Top 10 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift

Hello! If you don't like Taylor Swift, get out of here please. Swifties, welcome. What are the top ten reasons to love Tay Tay? Take your pick.
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1 She has awesome songs

Her songs are meaningful and she puts her true emotions into her songs. It's almost like you're listening to a story or watching a movie. They are genuine and written from the heart. The lyrics are extremely relatable and they tell us that things like breakups and unrequited love also happen to others and that we are not alone. And she can rock both country and pop music. Either way, her songs never lose meaning. Her songs have helped many people, including me. They take you on a journey and make you miss people and feel things you've never felt before. She has an extremely rare gift and she definitely does it justice.

Her songs are absolutely amazing! Her music is filled with beautiful lyrics, magical vocals and meaningful messages that younger listeners (maybe even older) can take with them through their lives. She sings about things that most people can relate to and I feel a very strong connection to her music. Her music perfectly describes her emotions and many different situations. She might sing about an excruciating breakup, a crazy, insane relationship, the joyous tale of a love she had with a boy, her family or her friends. She could sing the words on an intruction manual and it would still sound incredible! Whether she's singing one of her beautiful country songs with her guitar or she's singing one of her cool pop songs with a great beat, her lyrics, her voice, everything is just flawless.
In short, Taylor Swift's music will take you on an emotional journey.

2 She is a great role model

I can't don't even know where to start! She doesn't say bad words, kids love her, she visits children hospitals, her lyrics are meaningful, she doesn't act like Miley, etc the list goes on and on and on! She's friends with different celebrities and not just Selena. And in her songs there is always a secret message, you just have to listen carefully. She gives great advice and spends time with her cat, Meredith, has time for her band and her real best friend, Abigail. She teaches kids that not everything in life is pure gold. You have to work up to your dreams to accomplish it a
Everything takes effort. Plus, she doesn't rub it in to everyone that she owns three houses and has more fans. Oh, and one more thing, she doesn't mind throwing fund raisers!

People everywhere should follow the Taylor path. She knows that even younger people are listening and that is why, unlike most singers, she doesn't use any bad words in her music. This is an incredible quality for a famous person, because people like have quite inappropriate words and scenes in their videos while Taylor has simple, catchy and beautiful videos that really dig deep into your heart and reveal to you the secret message of the song. I just have no words to describe how much she has inspired humankind. Plus, she is incredibly kind hearted. She gives her fans huge gift boxes on 'Swiftmas' to show how much she appreciates their support and not only that, she visits hospitals and pays her fans a surprise visif on their own hospital bed. This must be to calm the patients down and make them feel happy at their moment of need.
This list is endless because the stories of Taylor Swift will be passed on for generations to come!

3 She has a great personality

She is kind, willing to stand up for herself, strong, compassionate, funny, talented and loads more. Taylor Swift is a true inspiration and it annoys me to no end how she is constantly bullied and insulted. Taylor swift deserves more - people shouldn't call her a snake

She doesn't get into a lot of trouble. She doesn't let anything bother her. I wish I could meet her.

She does, and if you dont think so, get out of here

4 She is a great songwriter

True. Her lyrics are full of emotion, sadness, happiness, and all kinds of things. Also, she actually pays attention that children are listening so she doesn't really put inappropriate stuff

She is very sweet and she adds her personality to her songs. It doesn't make sense how people bully her for being the perfect person in everyway and her songs being fab!

Her songs are so amazing! I love her lyrics and every single song of hers that I have ever heard. It is also pretty cool that she doesn't sing about stupid stuff.

5 She is so pretty

She is like the prettiest woman on earth. People who wear full clothes are so rare these days, I mean take Nicki for an example, she always wears too revealing clothes in front of everyone and even KIDS! And I still don't get why people even like her but TAYLOR? Taylor is the PERFECT role model for anyone when it comes to clothing especially. ANd she doesn't mind wearing her clothes more than once too!

She's pretty on the outside and on the inside! She's donates money, surprises the fans that are in tight spots, making them feel better and like they can do anything and stands up for what she thinks is right! She's just a full out pretty person! I learned that after I found out she made a song about how she still loves her family even if she's famous!

She looks really delicious. I'm a guy from India. I started listening English songs at the age of 14 due to only taylor swift. All too well, white horse, teardrops on my guitar are some of my favorite songs.

6 She doesn't abuse alcohol or drugs

This is the top reason I am her number 1 fan ever. She is never drunk and she is always ready for anything coming at her. She is the best.

Yeah me too. Taylor Swift is exactly my most favorite singer. She's clean.

Well, she does drink, maybe rarely gets drunk. But, for sure she doesn't do drugs;

7 She gives great advice

I hate her advice. She is a singer not a teacher. Because of her jelena broke up.

She gave lots of advice to Selena about her boyfriend!

They broke up for a reason. Justin was a jerk.

8 She acts her age

Tay says that she doesn't need blonde hair when she's 60. True. She is now 22, and she acts like it, not pretending to be some person that isn't her.

Unlike other singers, ariana grande, she acts her age and she is equally mature and the fun-loving Tay Tay that we know and love.

She doesn't act her age, but she does it in a mature way and that's what I like. It's tolerable, and she writes her feelings in a song.

9 She is compassionate and generous

You hear how generous she is every time anything bad happens.
Anywhere from donating to flood reliefs, to donating books, to giving a fan $90 dollars on their B-day after finding their plan was to eat at chipotle.
She's generous in the way she treats her fans, allowing them in her house and letting them have secret sessions (pre-release album listening parties).

