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Tiffany Lynn Alvord is an American musician and YouTube, best known for being one of the most well-established and prolific musicians to appear from YouTube.

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1 Unforgettable

My favorite track by Tiffany. The vocals and instrumentals really help with the song's structure, and it's a great song to listen to and connect with during a relationship. I like the piano interludes used throughout, and the song is pretty raw in the production.

The music video goes along with the song really well too.

2 So Alive

I really like how energetic and catchy this track is. The guitars in this really keep me hooked, and the vocals support it really well. The lyrical theme is to be expected, but it's presented nicely.

Another personal favorite of mine from Tiffany's discography.

3 Over For Good

I like the production and instrumentals in this a lot. It's a light, mellow track that fits the theme of reconciliation rather well. Overall, one of my favorite tracks in Tiffany's discography.

4 Never Been Better

It's got a fantasy-esque lyric delivery throughout. It's a cute love song if you ask me. I really like the soft classical instruments used throughout, which I feel fit with the song's theme pretty well.

5 Baby I Love You

Definitely one of the most adorable songs I've heard. The piano instruments feel polished and organic, which gives the track a clean feeling. The lyrics are typical, but still work well as a love song.

It's a very solid closing track, considering that it's a song that's simple, but accessible and effective in its message.

6 Fall Together

It's got a nice and catchy beat to it, alongside the fact that the production here is well-handled, as evidenced by the millennial whoop during the bridge. The simple instrumental helps with the track's light mood, though it could have been better as an album closer.

7 Moment In Time

(Apparently Tiffany's 2012 debut album "My Dream" isn't recognized by Amazon or iTunes, so that sucks)

This is something I'd like to expect on a good pop track. It's got a very light and melodic flow to it, and Tiffany sounds quite solid on this. Lastly, its cheerful lyrics and soft instrumentals go along well.

It's an impressive pop love song overall.

8 A Little Love

Folk sound and the theme of love just blend together like black and white. It's a soft love ballad I could hum to for a calm atmosphere. I like how the acoustic instruments and Tiffany's voice go together nicely as well.

9 My Dream

(See my comment on "Moment in Time", which explains why the song doesn't have a sample)

The piano in this song is pretty good. The lyrics are about empowerment, which fits with the song's title. That, and it sounds pretty crisp and clean, and the vocals deliver as always.

10 Aftereffect

Something tells me this would fit in effortlessly for a romance movie soundtrack. Props to the song's production and quality. It's a pretty good love song overall, although Tiffany's done better in the long run.

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