Top 10 Songs with Backward Vocals (Backmasking)

Backmasking is the process of recording audio and then reversing it so that it plays backward. It has been used in music for decades, often to create unique sounds or to add hidden messages to a song. Some artists have used backmasking to convey satanic messages or subliminal suggestions, while others have used it simply for artistic effect.

Regardless of the intent behind it, backmasking has left a lasting impression on the music industry. Many of the top artists of all time have used this technique in their music, and it has become a popular topic of discussion among music lovers and conspiracy theorists alike.

With your help. we have compiled a list of the top ten songs with backward vocals. These are the tracks that have captured our attention, piqued our curiosity, and left us wondering what other secrets might be lurking within the music we listen to every day.
The Top Ten
1 Hell Awaits - Slayer It's in the intro: "Join us! " (x45), followed by "Welcome back".
2 Damien - Iced Earth At the end of the song Jon Schaffer repeats backwards the message from the middle of the song. It's a quote from the movie Damien that inspired the song:
"Your pain on the cross was but a splinter compared to the agony of my father. I will drive deeper the thorns into your rancid carcass, you profaner of vices.You have done nothing."
3 Stormbringer - Deep Purple
4 Rocket - Def Leppard When played backward, at the beginning you hear "We're fighting with the gods of war."
5 Disease, Injury, Madness - Between the Buried and Me "You must wait for the rest of the non-believers/If you disagree, you will sleep/You must wait for the rest of the non-believers"
6 Still Life - Iron Maiden You have to play backward the beginning of the song where drummer Nicko McBrain gives a speech, haha.
"Hmm, Hmmm, what ho sed de t'ing with de t'ree bonce. Don't meddle with t'ings you don't understand", followed by a belch.
7 Empty Spaces - Pink Floyd "Hello, Luka. Congratulations. You've just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the funny farm, Chalfont." (voice in background) "Roger! Carolyne is on the phone! " "Ok"
8 Work It - Missy Elliott Backward lyrics are the other part of the chorus: "I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it", and, "Watch the way Missy like to take it backwards"
9 Azwethinkweiz - Incubus When played backward, you hear something like "Thursday Night we smoked indica, and Azwethinkweizm was born"
10 Announcement Service Public - Linkin Park When played backward, you hear these phrases: "You should brush your teeth, and you should wash your hands."
The Contenders
11 665 - Soundgarden "Santa, I love you baby. My Christmas king. Santa, you're my king. I love you, Santa baby. Got what I need."

Such a perfect troll to those who think rock music was satanic. More like SANTAnic, am I right guys?

12 My Name Is - Eminem "It is Slim" / "It's Eminem! "
13 I Remember Larry - Weird Al Yankovic "Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands."
14 Rain - The Beatles "...the sun shines. Raaain. When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads"

I think this is too low at 50. It's one of my favorite Beatles songs, and it was the very first song with backwards vocals.

15 Loser - Beck "Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me"
16 Karate - Tenacious D "Eat donkey crap."
17 Whookam - Steve Vai A long message, beginning with "There is a god; the universe is not without a creator, sustainer and protector. He is the ocean of bliss",...
18 Darling Nikki - Prince "Hello, how are you? I'm fine. 'Cause I know that the Lord is coming soon. Coming, coming soon", followed by 37 "hah"s.
19 Revelation #9 - Marilyn Manson "You are on the other side now...there ain't no going back once you been here, brothers and sisters...there ain't no going back."

"uh uh the apocoloypse"

Wait. Manson made a cover of Revolution 9? Oh god no... Wait! Revelation 9? Ok.

20 Mr. Radio - Electric Light Orchestra
21 Jesus Wrote a Blank Check - Cake "Don't forget to breathe in."
22 Kudamm x Knesebeck - Shindy

The sample in the background is played backwards throughout the entire song, including the "oooh oooh" soul sample, thus creating a certain chaotic, experimental tone.

23 Right on Time - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sounds like they're saying "we miss him." It references Hillel Slovak, a former RHCP member who died from heroin addiction.

24 Revolution 9 - The Beatles
25 Love Bites - Judas Priest "In the dead of the night, love bites"
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