Top 10 Saddest Queen and Freddie Mercury Songs

I know Queen have produced every thing thats going, but what song makes you cry (or really sad). I'm not saying anything bad about Queen because thats weird since they are the best band EVER!!!!! Oh and RIP Freddie Mercury...
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1 The Show Must Go On

Thing is, it's ridiculous how music such as this has such a legacy and yet most young people of this era have barely even heard of Queen. This song is so emotional and heartfelt and actually has a relevant meaning, but now modern songs are all about meaningless break ups and blast ballads with no true feeling. I am 13 years old and it amazes me how such honest, haunting music can be neglected by my friends. Freddie Mercury was truly a genius. Even though he was fatally ill he still sang a song as vocally challenging and melodious as this. It just shows how much raw endurance and dedication Freddie had. May he Rest In Peace.

I was born in 2006, and music is changing so quickly. At school, on the bus, practically everywhere I go, people are listening to Nicki Minaj and stuff, and I'm just there listening to ACTUAL GOOD MUSIC. Mercury was dying of AIDS but he still sang his heart out. Not to mention that his vocal range and his way of adapting his voice to fit basically any musical genre is SPECTACULAR!

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a kid in my class asking someone if Queen was an actual band! He thought that Queen, one of the BEST BANDS OF ALL TIME, was just created for the movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. He had assumed that it was made up! It made me feel really upset and even angry that people my age hardly realise that bands like Queen exist.

Think about this: when you hear a "new" song nowadays, 50% of the time, it feels like you've heard something like it before. Answer: you probably have! Music is getting repetitive and, in my opinion, worse.

Queen music, just like a lot of music ...more

I was born in 2007, and that is when our music started to change. I mean, it's not even music to start with! All my classmates are over here listening to Cardi B and other people Kodak Black, while I'm over here rocking to Somebody to Love. The other day other day one of my classmates was "Who the heck is Queen! " I wasn't surprised. I can't believe that ACTUAL music is being ignored by this! I mean come on people, he literally sang WAY better than the singers that sing right now do, and he was DYING at the time!

This is undisputedely the saddest song ever. Every time I hear this, I hear Freddie just screaming out of pain, but yet trying to claw his way and grasp onto his life... I remember I cried when I first heard this song. It continues to amaze me how much persistence Farrokh had... What a character...

2 These are the Days of Our Lives

It's simply heartbreaking to listen to the song knowing that this amazing person was taken from us far too soon. And in the video, you can see Freddie is trying to cover up the illness with makeup so that his fans wouldn't worry. I'm not sure if I got this song meaning right, but I believe it is kind of like a goodbye to Freddie's fans and loved ones. It's so moving, especially when you realize that Freddie could barely stand up. We lost an amazing person that day. R.I.P. Freddie.

The Show Must Go On is an undeniably better and sadder song. HOWEVER, the music video for this one makes it the saddest Queen song. Seeing Freddie so sickly and thin is so devastating.

This is by far my favorite Queen song. It's amazing how much Freddie's music meant to him. The music video broke my heart because you can see how much his health had deteriorated.

I saw the video for this song, how sad everyone looked, how Freddie Mercury looked so near death, and how everyone tried to smile. Whenever I hear this song, I want to cry

3 Too Much Love Will Kill You

Too much love will kill you...
Every word in this song except "man", I'm female, is my life, entirely. Not only with too much " love ", every area of my life. The words say exactly how my life went, goes, & is, even to this day. BLOWS MY MIND. Freddie will probably be the first one I look for in heaven after family, best friend & my son's dad whose life was taken at only 22 by illegal immigrant drunk driver. RIP everyone. We love & miss ya. Freddie, most thanks to u, your legacy, never will be another you, not even close. Wish I was friends w/ya all, the videos look like my kind of fun. We are the champions played after we won our all star soccer championship, I was young, kid, only 2 goals against me in ALL 3 games. MEMORIES...Dang I was good. Lol.

Just killed me to listen to this song, its lyrics are so amazing in the way that they all just make so much sense. I can see Freddie in my mind singing this amazing piece of art.

This perfectly represents the story of Freddie's life. Too much love and attention from the world finally ended up killing his homosexual self.

I can't find the words, after this song. It's just punctuate how a great talent was Freddie, and how much heart can he put in all songs. Magnificent!

4 Love of My Life

Absolutely stunning song, takes your breath away, hard not to cry listening or singing along. The live at rio version is truly amazing, hearing that many people sing a song dedicated to Freddie's love of his life is heart wrenching.

Freddie gave us lots of emotions. I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that the Freddie Mercury is the greatest ever singer and this little ballad is really designed to cry you.

This made me cry so hard. I wonder if Mary Austin is out there.. crying about how Freddie died.. and when I grow older.. I'll be there at your side to remind you I still love you.. Broke my heart. I started to tear up.. I (3 Queen so much.

