Most Promising Metal Bands of the 2020s

This list is about those young bands that proved to be incredibly good or innovative, and that will probably define what metal will be like in the next decade.
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1 Lorna Shore

Since their album "immortal" was released, they have made only gems. Their sound is a crossover between deathcore, black metal and symphonic metal, and this is a great way to successfully bring the old and new extreme metal sounds together. Their 2021 EP "and I return to nothingness" was a true revolution in modern metal panorama, and will surely be an inspiration for a new generation of metal bands, and not only deathcore ones.

Their singer Will Ramos really helped the band get more eyes on them. He's been doing interviews and all kinds of things on Youtube. And his voice is impressive, adds a lot to the band.

2 Shadow of Intent

Shadow of Intent is one of those "one in a million " bands that are so rare to find even in a rich scene like the modern metal one. They have such a technical but at the same time emotionally powerful sound, blending death metal/deathcore and symphonic metal in a way that matches and is even better than all the bands that do the same genre. From the intense blast beats, to the atmospheric melodies, to the guitar riffs, to the emotional solos, to the interaction between Chris' clean vocals and Ben's beast-like screaming performances, this band is simply on the top of Extreme metal nowadays, and will probably lead the genre towards its brightest future.

3 Mobius

In my opinion this band is one of the most interesting to ever come out of the progressive metal subgenre. They have released only two albums, but those albums are masterpieces. They have a quite unique and interesting sound, mixing djent, traditional progressive metal, tribal music, all of this in a wonderful Atmosphere. Also, they're among the most underrated metal bands ever, and in my opinion they're going to have one of the highest quality discographies in the 2020s.

4 Orbit Culture

This band is currently leading the Swedish metal scene, which is one of the most recognized and powerful panoramas in metal. Their music is mainly groove/melodic death metal but we can find symphonic metal influences as well as deathcore ones. The highlight of their tracks is the atmosphere, but we can also find amazing guitar riffs and, more than every other thing, Niklas Karlsson incredible voice, stretching from low growls, to powerful screams, to intense and emotional clean singing.

5 Loathe

This band mixes Deathcore, metalcore and Alternative metal sound in a fresh and innovative way. Their ethereal sound, creative grooves, ambient influences and influences from other genres too (one of their tracks is black metal inspired) make them one of the most promising and underrated metal bands for the next decade.

6 Tallah

Tallah is a pretty recent band, leading the new wave of one of the most legendary and powerful metal genres: nu metal. The amazing thing is that despite how much this kind of sound has been exploited in 2000s, tallah found a way to do it as nobody else did before. They get more experimental with every release, freely blending nu metal, deathcore, metalcore and industrial metal. Their incredible creativity and the fact that they're so young show that Tallah is one of the most promising acts of the current decade.

7 Code Orange Code Orange is an American metallic hardcore band that formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2008. Formed in high school as Code Orange Kids, the band acheieved early success for their energetic performances and hard-hitting music. In 2014, the band's name was officially changed to Code Orange, just... read more

Everybody talked about these musicians since 2017, when their album forever came out, displaying an aggressive industrial metalcore sound. Moreover, these guys are not only promising in metal, but also in hardcore punk. Code Orange never stops experimenting and changing sound regardless of what people think of them, and that's an important quality.

8 Enterprise Earth

This band is one of the most incredible acts in the Extreme metal scene, and goes far beyond deathcore, leaning more towards progressive metal. Some of the tracks on their latest album are among the best prog metal songs of the last decade.

I don't really know any of the bands on this list but I just want to say good list idea too many metalheads don't really pay much attention to any newer bands.

9 Imminence

I had never seen a metalcore band that could be so intensely melodic and harsh as well. The violin in their songs is something metalcore has never had, and this makes their sound extremely interesting. Moreover, Eddie Berg has got such a beautiful vocal range, stretching from powerful screams to mesmerizing clean vocals.

10 Warkings
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11 Volturian
12 The Halo Effect
13 Darko US

This deathcore/ post-metal supergroup was formed in 2020. Since then, they've already shown what they're capable of: chaotic riffs, brutal and demonic vocals and a wonderful atmosphere, stretching from ominous to ethereal In few seconds. They're also quite productive, since they've released an ep, an album, various singles and are about to release another album in just two years

14 Spiritbox

Spiritbox is one of the most recent revelations of metal panorama. Their style blends djent and metalcore in an innovative kind of post metal made of breakdowns, heavy riffs and catchy choruses which is going to be taken as inspiration by many

15 Slaughter to Prevail

When Demolisher came out in 2020, nobody was ready for such brutality. It was probably the most popular Extreme metal track in a while. This band is contributing both to new wave of deathcore and nu metal revival, doing all of the two with a fresh and amazing sound. All the members are incredible talented, as it's possible to see in their incredible solos, fast and technical drumming and Beast-like vocals (singer Alex Terrible has a quite impressive range too).

16 Greta Van Fleet
17 Inferi Inferi is an American melodic death metal band forged from the bowels of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed in 2006 and strived to merge the classic melodic metal sound with a taste of crushing technicality.
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