Top Ten Notorious B.I.G. Songs

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1 Juicy

One of the best rap songs of all times. Some might say that B.I. G was better than Tupac, but they were different. Biggie was about the wordplay in his songs, the rhymes, and in that sense, his songs were masterpieces. Tupac was more about the deeper lyrics and his songs were about what was being said in the songs.

This song reminds me a lot of my 90's period, I can't even explain why this song is the best of Notorious big. The beat is perfect, the flow too, and we can see his mother at the end of the clip. Best Notorious tune ever, I will never get mad to it. (Each time I think of San Andreas haha)

This is the greatest song Biggie could have because he told his whole life in 5 minute with those great rhymes, meaningful lyrics and nice and good background beat/music. This song is just astonishing

2 Hypnotize

P. Diddy (known as Puff Daddy at the time) produced this and sampled the music from Herb Alpert's 1979 hit "Rise," which was written by Andy Armer and Herb's nephew, Randy Badazz Alpert, who told us: "I asked Puffy, in 1996 when he first called me concerning using 'Rise' for 'Hypnotize,' why he chose the 'Rise' groove. He told me that in the summer of 1979 when he was I think 10 years old the song was a huge hit everywhere in New York and 'Rise' along with Chic's 'Good Times' were 'The Songs' that all the kids were dancing and roller skating to that summer. He had always remembered that summer and that song. When he first played the loop for Biggie, Biggie smiled and hugged him."

I really hate the person who shot Biggie. I just love this song though. I love the main chorus. The son's beat it great as well. I listen to this song all the time.

The greatest song I have ever heard from the album Life After Death, amazing hit and deserves to be in front of Big Poppa and IT IS WOHO!

3 Big Poppa

Big Poppa's my favorite Biggie song and is one of the best and most memorable rap songs of all time. Biggie's flow and the laid-back beat make this song always fun to listen to.

This was the song that first got me into biggie! I have been listening to him everyday for a year and a half now!

He is just so classy, and his flow is impeccable in this song

Best flow of any of his songs I could play this song on repeat for hours. Instantly puts me in a better mood. Credits to "everyday struggle" as well, also a great song

4 Who Shot Ya?

IT IS NOT A 2PAC DISS, anyways this song gives me a really unique vibe, from the complex beat background to the dope ass lyrics and rhymes, 5 stars indeed.

My favorite track second too Juicy of course, I forget about how its apparently a 2pac diss song, just listen to the flow, vibe and the lyrics are perfect! 98/100

Amazing song all the way! Full of amazing rhymes and an outstanding beat. One of his very best songs on the album

5 Mo Money Mo Problems

R.I. P Biggie! This song wasn't all badass or serious, it was just plain fun. This is one of those songs you've heard and recognised but can't remember who it's by and what song it is. Makes me feel happy all the time.

Can't really explain... I just feel happier when I listen to this song, plus it never fails to pick me up on a bad day.

So happy and fun!

6 Everyday Struggle

If you ask me I think this should be no. 1, if you don't believe me then listen to this song for yourself, it's so underrated. It's from the ready to die album and is amazing! His flow is so good and the lyrics are so deep and real. Rapping about the streets and how he stays alive in such a horrid environment.

The lyrics are so well put together and are very clever, the flow was perfected. He raps about problems he faced living in the ghetto. Unlike other rappers who rap about swag and money. This should be in the top 10! It's underrated because it was a filler track in ready to die but it's very good.

How is this not in the top 5, it's his best song ever! The lyrics are so real and the flow is god like. So underrated just because it wasn't a single, it's way better than hypnotize.

7 Notorious Thugs

Different flow to Biggie's usual slower flow. He spits very fast. Let me say it right now, Biggie's verse is the best verse ever.

The moment biggie starts in this song you can see goosebumps
Jumping out of your hand!

This song is biggie at the top of his game. His immaculate flow paired with bone thugs' energy is intoxicating

8 Suicidal Thoughts

The flow and content matter of this song is not only amazing, but it is also revolutionary to hip hop as a whole and completely transforms the entire story of "ready to die" as an album. This make it incredibly profound when it comes to discussing his career and I think makes it his best song.

Suicidal Thoughts is a sad song about Biggie's sad side. The way this song is set up is phenomenal. First, because the song is pretty much a phone call, where Biggie and Puff are talking to each other, and then Biggie starts rapping, and then he kills himself. One of his best songs.

