Top 10 Things in Music We Most Hope Happen in 2023

What things do you wish would happen in 2023 with music?
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1 TikTok's influence on mainstream music decreases

TikTok has been dictating what is popular in the charts over the past 3 years. As a result, some terrible songs inexplicably become popular while some unknown artists work extremely hard to achieve their dream and don't get the recognition they deserve. Major labels are also begging artists to make TikTok challenges to make sure the songs go viral. Because of TikTok, we also have sped-up versions of songs being released to streaming platforms, which makes me sick. This needs to stop sooner rather than later.

I agree this is an issue. A lot of the songs TikTok made popular are horrible and overplayed and don't deserve to be anywhere near the top of the charts which is where they end up not because they're good but because they get exposure across TikTok. As much as I wish this would happen I doubt it will happen just because of how popular TikTok is and how much it influences our society

I genuinely hope that TikTok itself decreases. Honestly, I just liked it as a song.

2 Rihanna releases a new album

It's kind of funny to think that Rihanna used to release a new album almost every year and now Anti is her only album in the past 10.
Also maybe this sounds silly but now that Taylor Swift has basically confirmed her title as the biggest pop star of this generation I want someone to give her some actual competition.

She released her first official song in 6 years last year with "Lift Me Up", but I still want to hear more from her. Now that she gave birth, she may have found her inspiration to write new songs.

3 Olivia Rodrigo releases her sophomore album

When Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album, she became the voice of a generation. Since then, aside from touring and a new season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, she hasn't released any new music and a few female singers have been trying to ride her coattails, sometimes to terrible results. Her fans are probably eagerly awaiting her return so she can prove everyone she's still a great singer-songwriter. I wonder what her new songs will be like. Will we have happier songs? Or more sad/angry songs?

If it wasn't already clear at this point I think Olivia Rodrigo is awesome and I'm happy for her success for a long time to come.

However regarding pop stars born this century I have to ask. Why are there only 2 good ones (you already know who the other one is)?
I'm hoping to be proven wrong but everyone else that seems to be getting any kind of traction has disappointed me.

4 Maroon 5 goes on hiatus

Hopefully this will happen. The Adam Levine Experience has 6 members but it only feels like 1 person. Even Tame Impala, which is only one guy, feels more like an actual band! Also, nobody wanted them to perform at the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show but they did anyways. I think The Adam Levine Experience should just go on hiatus and a couple of years back, their bassist got arrested for domestic violence and left the band afterwards. And after the cheating scandal, it looks like their chances of going on hiatus and not being relevant anymore are higher. The only people I can see listening to them now are single moms who have a boner for Adam Levine.

I was wishing it would happen in 2022. It hasn't happened yet but there's still hope it will. If Adam Levine's cronies are getting sick of him, I'm not even surprised. He basically destroyed the band's foundations and tries so hard to stay relevant when he should be focusing on his family.

At this point these guys are basically jokes. They should quit. Besides, isn't Adam Levine like in his 40s? And he still makes the same old cheesy pop love songs? Yeah...

Brendon Urie just announced the end of Panic! At the Disco. Let's hope the same thing will happen with The Adam Levine Experience soon.

5 Megan Thee Stallion wins her trial against Tory Lanez

I'm so sick and tired of people claiming that Megan Thee Stallion is lying about getting shot by Tory Lanez. I think Tory Lanez is the one who needs to be punished, not Megan. At least Megan seemed very honest during her testimony, while Tory is just a lying douchebag.

6 Kanye West takes a break from music

It hurts me to write this, but everything Ye needs right now is help, a lot of help. His mental state has been severely deteriorating and he's out of control right now. Whether his bipolarity affected his judgment or not last year, he needs to take a break from everything, including music before he releases more terrible music that exemplifies his dangerous political views.

7 Fewer samples of classic songs

2022 has been a year of gimmicky samples, with songs such as "I'm Good (Blue)" by David Guetta & Bebe Rexha, "Staying Alive" by DJ Khaled featuring Drake and Lil Baby or "Betty (Get Money)" by Yung Gravy being some of the biggest offenders. To all the musicians and producers out there: if you wanna sample a well-known song, be creative with it. In fact, lazy samples of classic songs feel like remakes of classic movies: nobody needs this! So stop ruining the classics and create your own melodies. This also counts for posthumous releases.

