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Zach Bryan is a rising talent in the world of Country Music who exploded on the scene in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. He was formerly in the U.S. Navy before being honorably discharged. He recorded his first hit song “Heading South” in the fall of 2019 while he was still in the Navy which unexpectedly went viral with over 16 million views without any industry assistance. He recorded his first album DeAnn, named after his late mother, in an Airbnb. Some of his songs have been featured in the hit drama series “Yellowstone” which has only boosted his popularity even further. One thing that immediately stands out about Bryan’s songs is they are much more raw and DIY which makes them more authentic. He combines folk storytelling with outlaw country style to create a nice genuine and authentic tone to his songs.
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1 Heading South

This was the song that launched Zach Bryan's popularity. He recorded this song from his Navy barrack in fall of 2019 and the video went viral unexpectedly. This is a simple acoustic song that talks about a young boy who was stopped from accomplishing his dreams "Heading South" is a song of encouragement to always hold your head high and never give up on your hopes and dreams and follow through with what you started. This is the ultimate song of hope that will inspire you to keep pushing forward and never allow anyone to quiet your voice.

2 Something in the Orange

Something in the Orange is probably Bryan's most popular song at the time of this list. It's about the comforting orange glow of daybreak, but for someone still holding on to their lost love, it can be a stark reminder of the emptiness and heartache you feel. Either of something that once was or something that'll never be. Bryan captures this feeling perfectly in "Something in the Orange". He hopes for another chance with a past lover who left him yet meant everything to him. "To you I'm just a man to me you're all I am" it's a heartfelt message that feelings from relationships that are long over can last for awhile.

3 From Austin

This is a song about leaving Austin, but more than that, it's about a failed relationship. He remembers the good times, but things didn't work out and he acknowledged that he might not have been the best person for her. But he's glad she settled down and he has finally left her behind and moved on from his heartbreak. It's got a sad vibe to it, but the guitar is a little upbeat and makes it sound a little less sad.

4 Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth is a murder revenge ballad from the perspective of a man who lost his wife to "the finest man she claims to have ever known" and wants to get revenge in the worst way. This song shines a light on the darker side of romance and how it can be a slippery slope. "Love is such a mighty drug, a mightier disease". It's got a honky tonk vibe, but I absolutely love the instruments here and the catchy beat of this song.

5 November Air

November Air is a song where Bryan addresses his late mother directly and sings about all she's missing out on, yet also talks about how nobody was there and how maybe Bryan wishes he could've been there for her. It's a sad feeling song, yet it expresses the love between a man and his mother and it's actually a beautiful song.

6 Letting Someone Go

This is one of the most emotional songs Bryan has written. He talks about letting something go that meant the world to him. It could be a past lover or someone who he saw as more than that. Either way, it's clear this girl is over him. It's a song with a sad tone and it can sometimes give you the chills.

7 Open the Gate

In Open the Gate, Bryan tells the story of a young man whose father was killed riding a bull in a rodeo. But, instead of keeping him away from the rodeo circuit, this made him more motivated to get out there into the rodeo circuit with a chip on his shoulder like he had something to prove."So open the gate I'm here to prove I'm better than my father was And where he came from, too." Then the son dies as well but he knows his son will follow in his footsteps. Without a doubt Bryan tells one hell of a story in this song.

8 Flying or Crying

In this song, Bryan reminisces on spending time hanging out with his friends reflecting on past adventures that saw some of their highest and lowest collective moments on. It shows the importance of having a support system and holding onto the people who are there for you in not only your best of times, but also the worst of times. This song was also featured in Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 5 which helped Bryan grow in popularity.

9 Heavy Eyes

One thing that immediately stands out is this song is a lot faster paced and more upbeat than most of Bryan's other songs, but it works well. In a way it's a representation of those "good ol days" in your childhood. The song is a recollection of memories of old friends and cherished memories causing chaos and being reckless. It paints a nostalgic picture of some innocence, first times and causing all sorts of trouble.

10 God Speed

This song is about dreaming of moving on in life. It mixes ambitions with patience knowing that it takes time. In the lyrics Bryan names his wishes over an acoustic strum, singing, "I wanna love a girl who Doesn't worry about the pictures when we kiss And wake up one day and not be so hit and miss." Still, he maintains patience, knowing that the journey can't be rushed. Bryan sings, "I'm movin' at God speed Only God and my mama know what I need." This song has a nice message and overall vibe to it.

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11 Burn, Burn, Burn
12 Revival
13 Oklahoma Smokeshow
14 The Good I’ll Do
15 Highway Boys
16 Snow
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