Top 10 Biggest Reasons Why TikTok is Having a Bad Influence on Popular Music

While a good number of musicians are working extremely hard to achieve their dreams, others don't put in as much effort into their music and still manage to go viral on TikTok somehow. TikTok is having a negative influence on popular music; this has been evident on several occasions.
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1 Lack of creativity

Nowadays, more songs are made specifically to go viral on TikTok.

2 Increase in one-hit wonders

Nowadays, most new artists will be known for "that one song that went viral on TikTok" and not much else.

3 Record companies want TikTok viral challenges

Recently, some artists such as Halsey, Charli XCX, and Kim Petras have expressed their frustrations towards record labels. These labels won't release new music until the artists make a viral challenge on TikTok. Record companies are basically ruining musicians' careers by wanting viral songs.

4 Hit songs are getting shorter

Have you noticed that most popular songs these days last two minutes on average?

5 Bad songs and artists go viral

Another example of musicians lacking creativity and record companies wanting more money.

6 Sped-up versions are released to streaming platforms
7 TikTokers try and fail to become musicians
8 Underpayment of new artists

Record companies get most of the profit from TikTok success.

9 Proliferation of fake fans

For example, Jain and her viral hit "Makeba". I went to see her at a festival recently, and after she performed "Makeba", a lot of people left before she finished her set. Call that the TikTok effect. But I don't think she really cares because her career was already well-established in France before "Makeba" (which is actually an old hit from 2015-16) went viral on TikTok.

It seems like now "fake fans" are going to concerts of artists whose songs go viral on TikTok just to hear ten seconds of their biggest song, which went viral on the platform. A great example of this is Steve Lacy and his hit "Bad Habit". These "fake fans" have been buying tickets to his concerts but only know about ten or twenty seconds of "Bad Habit". (I think it's a great song, and I know a lot of the lyrics.) They don't know any of the other verses or lyrics of the rest of the song, especially his other songs.

Even Lacy himself is upset about this, and he claims that TikTok has ruined him. Hopefully, these "fake fans" stop going to concerts just to hear the 10-20 seconds of a song that is huge on TikTok. I'll only go to concerts of artists that I love.

10 Success is only due to a snippet

It's crazy how most TikTok users like only one part of a song but not the rest of it.

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11 Rapid decline in trending content

Should TikTok fall off, what will we have next?

12 Emphasis on profit over passion in music creation
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