This is heartbreaking, Freddie's love for this woman was there to the very end, and hers continues to this day. Ohh to have such a love. Freddie is most definitely loved and very sorely missed

5 Who Wants to Live Forever?

I was unfamiliar with this particular song until recently. I was driving back from a gig 6hrs away and the bass player and I were blasting our favorite queen songs for a majority of the drive. This had the effect of reminding me just what a big fan I am. When he played "the show must go on," it reminded me just what a tragedy it was that this great talent was taken from us too soon. By the end of the song, I had a lump in my throat. Imediately after "the show must go on," he played "who wants to live forever." It was far too powerful a moment for me to hold back my tears. I tried not to let him see, though I'm not sure how successful I was. At least I didn't crash the car

Two years ago, my beloved sister passed away. I listened to a ton of music to pick out the songs that would be her memories. This...Who Wants To Live Forever was the top pick. I have ugly cried so many times listening to it. I know she wanted to go; ill with cancer and other ailments, her husband passed away six months before that. I knew she wanted to join him. We had talked of living forever and...

This song is hers. Today would have been her 67th birthday.

So ironic in the situation Freddie was in. I've struggled with self-harm and suicidal thoughts and this type of song may be what kept me alive. Freddie is indisputably the best (and probably one of the only) singers who could have sung a song like this and Brian May was an amazing songwriter. The combination of the two created this- a beautiful melody with meaningful lyrics and honestly my favourite song of all time.

The point of this song is being missed - as it has been written for the soundtrack of the movie "Highlander" and it fits it like a glove, no need to look at his personal situation. Amazing song.

6 Bohemian Rhapsody

In general, whenever I hear this song, I always feel like crying just because I can't believe Freddy Mercury is really dead.

I really like this song, because I feel like this a lot, I wish I hadn't been born at all, and freddie sings it with such feeling.

The ending and the beginning are sad, mostly the ending. The middle opera rock part was awesome!

The 2nd and final parts are the most sad, nothing else in the song compares to that emotion.

7 Save Me

Yeah this song is so heartbreaking and I repeated this song like ten times twice and it actually made me cry. However, the other songs on here are not too sad as this one.

I am adding a comment to this because I searched the lyrics up, and if you let your guard down, it can very easily make you cry. It is about a man who probably got cheated on, or his wife/girlfriend broke up with him. And she had already said "I love you til I die", making him very well believe that. I'll give you the lyrics sometime else. Very touching, actually.

Probably my favourite ever Queen song, wonderful lyrics, wonderful melodies, and genuine heartfelt emotion from Freddie. Unlike the somewhat maudlin tone of many of the songs from Innuendo and Made in Heaven, and the ever-so-slightly overdone Who Wants to Live Forever, this particular piece gets the sentimentality just right.

I love this song. I love the vocals, and I love the piano playing.

8 No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)

Why isn't this on top? Sure, the show must go on is depressing, but the fact that this was made after Freddie died and it was just Brian, Roger and John just punches your heart. I'm not one to get emotional at songs, but this is the only one that makes me cry or get choked up every time I listen to it. And the fact that it was John's last recording ever makes this sadder. Get this higher!

I cried when I heard this. Everything about the song and the video are completely, heart-wrenchingly sad. Everything from the cups on the piano to the look on John's face. There are truly no words to correctly describe how sad this song is.

Honestly, this is the saddest song of queen, mainly because it was obvious that the song and video was about Freddie passing... Simply the pain on their faces during this song tells it all..

I strongly agree. It was written after Freddie passed away. It was dedicated to the greatest man ever, Freddie Mercury.
Freddie, we all love you forever. We all miss you. God, please give him back!

9 I Was Born to Love You

It fills me with extreme nostalgia of a time I never had.

Freddie having fun! What a great singer and show man. Nobody can ever sing and write songs like him. Truly missed..but glad we did have him..even if it was for a short time. He will live forever...miss you!

10 In My Defence

In my opinion this is the saddest Freddie's song. When I hear the lyrics I see behind them a real human. Not an artist, not a big star, not a poet but a real good man who know how imperfect we all are.

Undoubtedly in my personal opinion, this song is the sadest song Freddie Mercury ever performed as a solo artist. These are the days of our lives is the sadest song that queen did in my opinion (although it was without Freddie) but this is the sadest Freddie ever did. "In my defense, what is there to say? All the mistakes we made, must be faced today..." Hope you're rocking' in rock n' roll heavan Freddie rip

I love the hell out of this song! The words are so true. freddy murcury had a awesome voice. he's music will live on forever! Love love love ya freddy! Rip.

I'm just a singer with a song...

... How can I try, to right the wrongs?

Just goes to show we are still just all the same.


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11 It's a Hard Life

When you think of it, this song is actually heartbreaking.

Lots of emotion in this song its unbelieveable. The lyrics are so beautiful. Very underrated song.

