Top 10 Best Chris Brown Songs

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1 Forever

Forever has been my favorite song since it came out. There are songs that you listen to and get bored of, but this song gets me every time, and I can honestly never get tired of it.

It's emotional and brings back good memories for me, and Chris Brown himself just sounds amazing. The video's really good too, and it's seriously my all-time favorite song, FOREVER!

"Forever" genuinely embodies the idealism that people embrace early in a relationship. The effect of its incredibly catchy beat is intoxicating and never gets old for me.

2 With You

My favorite song of all time. I regret that I didn't get to have it as my first dance song with my husband because we had a band and went all classy with Frank Sinatra. No other song says it as real as this song.

This song is well deserving of either of the top two spots because it connects the listener to the song. If you listen to the lyrics, you can picture yourself in this situation. Hands down, it's just a great song by Breezy.

I love this song! It is so catchy and old school. Everyone has to love it! It's impossible not to! I love you, Chris Brown, and this is a really great song!

3 Yeah 3X

Best song that I love in the whole world. Awesome song. This should be number 1, with Beautiful People number 2, and Best Love Song number 3.

Put your trouble aside and listen to this song. Love this song, nothing more to say. Awesome song, man! I too love this song! This song should be number 1, man! Best song by Chris Brown. Love it!

Wow, I love this song, especially the chorus, because it's such a happy and energetic song. This is going to be number 1!

This song is incredible and energizes whoever listens to it and brings confidence from inside. Also, love the choreography!

4 Look at Me Now

Overall, this is actually kind of dope. Busta is easily the best part. His flow is wild and wicked. His lyrics are quite well done, and everything else is really good. I'll give Busta's part a 6/5.

Lil Wayne did excellent compared to the rest of his songs in 2011 (3/5).

The only problem is Chris Brown. He rhymes 'dick' with 'dick' and won't stop talking about how "nice" his dick is. His flow isn't as good as Busta's or Wayne's, so I'll give Chris Brown's part a 0/5.

So overall, I kind of like this. I'll explain more in my post, so I'll give this a 3/5.

Breezy is amazing, Busta is unbelievable, and Weezy is great. This song must be a classic! I really love it!

I think that this is probably the best hip-hop collaboration ever!

5 International Love

With Mr. Worldwide and Chris Brown, it's really awesome to watch them sing and dance together. It's so mesmerizing that one can't stop listening from the first time.

SERIOUSLY!? It's not number 1!? Come on, guys, is something the matter? What's the matter with you all? This song is just SO AWESOME! I mean, the tune is so catchy, and Chris Brown's part is so damn good!

Even though I don't like Pitbull, this one is just too good! It has to be number 1 on this list! Vote for this one!

Should be number 1. This is the only song I hear when I'm out shopping in malls in Singapore! Chris is definitely cooler than Pitbull in the song. I love him in this song.

6 Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss sounds very much like Chris Brown. He wrote and directed the music video, and T-Pain produced the beat and wrote his verse. Songs like Forever don't sound like Chris Brown at all since he didn't fully write it.

I don't know who made this list, but I do know that this song, Look at Me Now, and With You should be top 3. Probably Run It next. But honestly, this song kills it.

I love T-Pain. His verse is boss! Chris Brown is really good too. He just uses a little too much autotune in that song, more than T-Pain!

7 Turn Up the Music

This song is so awesome and totally upbeat. I love this song and can't even believe that it's not in the top 3. This is number one right here. I'm in love with this song!

Chris Brown's most famous song is arguably his best. Amazing beat and great lyrics and vocals, as usual.

For me, this is the best Chris Brown song and should be TURNED UP to at least the top 5!

8 Don't Wake Me Up

Oh man, now this is some serious stuff. This song is so good, topping the charts in the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. Why can't it merely top this chart or at least be in the top 3? I just can't stop listening to this song. Please vote for it, guys. You won't regret it!

Like, really, what the heck is this song doing at 15? Give me a break. Hell no! It's supposed to be in the top 3, or probably number 2! Please, people, you gotta vote!

Why the hell was this not on the list? Absolutely amazing song. And Forever is good, but why is Don't Judge Me also missing from this list? Listen to the song.

9 Fine China

I don't know how this isn't the best song! He sounds so soulful and beautiful on this record. He's so awesome. This is his most Michael Jackson-sounding track. Such a classic!

