Top Ten Most Poetic Röyksopp Songs

Röyksopp are master poets in song, and I think they deserve more credit for their often moving and haunting pieces.
The Top Ten
1 I Had This Thing
2 Running to the Sea
3 What Else Is There?

This is a song contrasting life and death, the girl speaking as the force of death itself. She's followed the person she's talking to along the "road" of life, tracking his secrets, which he's forced to let go of at the end. Near the end of the song, however, she becomes deceptive, asking what she stands for if he doesn't die. It is by this that we know he is at the end of the road, and it is time for him to fulfill her wish. By asking "What Else Is There?", however, this could mean that there is something for him in return, or on the contrary, not at all. Only she knows, but she won't tell him, or anyone, until they follow death.

4 Sordid Affair

I think the power of this song comes at the end. The song's focused on a forced and loveless relationship, which appears positive at first, but is already contradictory in lyrics. The singer is reflecting on all the good things which have come from it, but admitted with a heavy heart how emotionally manipulative he had to be to get love in return. The mystery of the end part, however, is how a supposed reply from heaven can bring further despair. Is it because there was no salvation to be given for this ordeal, or because every positive aspect is lost as a price, despite it outweighing the joy of the moral solution? Either way, it shows that this was truly a situation one could not find happiness without strings attached; a double meaning of "salvation in strings."

There was a time, dark and divine,
Exciting and new, shameful untrue
Free to explore we had it all.
Towering trust, insatiable lust
Clouding the truth both of us knew
This sordid affair is ending in ...more

5 Miss It So Much
6 You Know I Have to Go
7 Only This Moment

"This Moment" is a state at which happiness is at its peak, but also makes a contrast between idealism and rationality. The way the lyrics are ordered are what compare his thoughts with the process of heartbreak, and it slowly but abruptly decays the love in his soul. The singer is contemplating on what he's learned: lust is an instinct, but love is a feeling, and one that can have its harmful consequences. There is hope at the end, however, by saying that love does not die, in spite of this failed love; however, nor does its evil.

Only this moment
Holds us together
Close to perfection
Nothing else out there
No one to guide us
Lost in our senses
Deep down inside I know our love will die
Only this moment
Holds us together
Lost in confusion
Feelings are out there
Scared of devotion
Doubting intentions
Deep down inside I know our love will die
Stay or forever go
Play or you'll never know
What heaven decided
You can't ...more

8 You Don't Have a Clue
9 Dead to the World
10 Vision One
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11 Save Me
12 Tricky Two
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