Top 10 Best Our Lady Peace Songs

Our Lady Peace, since their formation in 1992, has blessed us with a discography that is as diverse as it is impactful. Their songs have ranged from the introspective and melancholic to the uplifting and energetic, all while maintaining their signature fusion of post-grunge and alternative rock. With Raine Maida's distinctive vocals and the band's knack for creating evocative lyrics and catchy tunes, it's no wonder they've amassed a dedicated fan base and a string of successful albums.

Now, when we talk about the 'best' Our Lady Peace songs, what are we referring to? Is it the raw emotion conveyed through the lyrics? The unforgettable melodies that stick with you long after the song ends? Or perhaps it's the innovative musical arrangements that set them apart from other bands? In truth, it's a combination of all these elements and more.

This list celebrates the greatest hits from Our Lady Peace - the songs that have resonated with fans, made waves on the charts, and showcased the band's musical prowess. From their early hits to their more recent releases, these are the songs that have truly defined Our Lady Peace's sound and ethos.

But let's not forget, music is deeply personal, and everyone has their own favorites. That's why we want you to vote for the Our Lady Peace songs that you think deserve to be at the top of this list. Whether it's a song that spoke to you during a particular time in your life, a tune that never fails to get you singing along, or simply a track that showcases the band's musicality, if it strikes a chord with you, it deserves your vote.
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1 Superman's Dead

WHY-AYE-AYE isn't this song first on this list? Such a cool and unique song.

This song is one of OLP's most recognizable. It HAS to be first on this list!

2 Innocent

First song I heard by them, so it kind of carries down like that. Amazing song either way, I'd recommend it to anyone in this genre.

Great song and love the reference to John Lennon and Kurt Cobain in the first part of it.

3 Starseed

True rock song. Get pumped every time it plays.

It was between this and Clumsy.

4 Clumsy
5 Somewhere Out There

Gravity is NOT crap. It was excellent. Sure, it was different, but that was no exception. It still sounded good.

Now for the main one-sentence point: This song moves me.

I rest my case.

Epic 2000s song, an anthem of breakup angst, hopeful to reunite!

It's because this song is too much awesome.

6 Naveed

First song I ever heard by them that got me hooked.

7 One Man Army
8 4am

This song beats all the other songs above it. It's beautiful and very moving. I can relate it to my life.

9 Life

OLP's rock/pop epitome before they started diving into crap like Gravity.

10 Is Anybody Home?
The Contenders
11 Whatever

Besides being a great theme song for my favorite wrestler after Stone Cold Steve Austin, this song is great. It should be number one or at least top three!

The theme song of Chris Benoit in WWE. One of the most amazing songs and always rocks!

This should be the #1 song. It's my favorite song. But wow, Whatever - laugh out loud.

12 Not Enough

Brilliant song! Could listen to it all day.

13 Thief

This needs to be top 5. Not my favorite but had to vote for it to bring it higher on the list.

Best song - no doubt! Beautiful lyrics and melody, and the vocals are simply amazing.

One of my all-time favorite songs. Why this isn't higher boggles me.

14 In Repair

This song put Our Lady Peace above flavor of the month and allowed them to become something that fans will remember well after the band reaches the end.

15 All You Did Was Save My Life

A fun song to listen to, so fun and upbeat.

16 Automatic Flowers
17 Heavyweight
18 Paper Moon
19 The Birdman
20 Julia
21 Carnival

This song has the best mix of what OLP can offer. Strong lyrics, and both the lighter and harder sides of the band's sound. It's a shame it's such an unknown song of theirs.

22 Big Dumb Rocket
23 White Flags
24 Angels / Losing / Sleep
25 Supersatellite
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