She's generous in the way that she opens up and gives us her emotions and feelings and thoughts. I can't tell you how many times I needed an emotional outlet and her heart was always there´┐Ż"through her music.

She understand karma and that what you give you also receive, but that's not why she does it. She does it because she had a good heart and she shows it all of the time.

Thank god for Taylor Swift.

When I was in third grade ( this is the story of how I first heard her music. ) my teacher showed us a vidieo on Taylor swift and it was a bulling video on not bulling and how to catch a bullie, she was actually in the video. She took time out of her day to help kids. I am her NUMBER 1 FAN.

10 She's talented

Whether you accept it or not she is very talented. She always write songs on her own and her voice is so magical. I am her biggest fan ever. Love You Taylor always & until breathe in my body is left I will be a SWIFTIE.

My friends think she is a bad singer but I just said, " no way, you don't like Taylor swift, then you don't like me. She is the best romodel ever." I can't believe that they didn't like Taylor swift.

Taylor is so talented she can write lots of songs in like a week and if I try to write songs in a week I would still be on my first song.

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11 She has an amazing voice

His voice is one of the best.
She is one of the singers whose songs are like you can't leave without listening to the entire song.

Shreya has much much better one!

Adele is better.

12 She broke up with Harry Styles

If she married Harry styles, it would Change her music career. She would be singing the "story of my life."

I think that saved her career and also saved pop music a bit.

Yeah, if they stayed too much longer, there would be some PRETTY inapropate photos of Taylor on the internet.

13 She is still very close to her family

Taylor is the only artist I know that is always connected with her family, and I love that about her.

WOW! Now that I read 13 I am crying!

That's very nice of her!

14 She ignores the haters

When she was called a snake as an insult, she took it as a compliment. She will just shake it off, say you need to calm down and move on. Anyone who wants to make Taylor Swift feel hated, guess what? Remember ME!? She's the only one of her and that's the fun of her. She knows she's not perfect, which explains the end of the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. If she's ready to let the world know that she's able to laugh at herself because she's not perfect, it proves that if the haters gonna hate, she's just gonna shake!

One amazing thing about Taylor is she doesn't let the haters get to her. Some people think that they have the right to say horrible things about her because they don't like her, her music, her style, her hair, or whatever. They're people who just don't have anything better to do than try and make Taylor feel upset. Newsflash! She doesn't care what you say. She knows that she is talented and the bad things people say about her are not true. She just shakes it off! GO TAYLOR!
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

15 She has songs about feelings and emotions, and not only sexual, alcoholic, fake, or dumb songs

Her songs are so true and innocent and emotional enough to be chart toppers that they won't need to be about sex and drugs. Her pureness in her life and her songs is what makes her special. I'm from Hong Kong :-)
Her lyrics are fascinating, it's real fun to interpret the hidden messages and the hidden meanings.
You Belong With Me, Dear John, Love Story, Fearless and Mine are my favorites! Especially FEARLESS!

She doesn't act like a hoe like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minja. She is a true role model. She doesn't go partying, she doesn't have sex 24/7, and she doesn't do drugs, unlike most women her age. Such an elegant lady.

As much as I want it all to be true, I sometimes fail to see the goodness in her lyrics... Anyway she is thousand times much better than the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce... Etc

16 Her tours and the 13 hour meet and greet

Every tour is different, with something special. She sticks to her lucky number: 13, during the meet and greet. She even extended it because there are too many fans waiting for her.

17 She is so friendly and nice

It's a shame that she votes for Donald Trump and the Republican party, as she is friends with people such as Ruby Rose and Cara Delivene, who are lesbian. And Republicans don't like lesbians. She also just wants money, even though she has a net worth of $200 million, which is more than we all dream, and pleads big companies like YouTube, Spotify and Apple for more money. She is in a feud with so many big artists, like Kanye, Katy, Justin, Miley and more. And I am an ex-fan who liked her but then realised that she is messed up. I still like her music but her personality is horrible.

Taylor Swift has lots of friends. She's nice to everyone, unless they are mean to her.

Taylor Swift is a lovely kind person and that is why she has so much friends and fans.

18 She inspires people

The only reason I play guitar is because of taylor swift.

Yay she my idol

19 She has great quotes

"If you are lucky enough to be different, don't ever change. " "No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. "

Her quotes are amazing. They are meaningful and they hold valuble lessons that I want to remember for the rest of my life. Taylor is very wise and I look up to her.

20 She is sexy

Yes she is sexy but that should not be the reason to love someone! If anyone think that is the reason, I think they found the wrong person to love. Actually correction: Taylor Swift is SEXY from both inside out. BUT her inside is WAy sexier. I love Taylor Swift because of her personality, characteristics, sense of humor, kindness, and her werid funny moments AND THAT IS SEXY! Not her appearance!

She is sexy but not all the time because she knows that she is ROLE MODEL to kids, so her clothes must be modest.

That is not a reason to love someone.

21 She expresses her beauty naturally

She shows her beauty in a dignified way. She wears proper clothes. She never shows herself of inappropriately.

It also matters what's on the inside!

22 She is a great human being

This was an unnessacary one. She is a great human being because of all the amazing things above this and below

She's nice to people!

23 She's smart
24 She still considers Selena as her BFF

Taylor loves her friends... Even Selena snob her, Taylor could careless. She sometimes would retweet or favorite Selena's tweets on twitter... And she follows her too!

I don't like Selena as her bff. But what to do? Taylor likes her. Be concern Taylor. Love you.

25 She has a deep voice
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