Reasons Why Wearing Shirts of Bands You Don't Know is Terrible and Pointless

So you see somebody wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt. You go up and ask "What's your favourite song by them?" How do they reply? "Oh, I don't know the band, I got this from my dad."

You can imagine the disappointment. I've added a few things on here but you can add the rest.

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1 It's offensive to the band

I like this list. It's pretty accurate. Example:
Kanye West was spotted wearing a Testament shirt (Testament is a thrash metal band). Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick said it best "Normally I'd be flattered and appreciative from 1 artist 2 another (those who follow me outside Testament know I'm very open musically & work with artists of many genres). If Kanye genuinely knows and likes Testament - and isn't just wearing our shirt as part of this current bizarre fad among trendy fashionistas and Hollywood types to wear old metal concert Ts - then that's great, more power to him and respect. However, I truly doubt that's the case (and would love to be proven wrong)."

I think it's really pathetic to throw a hissy fit over someone wearing a shirt of their favorite band just because they don't know about it or have limited knowledge of it. It is just a shirt, a statement of fashion and something to cover your body regardless of its content. This is of the same caliber as the r/gatekeeping subreddit.

2 It defies the point of a band shirt

It's opinion based, so what's the point?

Yes, it surely does.

3 It makes the real fans seem fake

Seriously. I feel badly for people who actually love bands such as The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer, Kiss, Rush, etc. because so many people just wear these shirts as a fashion statement that it's expected from anybody wearing them. It's rare to find someone wearing a shirt with a universally known band on it and see them actually being a fan of the band.

Yeah, this is true. I've seen this with Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead t-shirts. I always have to give them a test to see if they're a real fan.

If they're fake then why are they cheering yelling their name?

4 When a real fan tries to talk to you, you have no clue what they're talking about

This is the definitive reason. This would lead to another reason mentioned on this list: You'll be ridiculed when you're proven fake.

That's always funny. And disappointing at the same time.

That's why wearing it does not make any sense.

5 You can get a band shirt from your favourite band instead

It's at least understandable if you're not aware that the shirt you bought is actually a band shirt, but if you are aware and decide to buy them anyway, I don't get it. I just don't. You do realize that wearing these shirts attracts people who actually like the band, right? So, why would you want to wear a shirt of something you aren't interested in at all? You're basically just representing yourself as someone you're not. Wear something that you actually like. Something that's you. Alright? Okie.

Unless you're someone who doesn't care about image and just buys whatever clothes are comfortable to you, then alrite. You do you.

I got band shirts from bands I like, like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Sevendust, Dance Gavin Dance, Disturbed, RHCP, and STP, and I listen and like all of these bands.

I'm not sure I can find any Gentle Giant shirts unfortunately.

6 Music is not a fashion statement

Recently I saw a picture of a couple wearing Darkthrone T-shirts, captioned "Dolling up for Halloween"...

7 You'll be ridiculed when you're proven fake

I can picture that...

8 The band shirts will be sold out to the posers so the real fans can't get one

I wouldn't really call these people "posers" (except for those who buy the shirts because they think the artist is cool despite not hearing a single song about them. That's a different story). Maybe they just find these shirts comfortable? I'd buy a different shirt though if I were them.

9 It's a waste of money

Agreed. But on the other hand, I'm pretty happy that Kanye West invested some money in thrash metal by buying a Testament shirt... ;-)
You can see more people who did that on the list Top 10 Celebrities that Have Worn Shirts with Metal Logos (Excluding Metal Musicians)

Sometimes the material of the shirt can also be very bad.

Pretty much.
Weird Al best music artist

10 The real fans will be like ''How did you got one?''

Funny but sad at the same time.

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11 A fan will scream if they finds out you don’t like that band
12 You don’t know if it’s school appropriate
13 The real fans want to meet other real fans and not fakes
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