Top 10 Best Songs from the Broadway Show Hamilton

Hamilton stormed onto the stage and completely transformed the Broadway landscape. Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip-hop infused score about the life of Alexander Hamilton is packed with infectious energy, historical insight, and some truly unforgettable tunes.

Picking the absolute BEST songs from this amazing show is tough. Do you love the powerful, emotional numbers that make you weep? The blazing fast rap battles that leave you breathless Maybe you dig the catchy songs you find yourself humming days later? With so many incredible options, the choice is ultimately yours!
The Top Ten
1 Wait for It

Easily the best song that describes not only Burr's feelings toward Hamilton but his past life while describing his situation. He reflects on his love life, the people he's lost, and how he views Hamilton's climb to success.

Out of all the character songs, Wait for It doesn't only speak to who Burr is but is the perfect antithesis to Hamilton's My Shot. Self-preservation vs. risk-taking. Make it vs. wait it out. A fast-paced hip hop song vs. an emotional ballad. This song, along with The Room Where It Happens, establishes Burr as not only Hamilton's opposition but his equal. As another main character.

2 The Room Where It Happens

This is easily the most layered and diverse song in the show. It switches seamlessly between effects and instruments and has probably the catchiest rhythm. Also, with the lyrics, we get a little more insight into Burr's motives and personality, something we don't get too often in this show.

Finally, Burr reveals what he truly wants: to see what happens behind closed doors. He now understands why Hamilton is non-stop. It's because when you are in the room where it happens, you get to decide your own fate instead of others deciding it for you.

3 Satisfied

"Satisfied" is not just about a girl who has a crush on her sister's husband. No, "Satisfied" also teaches a lesson to anyone listening to learn to let go. Angelica loves Eliza more than anything and decides to let Alexander go, despite saying, "He will never be satisfied, I will never be satisfied..."

The second most heartbreaking song, yet this one sticks in my mind more. The rewound point of view from the girl who gave up the guy is so beautiful. Combine that with the rapping from Angelica to the beautiful singing, and you've got an amazing song that changed my life.

4 My Shot

There is not one line in this masterpiece of a song I would change. Essentially the underdog anthem of a way-too-talkative young man who is new in a city and dreams of changing the world, inspiring a ragtag group of friends to get drunk and dream. Although some may hate the rap, I believe rap is the only form where you could successfully drill the message of this song into.

Because I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy, and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my shot!

I can see why this took a year to write. This is a lyrical masterpiece.

5 Non-Stop

I have never liked rap until Hamilton introduced me to the genre. I loved Non-Stop the best. Why? Because it gave me a good feeling - a you-can-do-anything feeling. It has perfect harmony and beautifully combined lyrics.

This is the first time I learned how to rap and how to understand it. So now I'm NON-STOP!

Probably one of my favorite parts of the show. Every character gets a chance to shine here, the choreography was incredible as usual, and the song itself is incredibly catchy and amazing.

Non-Stop is basically a perfect mini-medley of the beginning of the musical, and it has so many quotable moments! There's no better way to end Act One than with this flawless song.

6 The Schuyler Sisters

I can't stop listening to this song! So good!

If it weren't for this beauty, Peggy would never have risen to power.

7 Dear Theodosia

The amount of love poured into this song is indescribable. It's the beautiful story of Hamilton and Burr meeting their children, and the pride and love you hear in their voices are enough to break your heart. And their gentle harmonies at the end are just so calming, heartwarming, and beautiful. I could listen to this song for hours.

The third most emotional song of the whole musical. When you remember that Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story and It's Quiet Uptown exist, you realize third isn't a bad placing. The harmony between Burr and Hamilton in the pre-chorus (my father wasn't around...) is just perfection.

8 You'll Be Back

Just the right amount of over-the-top craziness. The lines are written beautifully, even for a character who is often considered comedic relief.

Got sick of Hamilton quickly, thanks to my little sister, but I still enjoy this song. Jonathan Groff's voice is amazing and it's too catchy for its own good.

One of my friends said they're too old for Hamilton. So I told her, "You'll Be Back!"

9 Alexander Hamilton

I first heard a parody of this song about General Hux, a character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I loved the parody and was interested in listening to the original. And boy, was I pleased. I listened to the rest of the soundtrack and just fell in love with it! Now, I need to go see this Broadway show live!

In Hamilton, first is not the worst. In Hamilton, everything, and especially the first song, is the best! I can't choose, but I will choose the first song because it is one of my favorites.

The first one I heard, and boy, do I regret not listening to it sooner. Off to listen to the whole soundtrack!

10 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

This is an explanation of how we even know Hamilton today because, without all of this work from Eliza, we may never have known who Hamilton was other than by his works on the Constitution and how he died.

Eliza not only tells the story of Hamilton but of all the people he fought with in the Revolution. She tells the story of everybody that would've been forgotten. This whole song describes Eliza's commitment to Hamilton and his friends while also stating all of her accomplishments.

Phillipa Soo has an angelic voice that etches its mark onto your heart. I don't understand why That Would Be Enough or Burn is not here, but I know they would be in the Top Three Hamilton songs that make you cry. This is a heart-wrenching song, telling the untold story of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father. Hamilton is a founding father, very important to our nation, but hardly gets credit or recognition. Phillipa Soo's voice is great to finish the play, and the song will be playing over and again in our minds.

Yes, Eliza, it was enough. Cries.

The Contenders
11 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

This is just the best song in Hamilton. I don't really like Hamilton that much (it's because it kinda shows the British as evil people and I'm British) but this song is just amazing. It's got rap, singing, an amazing tune, good story, captivating lyrics, and callbacks to other songs. In my opinion, this should be number one. The world turned upside down because this isn't number one.