This is an amazing song. Puff daddy plays his part as well. Even though it's a short and there is only one verse, it is still great. It's set up really well. This song is basically a phone call, and it's amazing how they put the calls and the verse together.

9 Sky's the Limit

I'm sure when biggie made this song he realized that he finally reached the stars he always dreamed of. It's just very sad to know that he didn't live long after to enjoy it to its fullest.

Personally my favourite Biggie Smalls song, although it's not the best, it's a feel good song. Not as good as "Keep Ya Head Up", but a different style of rap nonetheless

Biggie is my favorite artist. He was better than Tupac in my opinion.

10 Kick in the Door

Biggie's version of Hit 'Em Up. Insane rhymes and lyrics and just puts everyone in their place.

Best song he ever made.

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11 Warning

One of my favorite songs! Awesome Biggie song. One of the best off of The Notorious Big's Ready To Die studio album

Great story and wonderful flows. My favorite Biggie song but he has so many great tracks it's hard to pick

Brilliant story telling through pager conversation!

12 Dead Wrong

Juicy and hypnotize are the main songs on the greatest hits but dead wrong stole the show just by the first verse of the song. also this song made Eminem's best hits to beat that juicy!

Incredible song with very real lyrics about the real life violence that Biggie had experienced. Eminem also killed it but BIG stole the show

If you haven't heard this one, you've missed out. Eminem joins Biggy and hits it hard here.

13 One More Chance

The Remix is fantastic

His flow on this song will make you to listen to this over and over again

This should be top ten for sure, the remix needs a separate spot in the top ten as well

14 Runnin' [feat. The Notorious B.I.G.]

How is this not in the top 10s?! 2 of the best rappers EVER in a song with an amazing beat and message.

This song, just changed everything... It just proved that music always powers over hate.. Absolute great song! R.I.P Biggie

The bass in this shakes my rib cage. I blare this in my Benz every day.

15 Party and Bulls**t

Best lines ever:
'Honeys in the back looking' righteous
In the tight dress
I think I might just'.

This is his best song. Every single line was quotable.

This song is to Biggie, what My Name is was to Eminem. That fun-ass song that told everyone who he was. Easily his best early song.

His best song full stop.
If anyone has seen the video of him performing this live - you'll know what I'm talking about "chill man chill"

16 Gimme the Loot

Biggie acts as two people in this song, and he is absolutely flawless. The beat, the rhyming and of course the rapping makes this song a favourite among many of his fans.

Most hardcore, Brooklyn, raw song I have ever heard from the beat to the flow. This is coming from a hip hop head. This is biggie at his finest.

He acts as two people and the flow is flawless. This shows his creativity as an artist in addition to his prowess as a rapper.

17 Going Back to Cali

This song is super underrated. The beat here pounds. It's such a hard beat but Biggie has such a great flow and rides on it really well. This song isn't the most well known song ever but is in my opinion, one of Biggie's best.

Going back to Call is biggie all time great in my book by far.

This should be way higher on the historical significance alone

18 Machine Gun Funk

One of his more hardcore "gangster" songs, kickass beat and sharp lyrics. Maybe not his best song, but give it a listen.

Hands down his best song. Nothing tops this. Not even juicy, or big poppa.

Hands down my number 1 biggie track. Love it!

19 Ready to Die

This song deserves to be way higher up in the list!

Shut up this sucks

20 Unbelievable

How is this not higher up the list?

What this song is great

21 You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)
22 Ten Crack Commandments

It's a little short but it's better than Juicy and Big Poppa, and way better than Hypnotize! Hypnotize is actually garbage.

One of those classic joints that you can pump anywhere, while listening to Big's legendary wisdom of the game on the streets

Not the best but at least deserves a top 15 spot.

23 What's Beef

Deep and dark, the two keys to gangsta rap!

This one is a bomb

Badass mafia-like tune, feel like a gangster listening to this

24 Brooklyn's Finest

Jay Z and Biggie on a track? Biggies verse kills! Still the kings of Brooklyn

Biggie and Jay-Z in their prime. Amazing song

This is a Jay-Z song from Reasonable Doubt, Biggie is only featured

25 Hold Ya Head

Suicidal Thoughts, but mixed with Bob Marley. Fantastic song. Captures the depressing state of mind Biggie was in.

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