Top 10 Ways to Tell If Someone's Music Taste is Bad

I'm not saying as a fact that this makes someone's taste in music bad. All I'm saying is that if you're a rock fan like me especially, these things might make you think that someone's music taste is bad.
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1 They Only Listen to Pop, Rap, or EDM

Even though I like most music genres, there's nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is bashing somebody for their music taste.

Depends on the EDM. If it's deadmau5, you have really good taste in music. If it's Skrillex, you're a catastrophe.
But yes, if that's ALL you listen to, you're pretty narrow-minded.

I listen to Michael Jackson, he's pop. I listen to 2pac and Nas, they are Rap. I listen to Robert Miles, he's EDM. Does this still seem like bad music taste?

I listen to pop and rap. I don't really care if people hate my music taste. I just don't really like heavy metal to be honest.

2 They Call Music with Real Instruments "Outdated"

I don't like synthetic instrumentation. By that I mean EDM, computer generated music. I'm all for keyboard and guitar synths, like Iron Maiden did on Somewhere In Time, I don't like synthetic instruments because they're too fake feeling to me. I respect the talent it takes but I don't like it at all.

What about classical music then? What about the classics Mozart, Beethoven and many more? They use solely instruments!

Yeah you actually have bad taste in music if you really think this. Unless you like electronic music.

Playing instruments takes talent but it kind of is if popular music doesn't do it now.

3 They Like Soundcloud Rappers

I mean yes I do agree that music taste is subjective and I'm not really an elitist anymore but I think Soundcloud/mumble rap is one of the few exceptions. like if you genuinely think that 6ix9ine or Lil Uzi Vert or whatever is unironically good music, you need to go outside immediately

I don't really have a problem with people who have different music tastes than me, but this stuff is downright brain-rotting.

I hate soundcloud rap, but I may be one as a get rich and famous for just screaming curses.

The good ones hired ghost producers and the bad ones are flat out disastrous.

4 They Think Anything Made Before the 2010s is "Outdated"

No, people are still rocking to the great songs by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen to this day. It's actually most of the artists that people who say this like who will be outdated in 20 years.

Music is should timeless. Don't judge a music based on it's era.

In 2038, no one can tell apart 6ix9ine and Lil Pump.

5 They Only Listen to Popular Top 40 Radio Hits

A lot of Popular Top 40 Radio Hits are boring. I like what does not play on the radio.

So? That's what they like

6 They Call Rock and Metal, "Satan Music"

Yep. When I told some kids on a FaceTime-like app that I like heavy metal they says that it's music of the devil (or they asked that and got worried). I told them that it isn't true.

The only satanic metal band I like is Behemoth but that's because I just really like everything but the lyrics.

No. Rock and Metal are not satanic although the Norwegian Black Metal.

Very true. Just because it's rock/metal doesn't make it Satanic music...

7 They Think Modern Pop is Real Music

It always gives me a cheap laugh when I see people comparing their tastes to other people's tastes - as if they're acting elite about it. Anyone has the right to determine what makes a song good or bad in personal opinion, but that doesn't mean you should lash on other people for their tastes. Nevertheless I don't see a world that doesn't judge other people's choice of music. I personally believe that anything can be considered music - as long if your ears are comfortable tuning in within it.

It is real music. So is rock, heavy metal, rap etc. Just because you don't like a certain genre doesn't mean it isn't real music.

Heck, I know too many of these idiots. They have about as much musical insight as a gnat.

Modern pop is what plays on the radio now. I like obscure pop songs more.

8 Their Favorite Genre is Trap Rap

I don't like this genre, but pretty much everyone else does, which I respect.

That's the genre that some of the worst stuff comes from.

9 They Support 6ix9ine

Is that rainbow dash but looks corrupted ?

So all of my classmates

He should die already.

Who support him?!

10 They Like K-Pop

What? I don't like K-POP and I despise it's toxic fanbase but people like K-POP because they want.

Most of the song are bad. But hey, it's my opinion and you don't have to agree with it.

There's nothing wrong with liking K-pop. Some of the songs are catchy.

I don't like it at all.

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11 They Only Listen to One Type of Music

This hurts more than it should because it's the only true one I found in this list. Yes baby, you may listen to the best synthwave has to offer, but if you only listen to electronic music you may shut up when people actually talk about music

I listen to pop music and video game music.

12 They Claim 2 Chainz, Lil Wanye, XXXTentacion, Kodak Black, Tyga, and 6ix9ine are Good Rappers.

If you want good rap, listen to Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, OutKast, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. Don't listen to trap rap or the garbage released by Young Money.

I'd say that Lil Pump should be on this list too, but let's face it. No one likes Lil Pump except ironically.

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are good when they actually try to be. I agree with the others though.

Lil Pump should be on that list too. He sucks more than Lil Wanye.

13 They Like Jacob Sartorius
14 They Think Twenty One Pilots is Rock

I like twenty one pilots, but they are not rock. Also, there's no such thing as a bad taste in music.

That doesn't mean they have a bad taste that means they're ignorant.

21 Pilots is good, but they're not rock.

I never thought they were rock.

15 They Like Justin Bieber

I only like 3 of his songs, but he isn't that great.

16 They Think Your Music Taste is Bad

Yes those who are constantly criticising others taste in music usually have poor (or at least close mined) tastes themselves this needs to be number one.

Music is art and art is subjective. What's the point in hating other people's tastes? Just let them listen to what they like and you can listen to what you like

There is no such thing as a bad music taste. Well, except for Nightcore, Pornogrind etc. These genres are terrible and shouldn't be considered as real music.

This list is getting out of hand, so I have no other choice but to add this.

17 They Think Pop Requires No Talent

While it's right that there are some talentless pop songs, there are actually some good pop songs.

Why is that bad taste? How you guys HEARD 2010s pop music? The singers of these terrible songs are braindead!

It still requires talent, but everyone can write lyrics about love right?

18 They Believe Every Stereotype

That metal is just screaming, that pop requires no talent, that all rappers write about is drugs and girls, that all rockers are drug addicts and that all country is about whiskey and heartbreak.

Most of these aren't bad music tastes, just one sided tastes or people being ignorant to other genres without acknowledge their qualities or impact.

People are stopping themselves from exploring other genres because of the stereotypes of that genre and/or people.

It needs to be higher.

19 They Listen to Drake

Pretty much every guy in my grade at my 6th and 8th grade school.

20 They Use the Phrase "Real Music"
21 They Think Scene Bands are Metal

Yeah. Metallica is EXACTLY like Blood on the Dance Floor (sarcasm).
Metallica is godly music. Blood on the Dance Floor is not even music.

22 They Listen to Mainstream

This actually makes some sense. Some people, when asked to say what's good about a music artist, come up with the sales figures they had as reasons.

I don't like a whole lot of mainstream music. It's just repetitive and boring.

Everybody does, but that doesn't mean they like it.

Not every mainstream music is bad though.

23 They Think Metal is Just Screaming

My entire family (at least my mom and my sisters) except my great uncle (who's pretty young).

Some metal does have screaming and songs in general but not all of it does.

My classmate thought the same for rock music.

How dumb can people be?

24 They Call Anything Before 2010 "Old"

Actually calling 2000s superhit songs like In the End old makes some sense, because there are songs that can get "old" with overplay and time, especially if the commenter was alive when the song came out. I'm not interested if an underground thrash band is from the 1980s but I really think a pop hit from 2012 that is still being played is already getting old.

I'm one of those people who call anything before 2019 old.

What if they call anything before 2020 old?

25 They Consider John Mayer to be "Deep"
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