Amazing. Just amazing. I'm so confused this wasn't number one. It's just so energetic, and you can see everyone playing in this put so much power into it. Personally, this isn't just the best of Hamilton but the best in all music. Even people not into the musical should adore this song. Overall, catchy, powerful, and energetic as hell. Definitely the best of the best!

12 It's Quiet Uptown

How could you not love this song? Following Eliza's promise in "Burn," she has taken herself out of the narrative, which is why she only utters one line in the song (more on that later). In the wake of her son's death, she still refuses to speak. Instead, the song is told through Alexander and Angelica's points of view. Angelica has taken over her sister's narrative.

Alexander is clearly broken, which can be heard in the soft, croaking, speak-singing style Lin-Manuel Miranda decided upon for his character. Angelica and the Ensemble's singing stuns and turns people to tears (no, seriously though). When Eliza does finally speak, it's to utter "it's quiet uptown." The heartbreaking moment when you realize that she can't take any more loss, so she is beginning to forgive her husband, hurts for too many reasons. Just wow!

13 Guns and Ships

It explains who Lafayette is and how he functions in war and why he is able to win so much. This also paves the way to show how he convinced Washington to let Hamilton lead the charge into Yorktown. He not only helped Hamilton but also showed what he did throughout the war.

I wish I could rap. This is one of the best and fastest Hamilton songs, in my opinion!

Someday I will be able to rap this.

14 Say No to This

This is more of a personal favorite. Burr, doing his normal narration thing, believes maybe this one is better left to Hamilton to tell (hinting at Hamilton later spilling the tea himself in "The Reynolds Pamphlet"). Then, the embarrassed and regretful Hamilton sings a song that allows himself the pleasure of being regretful yet still making the terrible decisions he made. Add that to Mrs. Reynolds' "please stay" cries, and you got yourself a pair of sympathetic villains in this narrative. And an Anakin favorite.

15 Burn

This needs to be higher up on the list! It really shows how talented and beautiful Phillipa Soo's voice is. You can hear the raw emotion and deep feelings when you listen to this song. It's definitely one of the most poignant songs in the musical.

*Slight Spoiler* This has made it all the way to 15th place, but it still needs to be higher! Phillipa's voice is so amazing in this song, and it really reflects the heartbreak Eliza must've felt when she read The Reynolds Pamphlet.

A song that will either bring you to tears or make anger boil up inside you. Eliza's declaration of "ENOUGH" to Alexander as she burns his letters is powerful. Her heartbreak and pain are relatable, and her removal from the narrative is fitting and powerful.

16 What'd I Miss

Jefferson is great, and he knows it. So here he comes, hopping out of his little boat from France in a fancy coat, and throws shade at Hamilton for the rest of the act. Fab entrance for a fab character.

Daveed Diggs did a fantastic job at being Thomas Jefferson.

Not only does this song sound amazing, Daveed performs it extremely well live. Seeing him made me so happy.

17 One Last Time

I love Chris Jackson. He is incredibly talented, has a voice that blows away most singers you hear on the radio, and seems like a really nice person. Please get this outstanding song higher. It's truly amazing if more people listened to it. ASTOUNDING performer.

This song gives me chills every damn time. Christopher Jackson's voice is phenomenal and shows how Washington changed the leadership system to help the nation move on. Gorgeous.

I had the privilege to see the amazing Chris Jackson perform this on Broadway, and it legit made me cry. SO GOOD.

18 Right Hand Man
19 The World Was Wide Enough

I don't even know where to begin. Burr's narration! The weaving in again of the three duels that changed Hamilton's life (his son's death, his son's birth, and his own death). The "I imagine death" for the third time, this time with no beat or melody. Whereas in "Yorktown," there was both, and in "My Shot," just a beat. Lin-Manuel is a genius.

This should definitely be higher on the list. Most of this show was based upon the theme of legacy, and that shows especially through Alexander. He spends almost the entirety of the show trying to create a legacy. However, in this song, he accepts that making a legacy is "like planting seeds in a garden you never get to see." And for once, he encourages someone to take their time, Eliza ("...Eliza! My love, take your time").

20 Helpless

This is such a great song and so catchy! It really shows how much Angelica cared about her sister.

So underrated! Deserves to be higher!

21 Take a Break

From the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 at the beginning, alluding to Phillip's death, to the increasing emotional intensity with each subsequent chorus, this song is often overlooked. However, I think it's a very pivotal song in the show. It is also just a beautiful song.

So, if you were to ask me what I promote, Take a Break has my vote.

22 Washington On Your Side

This one is honestly my favorite.

I love this song! What a good rap.

23 History Has Its Eyes On You

I love that it shows that Washington isn't some robot that doesn't feel emotion. He shows human emotions of anxiety and worry throughout this, not just for himself or the Revolution, but for Hamilton, who I feel is like the son he never had. This also leads up to Hamilton finally getting his dream to lead troops into battle and in the most important battle of the revolution as the debut.

Christopher Jackson sounds fantastic in this one! Combined with the ensemble, this track is easily one of my all-time favorites!

24 Cabinet Battle #1

This is basically Epic Rap Battles of History. "Turn around, bend over, let me show you where my shoe fits!" Best line ever.

It's so funny and catchy. How is this so low?!

25 Aaron Burr, Sir

"If you stand for nothing Burr, what'll you fall for?" This is the line that made me fall in love with Hamilton. The whole thing is just so beautifully written.

Who else raps both parts and slightly changes positions based on which part it is?

I don't know why, but I really like this song!

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