Top 10 Best Country Songs of 2022

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1 Something in the Orange - Zach Bryan

Without a doubt the best country song of the year has to be "Something in the Orange." By Zach Bryan who's only been growing in popularity and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I'm glad to see People like traditional Country Music again. I mean hell it's gaining radio attention against all odds considering Zach Bryan is an indie country music star. I've talked about this song before but it's a heartbreaking song about a relationship that has ultimately failed. You feel the agony and pain and emotion of a man whose heart is broken and defeated after the love of his life left him and how he wishes for it to continue but knows deep inside it won't happen. It's got some sad lyrics like "To you I'm just a man but to me you're all I am." And then he's like "where the hell am I supposed to go?" It's so nice to see a song like this continuing to beat the odds and get attention on the radio. It takes a special kind of talent to do that especially since Zach Bryan isn't coming from a major label system.

2 'Til You Can't - Cody Johnson

This is arguably one of the best country songs to be released in awhile. Johnson won single of the year at the CMAs with this song. I've talked about it before, but this song is that uplifting and encouraging song to live your life to the fullest and take advantage of the moment and spend time with your loved ones. Johnson sings a reminder to say you're sorry and I love you to the people who matter the most, and to chase those dreams and take chances because one day without warning it'll be too late and you'll wish you would've done what you put off for another day. Without a doubt this is a home run song for Cody Johnson.

3 Wait in the Truck - Hardy & Lainey Wilson

I know I've talked about this song before and it's a bit of a heavy topic, but one of the best things about this song is it makes you think. Hardy absolutely knocked it out of the park with this song, and Lainey Wilson was the perfect partner for it and what really sets this song apart in all the right ways. This song is about a man who picks up a woman from the street who has been abused then turns into a murder ballad as the narrator kills the abuser and gets sent to prison. But there's something about how it makes you think that makes it work so well. You don't know if you agree with the narrator's actions. It shines a light on revenge and justice and how there's kind of a grey area in between. Lainey even sings "I don't know if he's an angel cause angels don't do what he did", but that her life got better because of what he did. I also like the lyric "I never thought my day of justice would come from a judge under a seat." It's a reference to the gun the narrator uses and is just an example of how clever Hardy is with his lyrics.

4 Death Row - Thomas Rhett

Death Row is a gripping song where Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson trade verses about a shared real-life experience during which they learned what all they had in common with death row prisoners. The song has a lot of heart and self reflection in it. The song offers a stark message of forgiveness, humanity, emotional transformation and commonality, as they recall meeting an inmate who "ain't touched the grass in 30 years," and another who sings "Amazing Grace" with joy and abandon, "with one hand raised and one foot chained to the ground," just days before he's put to death. It's a very emotionally touching song.

5 The Kind of Love We Make - Luke Combs

"The Kind of Love We Make" is a steamy love song that truly sets itself apart from the other hits in his Growin' Up album, which is overall quite solid. It could honestly become one of his five biggest songs of all time. Few country songs are easier to sing along with than this one. The guitar sound at the beginning is really cool. It's a catchy likable song all around and could easily be one of my new favorite Luke Combs songs in awhile.

6 Flower Shops - ERNEST

ERNEST is a bit of an up and coming talent but this collaboration with Morgan Wallen ties the song together perfectly. The premise is simple. The narrator knows he's messed up after a bender that left "tears in her blue bloodshot in mine," and he's intent on buying out the flower shop's inventory in hopes of making up for his shortcomings a classic country trope of a heartbreaker seeking forgiveness. Yet it's the tone in their voices, that makes this song so perfect.

7 Damn Strait - Scotty McCreery

This song was a no brainer for this top 10. The song mentions King George (Strait), along with many of Strait's biggest hits, and there's some play on the phrase "damn straight," which works well here. It becomes clear that the Country Music Hall of Famer's music was the theme to a relationship that ultimately didn't work out, leaving the heartbroken narrator feeling the urge to change the station anytime a George Strait song plays. This became one of the biggest chart hits of McCreery's 11-year career, notching three weeks atop Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

8 She Had Me at Heads Carolina - Cole Swindell

Now I'll admit I'm not the biggest Cole Swindell fan, but this song is an actual banger. It pays homage to Jo Dee Messina's classic hit from the 90s, "Heads Carolina Tails California". The whole song is about a girl singing Heads Carolina at a karaoke bar and Swindell falling for her like "maybe she'll fall for a boy from South Georgia". I don't know how, but it works well mainly because of Heads Carolina being a catchy song. Now some people don't like it because they think it kinda "tarnishes" the original song in a way. Like, this is literally a song about singing an older song, but as a counterpoint this song kinda led to a mini renaissance of Jo Dee Messina and introduced her to a new generation.

9 Circles Around This Town - Maren Morris
10 Don’t Come Lookin’ - Jackson Dean

Jackson Dean is a rising talent that is known for his gritty old school "outlaw" style. "Don't Come Lookin" was his first big hit. This song is about escaping and trying to get away. I don't know how but Dean's voice sounds way older than his age. He's only 22 years old. Yet his deeper older sounding voice adds some character to this song in my opinion. It works well and has a slight menacing tone you can tell when he says "If I don't come back don't come lookin" he means it. This song was also featured on Yellowstone which further bolstered its popularity and introduced his striking talent to a wider audience.

The Contenders
11 For What It's Worth - The BossHoss
12 Mary Emma and Demsey (Electric Version) - Rebel Son
13 Geraldene - Miranda Lambert
14 Dance the Boogie - The BossHoss
15 Waxahachie - Miranda Lambert
16 Together at the End - Rebel Son
17 Flatland Girl - Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway
18 Strange - Miranda Lambert
19 Sweet Child O'Mine - Robyn Adele Anderson & Anthony Vincent
20 Forever and Ever Amen - Southern Raised
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