Top 10 Pop Song Cliches

This is a list of themes/beats/trends in pop songs that happen too much, to the point where it gets a bit irratating.
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1 Featured Rapper

One of many things I dislike about rap is how the idea of a song including a rap suddenly makes it appear incredible. It is really anything but. Especially given that any hip-hop influence detracts from the real purpose of music. It turns anything, from a pop song to an electro song, into a meaningless, deceptive, shallow and twisted entity of egotism and inapt worship. No matter whether the original song ever had a chance. If that doesn't disgust people, I don't know what would.

I think this is ok in some circumstances. Sometimes the rappers add something where the song falls flat, and other times it's just a lot of uneccessary lyrics. Not EVERY song needs to have a rap version/featured rapper.

2 "You Can Do Anything!"

Don't give up. Believe in yourself. Crash your limits. Never believe your dreams can't come true. You are the centre of the world. Born to rule it! Isn't this boring now? Your dreams CANNOT come true in all cases, and sometimes you HAVE to give up. I guess pop stars sell so many records because they believe they can sell this amount since this is the method they're teaching us to achieve our goals.

I'm the only one who can, I just speak these untrue words so I can gain fans of my work.

"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything"- Jim Morrison.

3 Partying

You know, like We can't Stop, Party in the USA, We like to party, Tik Tok, Last Friday Night, lots of them. I mean, those songs just never die, they're literally survivors!

Weezer wrote a song about partying. Let's not talk about it.

Tik Tok
We Can't Stop
I get a hangover just by listining to the radio...

4 Sex

Once upon a time, John Lennon wanted to hold your hand. Then the Mick Jagger wanted to spend the night with you. Now, Robin Thicke... well... he wants to have raunchy sex.

Sex has been talked about in rap and rock too ya know? It's not just pop exclusive. Hell, even Country music has discussed the topic.

5 True Love

Yes! Can't love songs ever go away? Nope! Love songs are too popular and overrated. All they care about is sexy bodies and big boobs. That's not true love. 99% of all songs on the radio are people saying "baby, I want you" or make weird sex noises. I've noticed that pop songs always have a female moaning. Dude, kids are listening to that!

You know you're listening to a pop song about love when you rhymes with you.

Also, love theme in itself is not a problem at all, one of the most common themes in highest poetry as well, it's the execution that is sub-par in pop songs.

6 Going Crazy

Lets see, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Amanda Bynes, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, can't wait to watch Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard, Olivia Holt, and Dove Cameron go nuts, score a few hits, then disappear.

7 Bass Drop

Pop is NOT dubstep. Get that through your heads mainstream pop artists.

I LOVE beat drops. They make the song easier to get lit to. I especially love those extremely pop/electronica songs that you hear in YouTube intros lol.

8 "Put Your Hands Up!"

I hear it so much! In all the popular dance songs and stuff, it seems like they just run out of things to say so they go "Raise your hands in the air! /Put your hands up! /Put your hands in the air! /etc"

Fortunately I don't hear this from late 2010's pop music as much but it used to be practically every second pop song mentioned this phrase.

Wait a minute... That's my line during robbery.

9 "Whoa Oh Oh!!!"

It even happens in some Iron Maiden songs (Heaven Can Wait, When Two Worlds Collide, The Red and the Black, Shadows of the Valley, Face in the Sand, The Trooper, The Wicker Man), and don't get me started on Leprous (Foe, Contaminate Me, Leashes, Painful Detour, Below, The Last Milestone, Restless, Mediocrity Wins, Echo, The Valley, it would be easier to tell which songs of theirs do NOT have a whaa aaa or oh oh vocal line). Not exclusive to pop music

This is officially known as the "Millennial Whoop", and is included in numerous songs on purpose to appeal to that age bracket.

10 Pretending to Be Rock

Ummm Avril Lavigne was rock. And she has never called herself rock. But yes there are other people that pretend to be rock but clearly aren't

Jonas Brothers, 1 Direction, Avril Lavigne, all think they are rock, but they are not!

Look guys, there's a subgenre called pop-rock.

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11 Duet

Every hit Iggy Azalea has had includes some other artist.

12 Booty

Apparently it's all about the butt these days.

Yep. I have a big butt, and I'm not sexy

13 Being Slutty

Selena, Miley, Nicki, Lady gaga, Ke$ha, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Rihanna. Hoe it up, right?

14 Autotune

Some artists, like Lady gaga use it for special effects, Ariana Grande when she makes a mistake, but then there are artists like Ke$ha who use it to make up for not being able to sing.

As long as it's not over-exaggerated, I'm fine with autotune, but when it is, that's when it gets annoying.

Rap with autotune is okay, but pop?

15 "Babeh", Instead of "Baby"

To be honest, this doesn't really annoy me that much, but I guess it can be pretty irritating at times. Also, I hear this a lot, especially in those love songs.

16 Saying "Baby" a Lot

Why is this not on the top 5? or the top 3? obvious reasons why it should be.

And Justin Beiber probably broke the world record for that.

17 4-Chord Progression

What is 4-Chord progression, and what's so wrong with it?

I've never really minded 4-Chord Progression, sometimes it works really well

18 Breaking Up
19 Profanity

It should end. But not in Walls Could Talk. It should end in every other song especially Don't Play because it is an amazing song but it says the bad f word too much.

I don't think it should be banned from all songs, but they should tone it down in lots of songs because now it's just starting to sound like they're doing it to be "edgy"

20 Empowerment Anthems
21 Acoustic Intro
22 Feminine Male Voices

My dad likes pop, so when he listens to music like this I ask "is this a boy... Or a girl? "

Wait by Maroon 5, I'm sorry Adam Levine.

23 Annoying Sounds

Oh! You mean Harry Styles's voice? That is only in his songs.

You mean these high pitched synth sounds?

24 ''Ooh Gurl!''
25 Saying Your Name

They say their name because since all pop songs sound the same, they have to let you know who it is.

We get it. We know what your name is. You don't need to say it in every song.

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