Top 10 Best Black Eyed Peas Songs

The Black Eyed Peas is an American hip hop/pop group based in Los Angeles. The group is composed of,, Taboo, and Fergie.
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1 I Gotta Feeling

It has an awesome beat, One of the most/best successful Songs in music history/of all time. As of 2012 it sold over 16.1 million times, Out selling Kesha's Tik Tok, I Gotta Feeling is The Black Eyed Peas most successful song of all time. The Best selling digital song of the 2000's. Good work

This is 1 of my favorite songs of the Black Eyed Peas. My other would be "Pump It" & "Electric City. " I kinda also like " One Tribe. " But I wouldn't put this song in 1st place. I would put "One Tribe", "Electric City" or "Pump It"

Cause I GOT A FEELING that tonight's gonna be a good night! The beat is awesome in this song, and I saw the flashmob in Winfrey's show! That was fantastic! This is best song of B.E. P, no the best song of the 2000's

2 Where is the Love?

As much as I enjoyed the Elephunk album, this song shows the Peas' sweet side by singing and rapping about everything wrong in the world and how people can make the world better. It has aged like fine wine, and during dark times like these, we need to play this song to get through COVID-19. Plus we get treated to an uncredited Justin Timberlake singing on the chorus. This is my favorite Black Eyed Peas song, and I think it manages to be better than their other work.

Imagine Mario characters in "Where Is the Love" w/ other crossover characters.

Imagine Pedro (voiced by & still will be & even from 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky's "Rio" franchise) rapping the lyrics, Pinky the pink ghost (potentially voiced by Fergie) from Pac-Man singing the Fergie lyrics, GonGon (from Super Monkey Ball & potentually voiced by Jaime Luis Gomez) rapping the Taboo lyrics & Lolo (from the "Adventures of Lolo" franchise & potentially voiced by Apl. De. Ap) rapping & singing the Apl. De. Ap lyrics.

Your Favorite Martian: People killing, people dying,
Children hurt and you see them crying,
Can you practice what you preach,
And would you turn the other cheek?
Father, father, father, help us
Send some guidance from above,
'Cause people got me, got me questioning,
Where is the love?

Puff Puff Humbert: Where is the love?

Everyone: Where is the love?

Pinky the pink ghost: Where is the love, the love the love?

GonGon: It just ain't the same, always a change
New days are strange, has the world gone insane?

3 Boom Boom Pow

Groundbreaking! This record-smashing banger is nothing short of a musical revolution we had the honor to witness. For my musical taste (and for millions of other people too) it was a game-changer!

Boom, Boom POW is the best BEP song ever. To me the song should be at #1 and should be ahead of I gotta feeling by tons and tons of votes because Boom, Boom POW is awesome!

This song is the best! Even my busy father whose not so great music lover likes this song so much that he listens to it everyday. Uch that he listens to it everyday.

4 Just Can't Get Enough

This is a great and revolution song of the black eyed peas all thee Latin Americans love this song. Not by much, but this is the best Black eyed peas song. After looking at all of these, I've realized how many good songs that they actually have! It seems right after one song starts to get a bit old, another one becomes a hit. The BEP's are legit and now one of my favorite groups! I just love it.!

This song is so good! How can it only be #8? This song has a really good beat and nice lyrics. People who like slower songs can like it just as much as people who like fast songs! You will hit the replay button more than once on this song.

Not by much, but this is the best Black eyed peas song. After looking at all of these, I've realized how many good songs that they actually have! It seems right after one song starts to get a bit old, another one becomes a hit. The BEP's are legit and now one of my favorite groups!

5 Pump It

THE best driving song... And dancing... And showering... And the best song EVER... I go krazy when I hear this song... It isn't played on the radio nearly enough.

This like vintage Black Eyed Peas! Come on people! This should be one of the ultimate party songs! PUMP IT!

This song is so catchy! The reason I start listening to the black eyed peas should be way higher! Come on people!

6 The Time

The time should be number 1, 'cuse its totally different than the black eyed peas other songs even if it is abit like there new song Don't stop the party... The black eyed peas used a lot of technology and it took them long time to make this song'as the black eyed peas said' but really this song is on my top 1 I LOVE IT!
PS:I'm a peabody that means that I love all the black eyed peas songs but the time is my top 1...

The black eyed peas are a band that has this theme that technology is the future and this song definitely shows that.

This is just great song... Come on I gotta feeling at 1st place--This 1 is way better than that...

7 Let's Get It Started

This song is so upbeat! The song gets you in to such a great mood! This is the best song that the Black Eyed Peas ever made! The Rhyme is superb and the beat is excellent! The group has really done a great job! This should be the best song there ever was! Best Song In The WORLD!

This song is in my opinion clearly their best! It is by far the catchiest and is the most fun to sing along to. I like that it is completely their older style as opposed to their newer stuff

Why are all the noobs voting for I Gotta Feeling? I Gotta Feeling is one of their worst song. Let's Get It Started, on the other hand, is awesome, as well as most of the others here.