8 My Chemical Romance releases a new album

They have not released a proper studio album in over 10 years but did release a new single "The Foundations of Decay" back in May. It would be cool if they put out a new album in 2023.

That would be awesome to see MCR release their first album since 2010's Danger Days.

9 Blink-182 release a new album with Tom DeLonge

With Tom DeLonge back in the band, it's time to make more music together. Hopefully it will be good.

10 A new band arises with a unique style of music that prompts a new era
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11 Fall Out Boy releases a new album

FOB have been hinting a new album as of late and hopefully it turns out good. First four were pretty good, SR&R was just okay, AB/AP was mediocre, and Mania was disastrous with almost no highlights. Even the guitarist admitted that he doesn't like Mania. Hopefully they will redeem themselves for album #8.

5 years is enough time for redemption after the disaster that was Mania, but at the same time I don't want to get my expectations high.

12 EDM gets a revamp

EDM has been losing its appeal over the past few years. The songs sound all the same, with the same recycled beats and sounds. Most of the new songs also revolve around remakes of classic songs. Something desperately needs to be done about this. I hope a new DJ/producer will create that sea change this year.

13 An indie artist breaks out into the mainstream

If it weren't through TikTok, it would be perfect. TikTok may be beneficial for an artist's career, but it can also be the kiss of death for them when we see the many one-hit wonders TikTok has created. Although I'm glad Steve Lacy has gotten some recognition, I don't blame him for thinking TikTok has ruined him.

14 MGMT releases a new album

Hopefully an actual studio album. It would be great to hear new music from them.

15 The Arcana releases a new album
16 System of a Down release a new album

SOAD have released only two songs since they got back together in 2010 (already 13 years ago). Now it's time they work on their overdue new album. Hopefully it will be this year.

17 Ronnie James Dio is awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously
18 Green Day releases a new album

I know that they are releasing 25th anniversary edition of Nimrod soon but it would also be nice if they also released an album with brand new material, and I do believe they are still working on their fourteenth studio album. Hopefully it turns out good as they have been going downhill ever since the trilogy (though Revolution Radio turned out decent) and things got much worse in Father of All, a disastrous album where they sounded like parodies of themselves and also had almost no highlights. Hopefully they're stepping up their game on album #14.

19 Gorillaz releases a new album

They are releasing one at the end of February.

20 Dua Lipa releases a new album

I'm pretty sure she is still working on her third album and it's expected to come out later this year. She did a song with Megan Thee Stallion last year "Sweetest Pie", which I disliked at first but it was a grower on me though it's still not as good as "Levitating".

Future Nostalgia was an excellent album, but then the singles she released after that were more like standard pop. I hope her next album will be more adventurous.

21 Bad Bunny is a headliner at Coachella

It has been announced Bad Bunny will be headlining at Coachella, alongside Frank Ocean notably.

22 Jay-Z releases a new album

His last album, 4:44, was released in 2017, which is already a long time. Since then, he released an album with Beyoncé as The Carters and only made guest features. Hopefully we'll hear new songs from him soon.

23 Sum 41 releases a new album

They are still working on their double album "Heaven and Hell" with one half of the album being pop punk and the other half being more metal. If it's executed well it could be their best album yet, as double albums are usually a hit or miss. I don't expect it to be as good as other double albums like Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness though.

24 The Offspring release a new album

My hopes aren't that high that they are releasing a new album this year or if it will even turn out good considering how disappointing LTBTR was and how uninspired it felt. It just sounds like they are running out of ideas, as they have been going downhill ever since Conspiracy of One and they sounded like parodies of themselves in Spinter aside from "(Can't Get My) Head Around You" which is the only excellent song from that album in my opinion. I actually did like Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace quite a bit though not as good as some of their 90s material, and then Days Go By is just forgettable. It's clear that they were out of ideas in their latest album so if they are releasing a new album this year my hopes aren't that high that it will be good.

25 Nelly Furtado releases a new album

That would actually be nice, she's a great singer and her latest album was released in 2017.

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