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Scott Joplin was an African-American composer and pianist. He was born in the late 1860's and died in 1917. During his years alive he wrote many pieces, most of which were of the genre "rag time", for which he was known.
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1 The Entertainer

I play this song on my piano and love playing it, and I love listening to it. In fact, I am doing a report in school about a famous musician and I chose Scott Joplin because I love this song.

The Entertainer is truly a masterpiece. Although overplayed, it still holds up as an amazing piece of music that'll never die.

2 Maple Leaf Rag

I'd be a fool not to include this piece on this list. The upbeat-ness and rapidity of this song make it amazing. The very "jumpy" feeling the song gives, while still keeping it smooth, is unbeatable.

Maple Leaf Rag was the first song that made me appreciate ragtime, and Scott Joplin has been my all-time favorite composer.

This is by far my favorite Joplin Rag, and it's not hard to see why. This is what embodies the word "Ragtime."

3 Augustan Club Waltz

The first time I heard this piece, I was completely taken away. I have listened to it many times and have played it many times more, but still cannot describe my love for this piece. There is something about it that reaches out and grabs my heart and doesn't let go. It is truly a magical piece.

4 Kismet Rag

Definitely an underplayed song, to say the least. Like all Scott Joplin pieces, it has a steady yet powerful beat which creates an excellent atmosphere for the even better melody.

5 Gladiolus Rag

Gladiolus Rag is considered by many to be one of, if not arguably the greatest of the mature, most highly developed rags of Joplin, along with such masterpieces as Fig Leaf, Rose Leaf, and Wall Street. Joseph Lamb, who, along with Joplin and James Scott, was one of the great "big three" classic ragtime composers, highly prized this rag and named Gladiolus as his favorite of all the Joplin rags. No knowledgeable authority on ragtime would likely ever be found putting it below Kismet or Augustan Club Waltz, which, despite nice qualities here and there of each, should not be considered top 10 among the Joplin repertoire.

6 Binks Waltz

Scott Joplin was not known for his waltzes, but they are truly amazing! Once you listen to this piece, you'll be hooked. This song is insane in how it makes you calm, yet excited at the same time. Sit back, relax, and listen to Joplin at his best.

7 Pineapple Rag
8 Peacherine Rag
9 Fig Leaf Rag
10 The Easy Winners

It's actually pretty catchy but so painfully underrated.

The Contenders
11 Magnetic Rag

The best rag, in my opinion, sums up his career: happy, then sad. I love this. My absolute favorite.

Without question, should be in Joplin's top ten.

12 Original Rags
13 The Cascades
14 Wall Street Rag
15 Palm Leaf Rag

This one is smooth and good fun!

16 Sunflower Slow Drag
17 Bethena

Bethena is such a beautiful piece that I love hearing all the time. I was surprised to not see it on the list near the top.

18 The Ragtime Dance
19 Paragon Rag

This is possibly Joplin's most underrated piece of all time.

20 Frogs Legs Rag
21 None To Equal
22 Reflection Rag
23 School of Ragtime
24 The Strenuous Life
25 Weeping Willow Rag

A simple but moving rag that captures the core essence of ragtime.

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