8 Meet Me Halfway

Number 8 for this song. I don't know why it is here. But this song is so beautiful and well performed that it takes my breath away. It should be in top 3 at least. From my side it's the best song ever by BEP. THE E.N.D.

This song should be number 1. This is by far their best song ever. I hope you guys will agree with, and I find it pretty annoying to have to write so many words in order to post

This song is just WOW.. And freaks you will be missed..! Don't be so dumb people.. Come on.. This is a beautiful song.. Vote for it, and bring it to the top.. At least in top 5. Superb song

9 My Humps

I think this song, besides the "The Beginning" album, is the reason the band is often hated. Personally, I have nothing against it, but that is also because as a non-native speaker you can completely tune out the lyrics.
Production-wise, the albums "Elephunk" and "Monkey Business" are awesome. And their rapping/singing is just them giving in to the mood of each song and spreading good vibes. They aren't really hip hop. They are a group who once had a sound inspired by different music genres and cultures, and that made them enjoyable.

Heard this song when I was really young. It kept playing on my radio and I had no idea how to fix it so I was listening to it pretty much all day. This is when I learned how a Repeat button works

It is my favorite song ever! I just love it! The lyrics aren't the best but it is very funny and catchy! Plus: It Won a Grammy!

10 Imma Be

Imma bee! A classic! Should be number 4, at least. I Gotta Feeling is rubbish.

Imma Be is agreat song. Sometimes it gets annoying when my friends sing it on and on and on.

This is one of my favorit black eyed peas songs but I like it better mixed with rock that body so ha gaaay!

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11 Rock that Body

Are you ' kidding me? 14? This song is WAY better then "I Gotta Feeling"! This should be number 1! You're all crazy...

You say you love black eyed peas but you not vote for thus song?
Are you insane? This in my favorite song dude...
It much better

This song is the greatest thing I have ever heard. Why is it not number 1?

12 Don't Phunk with My Heart

Exceptional lyrics, vocals, and the music video is hilarious. This song is infectious and the beat will hook you the first time you hear it. If you have not heard this song, then you have no idea what you are missing.

The Greatest Song Thus Far By Black EYed Peas, what is it the contender list, it needs to be in the top ten... No! Number one!

This song should seriously be in top ten.. Come on people its one of the best one! Songs such as my humps and meet me in the halfway appear there! :/

13 Don't Stop the Party

Why isn't this higher? This is my favorite song, it's so much better than boom boom pow! Heck, it's better than most of the songs above!

I think most people has not heard this song yet, dunno why Gotta Feelin, Boom Boom Pow at the above on the list when there is this brand new bang..

Tis song is really good so it should be much higher. Black Eyed Peas suck but this song is totally an exception.

14 Shut Up

This is their best song although they have many great songs, my top ten would look something like this:

1. Shut up
2. Where is the love?
3. Don't phunk with my heart
4. Hey mama
5. Meet me halfway
6. Don't lie
7. Let's get it started
8. I gotta feeling
9. Just can't get enough
10. Missing you

Imagine if Puff Puff Humbert sang the second verses & is still voiced by Ray William Johnson. Well, it will happen eventually. And guess what? Your Favorite Martian is a band that will no longer stay retired.

Come on guys! This masterpiece song shouldn't be number 14! It's totally unfair?

15 Hey Mama

Dude... You gotta listen to this track!
The track of this song is way too col...

Shakira? Ricky Martin? Lou Bega? No, it was this song that made me fall in love with Latin pop music. Thank you so much BEP!

Hey Mama is probably one of the best Black Eyed Peas Songs of Elephunk.

16 Bebot

Wow, people actually know this song? Cool!
I remember those days when this was the only song playing at parties. Haha, I miss those days.

In the top 10 at least,
1 Bebot
2 Rock that body
3 #WHERE IS THE LOVE? (why isn't it on this list)
4 Shut up
5 Just can't get enough

Why is it no17... its way better to be here

17 Now Generation

This song really some's up the generation we are in and it's just so damn good, it has a country feel to it and its such a shame songs like this one, gone going and one tribe have been completely forgotten because of the main stream success of this bands techno garbage

18 Party All The Time
19 Missing You
20 Gone Going

It's criminal how this as well as one tribe and now generation are going to be forgotten but songs like boom boom pow are going to go down in history, I can't claim to be a huge black eyed peas fan but the songs of there's I do like I really like, this being my favourite, has meaning, something I wasn't expecting when listening to it

21 Don't Lie

This song... this was the first music video I saw of The Black Eyed Peas and their music made a fan. Not only a peabody, no. The Black Eyed Peas have become my favourite band 15 years ago and, guess what? They still are.

This song is good. My list - Something like this
1. Just Can't Get Enough
2. Where is the love?
3. The Time
4. Let's get it started
5. Alive
6. Don't lie
7. Smells like Funk
8. The Apl Song
10. Imma Bee

I like this. My top ten is this:
1# Pump It
2# Imma be
3# Don't lie
4# I Gotta Feeling
5# Don't stop the party
6# Don't phunk with my heart

22 Play It Loud
23 Yesterday
24 Showdown
25 Light Up the Night
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