So much power and emotion in this song. I love it

Freddie's vocals in this one are just... angelic. Such a beautiful song

12 Mother Love

I wish I had been born early enough to hear good music like this. I would have given anything to have seen Queen perform live. I know I could see them with Adam, who is a great singer, but it just wouldn't be the same. If I had a time machine, I would go back to 1985 and watch Live Aid, at least in T.V.. But time travel is for science fiction, and it is scientifically impossible. The Made in Heaven album makes me emotional whenever I think about it. I wish I had been around back when stuff like this was on the radio. I am honestly so jealous of my parents, who were born in the 1960s. They were around for Queen, AC/DC, The Beatles, Nirvana, etc. What I would have given to be born half a century earlier than I was. I was born in 2006, and I am thirteen. My family does not like classic rock, and my brother makes me listen to trashy pop and dubstep I hate. This song gets me emotional because it is so sad, Brian sang the last verse because Freddie didn't have enough time left to record it.

In a musical context, G minor melody, with the guitar playing a reverberated idea at the beginning give this song a very melancholy and chilling sound. The spinechilling B flat from Freddie conveys feelings of harshness, desperation and loneliness. The lyric "I long for peace before I die" is pretty heartbreaking, especially under the situation this song was written in.

What really makes Mother Love a standout for me is Brian singing the last verse, as Freddie had by then deceased.

Finally, the coda, featuring "Going Back", and also a sample of every single Queen song at the end creates a heartbreaking sense of nostalgia, and a frankly spiritual ending.

Absolutely heartbreaking song. Even though the lyrics (about a tired dying person who longs for peace in his final moments) were written by Brian May, it's painful to listen to the dying Freddie sing them. It was also the very last song recorded by Mercury - only a couple of weeks before he died.

I wish that I would have been alive to have heard this amazing band in action. I wish that I would have been able to have seen them live in in concert. Fred was so sick while recording this song, the poor man could barely stand up, but still had the same amazing strong voice.

13 Is This the World We Created...?

Cry every time I hear this song. God made a perfect world and we are screwing it up out of selfish greed. Is it too late to fix it? Love Brian's beautiful acoustic guitar on this.

This should be 1

14 Heaven for Everyone

The song, originally written by Roger for his own band, truly ended up reflecting on Freddie. Listening to him sing, knowing what was coming has something inspirational and extremely heartbreaking.

Granted, I do like the original Cross version w/Roger, but hearing it with Freddie drives me to tears every time.

15 One Year of Love

Great love song. It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

16 Nevermore

This song is amazing in everyway. It made me so sadwhen I first heard it. The piano is gorgeous and Freddie's vocals are amazing (as always) his voice manages to convey so much emotion. This ballad is a testement to Queen, Freddie, and all love songs

It breaks my heart every time.

Makes me cry a lot

17 You Take My Breath Away

He wrote this song to his lover of 6 years Mary Austin, trying to keep her in his life when he came out as bisexual to her. It makes me sad when he says anywhere you go I'll follow, showing he still really loves her, but his sexuality doesn't let her be with him.

The harmonization in this song is enough to make me want to cry.

"I would surely die if you dismiss me from your love. "

Whoever Mercury wrote of in this song, he loved very much.

The only Queen songs that could make me cry (and I don't cry easy! ) are White Queen (as it began), and this pure jewel of a song.
Queen takes my breath away.
Queen is love, Queen is life!

"Don't leave me here all by myself."

Definitely made me shiver and nearly cry. I never cry.

18 All Dead, All Dead

Though it may have been inspired by the death of Brian's cat, the emotions of loss are clear and vivid. The thing is, when you feel the emotions and think the thoughts associated with the loss of a pet, like his cat, you can feel the direct connection between that and the song. But also, you can connect the song and its emotions with loss in general and the vague lonely feeling accompanying you throughout your life.

This Brian song truly has some of his best vocals. Singing about loneliness would hurt even more after Freddie's death.

It's about Brian's cat, pixie. This is also my favorite queen's really sad.

Literally just cried listening to this a minute ago. What's wrong with me?

19 The Great Pretender

Sadness hidden behind the mask of an "entertaining" piece of music. That is what makes this song so ominous sounding if you listen to the words and realize the sadness hidden behind the happy sounding music... Eerie

Yeah. I would vote for All Dead, All Dead..But this upsets me more, just thinking I'll never see this guy. And how he never saw all the love he got sometimes. the great pretender..even the title makes me sad.

20 Made in Heaven
21 Innuendo

This song is amazing and really tugs at my emotional side.

The lyrics mix hopefulness with sadness in the best way.

22 Somebody to Love

One of the greatest songs ever. Probably everybody has that phase in life when it is his favourite.

23 A Winter's Tale

The last song Mercury ever recorded. He didn't have a chance to finish it, so the last verses were sung by Brian May. Extremely Gloomy song, and his voice seems stronger than ever.

Totally beautiful and heartbreaking. We used this song for the loss of my younger brother it breaks my heart but its also a comfort!

24 White Queen

Brian May wrote this song about a girl from his childhood he never had the courage to ask out.

This song definitely deserves to be higher up on the list, it's phenomenal

25 My Melancholy Blues

This song is sad. It's so underrated, it doesn't get the praise and love it deserves. I love the piano playing.

Its just sad ya know

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