Top Ten Worst Metal Stereotypes

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1 It's Satanic

For crying out loud most commercial metal is NOT satanic. Just because it is not what some of the listeners are used to doesn't mean it is evil. That's like me saying reggae is evil because the songs are too slow!

Some metal bands talk about the devil and god and include evil lyrical content in their songs, but most of the time it is just for topical emphasis or shock factor. Metal is often rather akin to shock factor, and it isn't frequently used for brainwashing by the band. Even the bands that are arn't, as far as a I know, causing any more public damage than normal bands.

Also screaming and growling are forms of singing. For the most part they are not evil rituals or dark summonings.

I made a list similar to this, but no.

A lot of metal bands have satanic lyrics, but they aren't satanic, if that makes any sense. It is for shock value and to add an 'evil' vibe to the music. In fact, Tom Araya is a catholic, but his band is often accused of being Satanic. The reason metalheads and bands are desensitized to it is because a lot of them are atheists, or they just like the affect.

What it comes down to is; less than 1% of Metal bands are satanic. The actual satanic ones include Gorgoroth, Deicide, Mayhem, Mercyful Fate, etc.

I, sadly, hear this every time I tell someone that I like metal. I'd say about 10% of all metal bands are actually satanic. There are also lots of bands that people say are satanic, but they are not. Here are some of them

Black Sabbath
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin

This is the most PATHETIC excuse for calling the whole genre satanic. First off, most bands don't even MENTION Satan, let alone WORSHIP him. Second, most of us are either atheist or another religion. Only 0.005% of us are really satanists.

2 It's Talentless

Random kid: oh Metallica takes no talent
Me: oh really, when we get home pick up my guitar and try to play one of their songs
*gets home and plays one by Metallica*
Random kid: 0_0
I hate it when people say it that metal is talent less, yet try to play one, and you'll be thinking, oh. Kids are so dumb (except the metal heads and people who understand) these days.

Try playing the solo from "Painkiller" by Judas Priest when you've never picked up a guitar or try growling to an Ingested song. Hard isn't it?

Not a metalhead but I ask anyone who said this and never learned any instrument to play one of metal song. in my opinion they're the most talented musicians.

Give me a break. Guitars, drums and basses are way harder to play than MIDI instruments.

3 It's All Senseless Screaming

Personally this is the WORST because it's so annoying
1.half of metal isn't even screaming
2.half the people who say this haven't even really listened to metal

Not all metal songs are like this. I've never heard any screaming in a Within Temptation song before.

People who think this have only listens to Death Metal or Black Metal or some other form of "extreme metal".-DarkBoi-X

Not all of it is.

4 It's Bad for Children

It's actually good for children when they are angry, it helps them calm down in a healthy way that doesn't hurt anyone or anything.

So Sabaton teaching history is bad but Lil Wayne and Meghan Trainer singing about weed and asses isn't?

Many people don't know this, but there's a Finnish children's metal band called Hevisaurus. I'm not kidding. Look it up.

5 It's Unpopular

Not a valid excuse.

6 It Promotes Crime

No, if a crime was committed, it's completely the person's fault, not the music. They just use that as an excuse for people to sympathize with them in court.

If it promotes crime, explain why I've never committed a single one

7 It Encourages Bad Behavior

Any act of terror in this world will somehow get blamed on Metal. I.E. murders being blamed on Slayer, suicide being encouraged by Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne, and Columbine being blamed on Marilyn Manson

No, it doesn't. People have other things that might influence them, like their family or something they do that becomes habit.

Again, if it does, why don't I support bullying?

This only happens to stupid people who can understand metaphors
Like drax

8 It's Too Loud

But... that's one of the reasons why I love rock and metal so much...

9 It's Violent

Most pop and rap music nowadays talk about butts and sex. What do you think of violence then?

Clearly, people haven't payed attention to the lyrics in most of today's mainstream songs...

Pop and rap stereotype butts and sex.

At least it's vented calmly.

10 It's All Death Metal

The assumption that everything's death metal is downright absurd. Metalcore in particular gets confused with death metal very often. I had to tell so many people the differences between certain metal genres, and metalcore and death metal always get confused with the people I talk to. I guess this stereotype is placed because the vocalists are always screaming without clean vocals, and that's all the listeners hear? (see the above "It's All Senseless Screaming")

Death metal is great, yes, but it's just one of 1,000 subgenres.

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11 All Metal Artists Are Devil Worshipers

Do I REALLY need to explain why this argument makes no sense?

12 Everyone Who Listens to It is an Emo

I don't cut my wrists because I honestly don't see a reason too.

13 It is Bad for Your Ears

You know you can choose whether or not you want to lower the volume, put on headphones or both. As long as you keep these things in mind, you'll be fine.

14 The Drums Are Too Loud
15 All Metal Stars Wear Weird Panda Makeup and Over the Top Expressive Clothes
16 All Metalheads are Angry and Depressed
17 Scandinavians invented metal
18 It's Only White Males
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