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Formed in Brighton in 2013, Royal Blood exploded onto the global music scene with their innovative sound. With a line-up consisting of just two members, Mike Kerr on vocals and bass guitar and Ben Thatcher on drums, they broke the mold, creating a hard-hitting rock sound that defied the standard band model.

It's fascinating to note that Royal Blood is not a traditional four-piece band. They don't have a guitarist and instead, Mike Kerr uses various effects pedals to make his bass guitar sound like a standard electric guitar. And this unique bass-driven sound, coupled with Thatcher's relentless drumming, gives the band a distinctive, intense sound. They quickly gained recognition for this, and their eponymous debut album reached number one on the UK Albums Chart in 2014.

Since then, they've continued to climb the ranks, garnering accolades and a massive following worldwide. Each song in their growing discography brings something unique to the table, be it the electrifying riffs, infectious rhythms, or Kerr's captivating vocals. Royal Blood's music is a pulsating force that gets the heart racing and the head banging. It's rock in its purest, most visceral form, and yet it is diverse, with elements of alternative rock, hard rock, blues rock, and garage rock all thrown into the mix.
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1 Out of the Black

I've always thought this was the best (not only Royal blood song) but one of the best in rock history. It representa the goodness of its musical genre. I hope one day, this band can be way more recognized.

The can made rock and metal songs without electric guitar. Unique band.

Yes, that's got to be the best song, I can't stop listening to it.

2 Little Monster

Blood hands is what brought me to Royal Blood but this is the song that made me stay!

Good drum solo, I know how to play it!

Probably my favorite song by royal blood that I have learned on bass guitar

3 Lights Out
4 Figure It Out

Alright I Agree with Out Of The Black being number 1 but this song should without a dought be at No.2 I'm sure some people would have it even at number 1 but for me I got it at No.2!

I think this song beats all other Royal Blood songs... It's great.

5 Ten Tonne Skeleton

I can't put into words how good of a song Ten Tonne Skeleton is. It puts all other songs about losing who you love to shame.

Awesome lyrics and a haunting / driving guitar and drum lines. Tell me this song doesn't pump you up!

6 How Did We Get So Dark?

The build and finish to this song show there is real craftsmanship here. Great song from a strong band

It's so we'll made and well executed. Drums, bass, and singing are all great.

7 Loose Change
8 I Only Lie When I Love You

"I Only lie when I make a sound" Amazing. I can't lie, this is my favorite song from their new album.

Simply the greatest song ever made!

9 Sleep

Best song.
From the whole dark album we are given for an end this catchy great finale that gives you the greatest smile.
I listend to this band after listening to the Arctic Monkeys for a few years, Royal Blood continues the legacy with this epic effort and ends it with this.
Best lyrics, Best riff.

10 Better Strangers

First song I ever heard by these guys, it's pretty amazing.

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11 Hook, Line, and Sinker
12 Come on Over

Come on!
This has GOT to be up there as one of there at least top 3-5.
The fast, punkish beat, with heavy sounding riffs and a badass bend makes for a sick and memorable jam that was stuck in my head the first time I heard it.

13 Hole in Your Heart

Incredibly atmospheric, and more mature from a lyrical aspect, this song is easily the bands magnum opus.

Shows growth from their excellent first album. Amazing track.

Takes royal blood a level above even the excellence that is come on over and little monster

14 Careless

Should be way higher 2nd best Royal blood song in my opinion after out of the black

15 Where are You Now?

Such a great song. Minimal verses with a crashing chorus, great riff.

16 Blood Hands

In my top three, after Better Strangers and before Careless, why is it so low?

Out of The Black deserves first, however I thought Blood Hands seemed waaay too low, it's probably in my top three.

My number one I reckon (could change once I listen to it too many times)

17 Hole
18 You Can Be So Cruel

I've been listening to these guys for years and just recently heard this song. They are huge queen of the stone age fans like myself and it shows a little bit in this song.

19 Don't Tell
20 You Want Me

B side indeed, but everything we love about those two guys is in this song. It is impossible for me to tell how "You Want Me" didn't manage to find "a way out" on their first album.

Hardly listened to because it is not on the album, but I'm telling you this is definitely top 5

21 Love and Leave It Alone
22 One Trick Pony
23 She's Creeping
24 Look Like You Know
25 Half the Chance
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