's still raiding the trending section. Who are these people listening to this idiot?

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11 That Ain't Beautiful - Sam Hunt

The song title perfectly describes this song.

12 Stuck with U - Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

Scrap whatever I said about "Someone You Loved" being like Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This is clearly more fitting of that description, especially with the waltz rhythm. Also, Ariana sounds decent on her verse but JB sounds pretty bad, and his falsetto in the chorus is hella weird. And they don't sound well together either. This song's really generic, especially since it sounds just like Perfect, really seems like it's only gonna have a hot shot debut because of their huge fanbases blindlessly loving this for no reason. 3/10

The second worst and weakest #1 song of 2020, only behind Trollz.

Oh I'm sure this will be receiving the overplay treatment.

Our quarantine is not a way to make profits.

13 Gata - 6ix9ine
14 Barefoot Road - Submarine Man

Seriously, people still care about this guy in 2020? He isn't even popular. Also, he is obviously a troll artist. He rips off other songs, raps about feet and uses tons of autotune on purpose. I can't even find these new songs by him anywhere yet. Just stop giving him attention by now.

I stopped taking these guys seriously a few months ago because it made me hate this website.

I can't hate Submarine Man. He's just too funny.

Why are people giving this guy attention?

15 Birthday - Anne Marie

I hate those scratching and banging noises in the verses they are so annoying and so is this song. I mean how many times have we had songs saying, It's my birthday so I get money now? Just pointless

Is this really what she came back with? I mean how many songs have we had about people singing "It's my birthday" nothing original or good about this song.

OMG! She's just 30 but her song sounds so childish. She sounds like a teenager. At least 2002 is completely decent to this one.

" I'm another year older
I won't cry about you anymore
Told my friends to come over
To dye my hair" old is she 16 or something?!

16 Pussy Lips on Live - Boosie Badazz

The sad thing is that the beat in this is actually really good and a banger.

Boosie Badazz just needs to drop off the face of the earth.

Is this about Lovely Peaches?

17 Intentions - Justin Bieber

One of the more regressive songs where I am not certain if Bieber is singing about a girl or doing his property taxes, the "Heart full of equity, you're an asset" line throws that into some question. Also telling her to stay in the kitchen do realize we are in 2020 not 1959, right?
Throw in the limp production and Quavo's uninteresting verse, you get one of the worst songs to become a hit this year so far and that's even before Drake releases his mess.

"Yummy", as embarrassing as it was (especially his desperation to get it to #1), at least came and went very quicky. This stock lo-fi background tune, on the other hand, was shockingly popular among both radio and streaming audiences - a prime example of pure name recognition making a subpar song successful.

If you want to have a Justin Bieber song at #1, fight the real enemy.

This is no different to the music he started out with, just recycled it a little bit differently by adding a few rappers here and there take those featured artists away from the songs then you'll realise this no different what so ever to his previous music.

I kinda hated this one. It's cliche, cheesy, and really unoriginal. He stole the beats from "Party" by Chris Brown, and although Quavo is a really good music artist, he sounded really dumb in this music video. Although JB has changed, he's still the bratty idiot we had from 2012 to 2016. Also, HIS MUSTACHE SUCKS!

18 Money Over Fallouts - Tory Lanez

3 years later, Tory Lanez is in jail for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in her foot. Good riddance! This song will definitely go down in history as one of the worst songs EVER MADE, and for obvious reasons.

So grossly exploitative it hurts. Tory is basically justifying his shooting on Megan Thee Stallion and claims she's trying to frame him. Douche!

19 Bang! - AJR

This is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. While the production and music sound relatively okay, the way this guy's voice sounds as he yells those utterly awful lyrics inch me closer and closer to the sweet release of death. This sounds like one of those songs you constantly hear on the radio that isn't even good and every time you hear it replay you feel nauseas. You can tell they're trying way to hard to make some catchy song that thousands of fans scream but it backfired in the worst ways possible. The only "Bang!" I want to hear is a .45 pointed right at my head. 1/10. This should be number 1, Yummy and Drake aren't even that bad, and 6ix9ine, WAP, and a few others are bearable.

Let's make this clear: this song was a mistake, not much of the elements of it flow well together. But after all that it still puts a smile to my face. My guess is that it's got something to do with how badly it was miscalculated, but either way, contrary to what most people think, I like this one. 6/10

I cannot describe how utterly awful AJR's songs are.
AJR is a likable group and I want to root for them but the Click, Neotheater, and this horrendous track just shows you how trashy their sound has become.

I mean who's really asking for new music from these guys once you've heard one you've heard them all.

20 Hard to Forget - Sam Hunt

The instrumental is decent though, I like it.

You are hard to forget, in a BAD way.

More like Easy to Forget.

So much autotune

21 Right Dea - Boosie Badazz

Boosie, what the hell did we do to deserve this? I mean I've accepted that Boosie will never be as good as he once was, but this is just cringe-worthy as hell and he's not the southern 2Pac if he keeps releasing crap like this.

22 My Oh My - Camila Cabello

You can tell they were going for another "Havana" with this one, it feels like a darker version of Havana I don't know why I get that vibe but I do. The song itself is ok, my problem is some artists who fear of becoming a one hit wonder tend to play it safe by mimicking the sound that got them they're first hit.

This is Havana 2.0 without the glamour and the style that made Havana, this is kind of a gloomed version of it. Especially when DaBaby is there, he easily has the better verse but Camila's damage is already done, it's not terrible but it's not good. Very weak 2/5

Camila Cabello tries to replicate "Havana" replacing Young Thug with a generic guest verse from Dababy. If there was an artist in the mainstream who suffered sophomore slump hard, it was Camila Cabello.

Not bad, just overplayed and sounds too much like some "Havana 2.0", only with more suggestive lyrics. I prefer "Liar" to be honest.

23 Savage - Megan Thee Stallion

Megan may be a great rapper, but as proven with Nicki Minaj, being a good rapper has NOTHING to do with the quality of your music.

Why does she make those weird noises at the end of nearly every sentence makes her sound dumb.

Wow another trashy generic "rap" song with every modern rap cliche in the book.

I really do not like her music her lyrics just make me feel uncomfortable.

24 P***y Fairy (Otw) - Jhené Aiko

It's honestly not bad, yes the title sounds off putting but the song itself is actually decent.

Nah, this is a good song. The title just distracts you from the song.

25 Death to Mumble Rap - Gawne & Luke Gawne

Say what you want about this song, but who would have thought that a white boy would bring real hip hop back?

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