Top 10 Reasons Why Olivia Newton-John Was Better Than Kylie Minogue

Olivia Newton-John was an Australian singer & songwriter who had 5 #1 hits & 10 top 10 hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as 2 #1 solo albums on the Billboard 200 & was a 4-time Grammy award winner as well as an actress known for playing Sandy in the 1978 film Grease. Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer known for her use of dance music as well as an actress in many series & was best known for acting on the soap opera Neighbors (which ran from March 18th 1985 to July 28th 2022). Olivia has done so much good for the world & was realistic whereas Kylie is basically known more for music & is far from perfect. Olivia lost her longtime battle to metastatic breast cancer on August 8th 2022 after 73 years 7 & 2/3rd months. Kylie Minogue had breast cancer too though it hasn't recurred since treatment. R.I.P. Olivia the real Aussie queen of pop (1948-2022).
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1 She was a better role model

Olivia had a role that was very inspiring & helped people get interested in music of all genres. She taught people to have fun & enjoy our summer days & nights as well as year-round. Kylie part didn't do much of that.

2 She inspired more people

She was a true inspiration to music. Kylie Minogue has her own inspiration toward her audience, but it doesn't compare. Olivia & Kylie were like apples & oranges. Both did dance music, but Olivia was more original & friendlier. Not to mention she was 1 of the original inspirations for Kylie's path to music.

3 She had better morals

She taught people to have fun in both summertime & all year. She was the queen of summer nights for a reason.

4 She explored more genres

Olivia explored popular genres such as rock, new wave (including synth pop), jazz, country, contemporary & dance genres we all love. Kylie explores disco (including nu-disco), house, contemporary R&B, art pop & country. Kylie may have catchy music, but Olivia stood out the most in versatility.

5 She had a better voice

Olivia actually had a really nice sounding singing voice as well as nice and sweet sounding talking voice. Olivias signature song "hopelessly devoted to you" I have not heard another woman sing it as good, with a combination of sensitivity, emotion and feeling as Olivia did. And that's saying something considering I've heard women of the calibre of Mariah Carey and Delta Goodram cover it

Her voice was totally original & wasn't so nasally like Kylie's. Yet Kylie has autotune, which's is fine if used the right way, but takes away the realistic quality of the voice. Olivia was Australia's voice of a generation.

6 Her music career lasted longer

Olivia made music for over 56 years from her 1st to last single whereas Kylie (as of now) made music for over 43 years from beginning to this day. Olivia was Australia's real queen of pop.

7 She had a cleaner personality

Her personality was cleaner than Kylie's. Kylie Minogue's is messier. Yet Kylie has a more sexual attitude & 1 point she messed up to the point of getting banned from BBC unlike Olivia.

8 She was a better actress

Olivia had excellent acting roles including Sandy from the Grease franchise. Kylie's acting doesn't even compare (even in her longtime soap opera Neighbours).

9 She never had plastic surgery

She was always fresh in her own appearances & fresher on her health than Kylie. Olivia was also more realistic in appearances whereas Kylie performed plastic surgery including botox fillers & ended up looking more fake.

10 She was funnier

She actually made people laugh whereas Kylie is more focused on run of the mill showoffs. Olivia was at her funniest in Grease whereas Kylie Minogue is fair at best in her series'.

The Contenders
11 She was original

She (along with David Bowie) ushered a generation of artists & bands reinventing their styles. Without her (or David Bowie), there'd be no Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Samantha Fox, Pat Benatar, Beyonce, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, 1 Direction, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, SZA, or plenty more. She really paved way for many artists to reinvent their styles. She (like David Bowie) was the master of reinvention.

12 She cared more about animals

She actually cared about animals & their habitats. She didn't want any harm to them. She was never narcissistic about herself toward the world. She became an animal rights activist for all those reasons.

13 She starred in one of the most successful musical films of all time
14 She was less narcissistic

She cared about the world including the environment & didn't focus too much on being greedy or having to look fakish.

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