Top Ten Most Talented Rappers of Nepal

Only the underground nepali rappers are included and it isn't based on fan base.
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1 Mc Flo

Probably the best rapper in Nepal right now. Keeping theme, style and character aside, this guy is the Eminem of nephop as he has created a song for every moment you can possibly be in and you can vastly relate to his lyrics

He is the one and only rapper to revive the underground scene of rap music in Nepal. He has released songs like "maile hasna sikey" "lay it down" "sapana ko sansar" "ma tairi rahechu" he has shown his talent and gave this industry much more than anyone can think about. He has also gained much fans and has the largest fanbase in the underground scene of Nepal. He has been indulging in this art for a very long period of time and is now on the process of going mainstream.

He flows like his name. His lyrics are deep. He knows what to do with the beat.

Every time I listen to his song I can relate to each and every one of them. He is a dopeass poet.

2 AirEase

This rapper is a very talented guy. Back in the past time, he was also known by the name M.B. M and I really don't know the full form. He has released almost 50 tracks by now and none of them are on the average level, all of them are dope and have different perspectives in them. My personal favorite track of his is "mero prem katha" and "2058 B. S" and his latest track "Malai Mero ma". He also introduced the art of dissing in the industry and also the technical aspects of rap. He is currently working on his new mixtape.

An inspiration. He puts so much heart into his music, no wonder he's at the top.

His lyrics are too deep and he is the best lyricist in nepali hiphop. He is a great motivater and a big inspiration to me.

He is the reason I started to love Nepali rap songs.

3 Balen

Balen is the tupac of nephop as the lines that are laid down by him are more of masterpiece poems. Lack of songs is hindering his success.

This guy has his own way of expressing himself in his songs, he is a former poet and now a rapper. He came to be known by his victory on rawbarz rap battle against lil grizl. He also has quite impressive fan base and is known for the political contents in his raps. My personal favorite of his songs is "Nepal haseko"

He is the best rapper ever his song are amazing,I am not telling this just like that but when I here his songs I fell he is a rapper born in once in 100 years & he should deserve the first place...

He should be at the top

4 U.N.I.Q

He is really a uniqe rapper, he hasn't released much tracks nowadays but has some interesting freestyles skills. He came in the highlights after his battles in rawbarz. I like his song "letter to god".

Common few of the rappers from Nepal who can be considered talents that can easily be accepted as international talents.

This is the person that I look up for motivation. He knows what he spits. He is the future of hiphop scene in Nepal.

None can use words like him. - Why is he in number 4? Should have been in top of the list.

5 Nepz Flo

He is a rapper from Butwal and he has released good songs, he is here since a long time.

He's dope lyrical rapper with a great voice.

6 Sacar

Guy has some good videos out and is known since his rap battles at raw barz published. His song "Letter to dad" was good.

He is best young talent. No doubt. Better than all his contemporaries.

7 Laure

His style is differ from other rapper.
His words in his songs are reputed.

He must be 1or 2nd best rapper in nepal. Rating is not good here.

He deserve to be best Nepali rapper.

He deserve to be best Nepali rapper.

8 Brisk Timos

The brisk timos of the earlier era was better as now he mainly raps on trap music. Still a very good rapper and one of the finest Nepal has witennesed.

This guy is a young rapper who currently resides in U.K. He raps about various things and is nowadays on many people's favorite list.

9 Master Subba

He is a really old cat, he's here since the era of Nepsydaz. He has impressive English vocab and uses extreme techniques in his songs. I don't have much info about him but his songs are impressive.

10 Yama Buddha

He must be in top 1. He is undoubtedly the best rapper in Nepal.

A legend in the making.

Yama Buddha is best

Yama Buddha is best

The Contenders
11 Viten

He is the best of the best, the most energetic rap of nepal. I started listening rap because of him. He has faced many struggle and the his hardwork made him what he is today..

Viten is the best

12 Xbhav

He is a young rising star who has so good lyrics even at such a young age.

Just Listen... He knows very more than just love song.

One of the most Underrated in the market.

He is one of the best

13 Nire

He might have the largest number of songs out in the field but only few of them are lyrical enough to get him in this list though he's been doing rap since a very very long time now. I like his song "mehenat ra safalta" where he has featured mc flo.

NiRe is second best rapper of Nepal he must be in second first. Mcflo the best

He is just awesome

Nire dai is best

14 Sagar Emiron

His lyrics talks about the ones feelings and it connects with the listeners with great music as well. Surely he is one of the underdog rapper of Nepal.

Still young can go a lot further if goes on trying... shouldn't be here though no offense

At the age of 17, he has thr potential to show something is in him regarding Rap!

Well just sixteen years but is starting to make a good piece of music not the best one but one day surely will be... grt fren

15 Lonewolf Nepal

One of the most struggling and a very versatile underground rapper.
Rapper from birtamode..jhapa
Does old school and trap.
Writes lyrics about every reality he been through with a good sense of music and listeners.

He is really a great musician..
His raps are versatile and different.
He should be on mainstream

One of the best rappers that I have listened to.

One of the best rapper in this industry.

16 Yodda

He is the best!
He deserves to be on the top!

17 Nepalese Soulz

His music videos are the most creative and dope among all Nepali rappers

18 Maha Kaal

Why the hell there is 4 in back.. I wonder how this rank was designed.. He deserve 1 with brisk on 2nd

19 5:55
20 Purplesmoke

Purplesmoke is the one and only person in Nepali hiphop scene who know how to outsmart olds cool. Every tracks he has is killer. His new song M.T.A.M. F is banger.

He is also here since a long time and has good songs out but he mainly focuses on the gangster part of the craft.

He don't deserve to be in this place. There are more dope rappers than him. Try to cover em all

21 Kavi G

I think he should be with in top 10.

22 Sawin Aka
23 Ace

One of the best underrated artist. Give this guy some exposure.

This kid is the future.

24 RaAshu

Still young can go a lot further if goes on trying... shouldn't be here though no offense

25 Anup Mainali
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