That bass line's got something going on. My all-time favorite song. It's good to know that not everything's about getting women and drugs. It has that Michael Jackson feel as well, and I am a BIG MJ fan.

Totally one of the best songs. New and already so popular on iTunes. Just bought it, and I recommend you get it as well.

10 Next to You

A truly inspirational song for all those love hearts out there! Sensational lyrics, awesome singing, and a bit of the Bieber touch make it one song you should never miss. The experience gets ten times better with the music video!

I think of my boyfriend every time I listen to this song. I can listen to this song over and over and never get tired. I love this song.

This song rocks. It's lovely. Justin Bieber's voice is cracking. It's such a cool song. I just loved it.

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11 Run It!

"Run It" in my opinion helped launch his amazing career. I love Breezy to death. I'd do anything for him!

I typically love it because this is the song that got him where he is today! And, of course, because it is a good song!

12 Say Goodbye

While I do like many of Chris Brown's songs, "Say Goodbye" is probably a standout track for me. It depicts a situation I've been in before, and I think many others have too. It's a song about resolving a legitimate problem, and it's very well executed.

This is the one song that I listen to on repeat. The song was also written by the world-famous Adonis, who has written many classics in the Hip Hop/R&B music genre. Great song!

I love this music. It's terrific.

13 Loyal

It's not the lyrics, just the catchy music. It's an ongoing beat, and it doesn't change.

Love this song to my heart's content. It's a sassy song. Chris Brown, love ya.

Love Chris, his dance moves like Usher and MJ. This song makes me dance all the time. I love the music video.

14 Best Love Song

What happened to all you guys? It is the best song I have ever heard. It's amazing. One that touches your heart. Makes tears fall down. Just vote for it.

This is the best love song and one of his best, so come on, guys. Just check it out. I'm sure you will love it. And just vote.

Whoa, what the heck? How can this be so low on the list?!

It should be at least in the top 3. Come on, guys, vote!

15 Love More

I love this track. It has some Michael Jackson kind of style.

Big up Breezy.

16 Don't Judge Me

Wow! This song has such a deep, meaningful message on all levels, one that all people who love to really listen and take on board should hear. It's great to play after arguments, etc. It just blows me away.

This was played for me by the very special man in my life who is away in Afghanistan at the moment.

The best soft song by Chris Brown, it's just unbelievable. The music video is also a real masterpiece. Chris proves that he is the best just one more time. Everyone must listen to this song.

It is what it is with this song. It's that good. For me, listening to it makes me think... just think. The song is true, and that makes it real. That's why it's for most of us because nothing is new under the sun.

17 Deuces

This song is so underrated. Chris with Tyga is too much to handle.

This song is too great to be rated this low! It deserves the #1 spot.

It's amazing. It has a realness to it that a lot of music lacks.

18 Crawl

This should definitely be higher! Awesome, moving lyrics, as well as a catchy beat and a build-up too good to miss!

This is the best! I love the tone of his voice in this song. And it's so relatable.

I love this song. The melody, the sound, the music video - everything about this song is great.

19 Zero

Zero is a really catchy song that deserves more credibility! This and Fine By Me are both super catchy and come as a package. I would definitely recommend everyone listen to this song. You won't regret it at all!

Not a fan of Chris Brown at all, but this song is really catchy.

I love this song. I saw the video. It's really good. But the song itself is the greatest.

20 Champion

Trust me, guys. It's really an awesome song. Come on, it should've been in at least the top 5. You should just listen to this one. You'll fall in love with it. Please vote for this. It's the ringtone of my cell phone!

21 Beautiful People

I don't know why I like this song so much, but I just do. It's pretty awesome.

Nice song, good lyrics. I really love this song. I think this is the best song of Chris Brown.

Is it crazy that I consider this my favorite Chris Brown song?

22 Superhuman

The lyrics make me melt, and the combination with Keri Hilson is just amazing!

Love it.

23 No Air

When I broke up with my boyfriend, listening to this song, I literally felt like this.

24 Stuck On Stupid

Incredible is a song off the new album Fortune. It's an uptempo ballad that proves to be one of the highlights of the album. The production is very good, and Breezy's vocals are excellent. It gets better with every listen.

So amazing, Chris! The lyrics are so meaningful. A lot of people go through what he's talking about in the song!

Seriously, it's amazing every time you hear it and just keeps getting better. The lyrics are perfect.

25 Freaky Friday

I really like it. It's catchy, and I like that it's taken from the old movie.

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