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Cody Johnson is one of the best rising Country Music artists. He was born and raised in Texas. Before he was a country music artist he had a stint as a professional bull rider and spent some time in the rodeo. He takes inspiration from his Texas roots as well as his experiences in the rodeo. Nowadays he’s one of the more popular artists thanks to his “Ain't Nothin’ To It” Album which launched his rise to popularity and leader of COJO Nation.
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1 'Til You Can't

Easily Johnson's most popular song at the moment. The instrumentals fit perfectly. The entire song is a message to all of us to make the most of every moment, reminding us not to wait to do or say things that matter until it's too late.

It's an encouraging reminder to take chances and chase your dreams while you still can. This song proves Johnson is very talented and is here to stay for a while.

2 On My Way to You

This was the first single Johnson released under a major label. From his Ain't Nothin' to It album, this song is heartfelt, depicting the hardships and mistakes he made on the way to finding the love of his life.

What hits me the most is at the end when he says, "I thank God for that, guess He always knew I was on my way to You." It's a feel-good ballad.

3 Ain't Nothin' to It

This is the title track of Cody's Ain't Nothin' to It album. In this song, a father gives advice to his son as he prepares to pop the question. "Just try to quit smoking and reel back the drinking," he tells him. "Don't always tell her everything you're thinking and dance her when she needs dancing."

It's a beautiful song that combines the traditional storytelling of older country music with the current style, and it's a bit of a feel-good song.

4 Texas Kind of Way

Here, Cody pays homage to his home state of Texas quite obviously. This was part of his first album, Six Strings One Dream, yet it holds up well and remains one of his earliest highlights, flashing his potential.

He not only pays tribute to his home state but also reminds his lover that no matter where he goes, he'll always miss her.

5 Wild as You

This is a feel-good love song with a nice fiddle at the start. It's a textbook Texas country ballad about a girl who cannot be tamed. This was one of his early hits and ultimately helped propel him to where he is now, in my opinion.

These lyrics hit me the most: "Cause you belong where your heart can be / Out in the open, wild, and free / Like a sweet summer rain, passing through / I ain't never seen anything wild as you."

6 Me and My Kind

This is a song about an ex-girlfriend who is not just done with Johnson but anyone who looks remotely like him!

It's not necessarily a sad song. It's got an upbeat tone to it and is honestly a good song to listen to. Everything fits well together.

7 Human

This song has a nice instrumental. In it, Johnson speaks as someone who is still trying to figure out life. It feels very genuine and transparent at the same time.

I think it's somewhat relatable even if you're not a country fan. The overall message here is that nobody's perfect, and that's okay.

8 Diamond in My Pocket

This is a heartwarming song about a midnight engagement and the nerves and jitters any guy would feel before asking the big question.

You can feel the anticipation and excitement with this song, and I really like the instrumentals here as well. They make the song seem all the more genuine and beautiful.

9 Dear Rodeo

Dear Rodeo is sung through the eyes of a rodeo star, which Johnson was before becoming a country music artist. Reba McEntire's voice works well here, creating a nice contrast.

While you might think this is just a song about his rodeo days, if you dig deeper, it's more than that. It's about finding strength through adversity.

10 Cowboy Like Me

Unlike many other artists who take on the cowboy theme, Cody Johnson actually has some first-hand experience with cowboy life. The intro starts with tuning a radio to find some words of wisdom he can relate to.

The song itself pays homage to his lover, who stays by his side despite him living the cowboy life in honky-tonk bars and the rodeo scene. It feels very heartfelt and authentic.

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11 The Painter
12 Dirt Cheap
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